Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #110 - The Worst Thing You Could Do Now

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog

In this 1st blog of the new year, Dean talks about the one thing you MUST avoid as you begin 2011.

Then he gives a simple way to make a real difference in your life and hit the ground running for a great year. Watch and tell him what you think, by posting below. Happy New Year!


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So true. Everyone needs a pat on the back at one time or another. Be it one big step in your life or a small one, accomplishing a goal is worth patting yourself on the back. We started planning for 2011 in 2010. Jeremy and I are not wasting any time this year...Happy New Year...Jan

Very True

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Believe it or not I"m currently reading PFRRN and was gonna take a few minutes to review the goal sheet at hand and you have just given me a few more ideas that's awesome and can you say perfect timing? Just as I was about to review my list and was thinking about different ideas I happen to look at my screen and see this posted and hearing what you said I just thought it was perfect timing for what I was doing! OMG! I've got some tweaking to do to that list and I think it will all fall into place. Dean If you get to read this I'm only 20 years old and in your success academy and I know that you have changed the way I'm looking at my future...and what I'm gonna do to make it fulfilling and the best that I could ever imagine!! I stand to make 2011 my best year so far and I just want to give you a big THANK YOU for everything you do and how you're helping change my life one day at a time and one goal at a time you are an inspiration to me and everyone here on your site thanks for all the hard work and dedication it means a lot!!! Thanks again Dean YOU'RE THE BEST!!!

Thanks Dean

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For another great blog. One step at a time is the way we look at REI. I know that there are a lot more students and investors here on DG that have done a lot more deals than us. But I can say the deals we have done are success to us.

Thanks Dean for the road map to success.

Steve and Veronica.

One step at a time

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Great advice a lot of people keep trying to move to far to fast,and when it doesn't work they get discouraged. We see it everyday here on the DG site,but we keep talking to them and try to put them on the right path. We know you can't do it all.
Thank you for the past year. I'm really looking forward to this year,I think it's going to be a great one for everyone here.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Holiday.

Jim Kendrick

How do you eat an Elephant ?

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Thanks, Dean-great inspiration as usual ! And Happy New Year 2011 to all of our members on the DG website! Let's make it a Positive, Prosperous, Profitable New Year !!!
(how to eat an elephant?--one bite at a time! )

The failure trap

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Thanks Dean for that great reminder! I have fallen victim to that trap many times.
Happy New Year to all and thank you Dean for all that you do! Lets all have BLUE RIBBON YEAR!!!!


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Thanks for doing another weekly video blog for all of us. It is a new year and a fresh start and what better way to start the year then to have a new outlook. Each day we can make a difference if we believe and take action.

I like the blue riboon approach because its what we do today that will make the difference for tomorrow. In the past you spoke about having all the ingredients for a recipe and with the new year it almost becomes the process of gathering the ingredients for what is needed in doing deals. Each blue ribbon can be an ingredient and over the course of the next several months we gather enough ingredients to get us ready for doing deals.

Sometimes, it comes down to planning and having what you need in place before you need it and when you need it you are glad to have it there in place already. We wish you continued success in all you do. Happy New Year! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Happy New Year! Always remember that you have to fall sometimes before you can learn to walk. The same is true with real estate so often people want to run with real estate before they even learn to crawl or walk (through a deal).

They can fall, get hurt and rather than get up with more passion and determination, they run far far away from it. Your blog this week hits the nail on the head about doing the little things and getting the blue ribbons. Smiling

I think about early grade school students and the students get so excited over the smallest things or accomplishments. When did we lose that passion as we got older? We have to learn again to have the same passion, excitement and determination that we all had when we were young.

Thanks so much for doing the blog because you always keep us focused and grounded to keep pushing forward no matter what we run into during the week. Carpe Diem! :0) - Stacey

Thanks Dean

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Happy New Year!
I want to thank you for all that you do each and every day to help us all with your inspiration and wisdom.

I am very grateful for the tools you have put in place for us to be successful, it's up to us to use them!

A dream is just a dream, without action, time to get busy!

Thanks, again,
Dawn H


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Thank you so much for all you do and for these weekly blogs! You truly encourage us to keep moving and keep looking ahead at the future as opposed to our pasts. Thanks for keeping our eyes on our goals!

All they best to everyone in 2011!


Your right

I'm 20 year old and for this year my first step is to read your book and change my life

My Credo

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Inch by inch, life’s a cinch, yard by yard, life is hard. Happy New Year, Dean.

I'm back Dean. I fell off

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I'm back Dean. I fell off and when I did I got lost in the matrix but I'm back. Thanks for all of your advice. My life is going to change this year!


Dean, another powerful video

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Dean, another powerful video blog! Thanks so much!

Thanks Dean for placing

Thanks Dean for placing another blog to benefit everyone. New Year's resolutions are great but you are right most people set their goals to high or to many and they feel like they accompliah nothing. Sometimes less is better. For me getting more organized in small steps is my goal and I will adjust them as needed throughout the year.

Happy New Year to all

virtual steps

dean, im the new kid on the block,
i just recieved ur book this past wk. i have already read it once and now im on my way again reading and highlighting along the way.
the video was very inspiring to me, you know what needs to be said in order for the investors to be successful.
i must say that i feel i am blessed to be apart of a great team like i have found n u. i had ask the higher power to help me find the thing that would give me a road map for success and n the dg family i feel as thou i have found that.
i look forward to being a part of a winning team.


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Thanks again for keeping us in check and on the right path. You're right; we can't "let our eyes get too big", as we'll miss out on our opportunities. I've done this many times in the past. It's okay to dream big, but there has to be a process. Plateau is the way to go!!

Great Weekly Blog

Well said Dean. Many times we set goals with very little time frame or wiggle room, then our goals are not realized. We have to set realistic goals with room for accomplishment.


Thank You

Your blog reminded me of the way we used to think. From personal experience a long term only mind-set was not well defined and did nothing but bring failure and broken dreams. Short, attainable goals will help keep us focused on the long term journey. We are so ready to begin. Thank you for this week's blog.

Lemonade or Take it as it Comes

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Thanks Dean for always being realistic. You encourage us that the sky is the limit, but that we are successful even as we step on the plane.
I've learned a great lesson recently. I had a rehab go bad - took WAAAAAYYYY longer than it should have, cost more than anticipated and while all that was happening, the market went down. Sounds a bit like a failure, eh? But - I think if we are open to success in a different flavor we can find our way up the ladder, even if a rung or two has broken off. So - I ran an ad in craigslist for a lease option. A great family responded immediately. They were in need of getting into a home but their credit had been ruined during a time of health issues. "Instant" win-win. They love the home and I am rescued from my "failure". Its the old - when life serves you lemons make lemonade! I am making a positive cash flow each month and will have a sizable profit at the end, more so than if I tried to sell it outright now. But I think I'm even happier for them - isn't life grand!

Great Video Blog

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Hi Dean,

Taking small steps is one of the five
positives for success. Have the list right beside me as I write this post. I like the blue ribbon idea.
We are still making those small steps. Thank you for
being here for us every step of the way. You are God sent. Great blessings!!!

Hi Dean! Great Blog!

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Thanks for more inspiration. I have been plugging away for a while now getting the foundation of my business laid down and each piece I've accomplished has given me the motivation to complete the next.
I use your legal pad technique (not every day - but every week - for now) to keep me focused on my tasks to be accomplished. My personal "blue ribbon" is just being able to see all my tasks crossed out for the week and knowing that I'm that much closer to my goals.
Have a Happy New Year and best wishes!


Great Tip

Hi Dean,
Thanks for another great blog. I've spend my professional career in corporate America and I've never heard this tip before. Goal setting and action plans are part of the norm, but rewarding yourself for interim goals is a great tip.

Happy New Year to all the DG family. May 2011 be the best year yet!

new year goals

Happy New Year Dean. So glad you brought this subject to light. It is so critical to success. Looking at success with the understanding that failure is success progression, makes all the difference. I spent years picking myself up after failure, internalizing thoughts of weakness, etc... Once you realize, as you have pointed out on this video, that it is impossible to succeed without failure, then when it comes, you internalize it as progression. I also agree that we have to take baby steps each day to accomplish our goals. This is a big one too. Spent way too much time disappointing myself trying to cram major changes into one day or week. I have incorporated a new habit whereby I take a minimum of one positive action step per day. Sundays off except for church. I try to get out of my comfort zone by learning something new or taking an action that forces me to do something I have never done before out of fear or procrastination. Sorry to be so long winded but I hope this helps someone out there from taking priceless time from their lives figuring out that failure is the fasted way to success. Enjoy the week everyone and thank you Dean for all your genuine compassion.

Thank you Dean

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Your right what you say,and its funny because I am always saying that to the young ladys that I work with,trying to go further in there career.

You just reminded me I should practice what the advise I give out.


Theresa M.


Hi Dean great advise I say you can eat an Elephant one bit at a time, yes realestate can be alot to bit off if you bit off more than you can chew take small bits ONE AT A TIME. EDGAR

Thanks for post

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My take aways are two: 1) take incremental steps to achieve larger goals, and 2) even temporary defeat (never failure until you quit, ala Napolean Hill of T&GR) is progress. Thanks for the reminder and a great post.

Plateaus Work

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Thank you for the admonishing us to work for plateaus toward the goal we have set. Small successes along the way to achieving our set goals keeps us on track and the rewards give us that pat on the back and the atta-boy that encourages us. Thank you for the reminder. Great blog.

plateaus of success

i will take action



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