Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #110 - The Worst Thing You Could Do Now

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog

In this 1st blog of the new year, Dean talks about the one thing you MUST avoid as you begin 2011.

Then he gives a simple way to make a real difference in your life and hit the ground running for a great year. Watch and tell him what you think, by posting below. Happy New Year!

First Blog of 2011 Wtth Practical Words of Wisdom

This a time when goals are set, excitement is at an all time high and resolusions are in sight and mind.

Dean you have given us a solvering and reasonable guide lines to succeed, no matter what aspect of life we pursue including our relative joy of pursuing the intersting life of real estate.

You may have heard of the question How do you eat an elephant? Just one bite at a time, little by little. Even though it's not included in most of our diates, the most important fact is why bite off more than we can chew. We can still reach our goals a little at a time adding all the pieces in the puzzle of success to eventual completion of the whole picture. Each piece of that puzzle will contain it's own reward, because it's contribution will diaplay how far we have gone even before complition.

And you mention rewarding our accomplishments, even if at the least, patting ourselves on the back. These valuable points will make many resolutions this year more grounded and meaningful for us all. You bloggs are right on time. Thank you.

Inch by inch...step by step...

Sometimes that's just how it goes! I am a little too gullible at times. I believe people and I believe in people...this year I intend on making changes in the way I do business...I will give myself a blue ribbon just for that!
Thanks Dean for your encouragement...
Happy New Year!


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Thanks Dean! =YOU= never give up!

A true inspiration in a difficult world. Always positive & encouraging! That's what is so great about you & your staff's help to us!!!

God Bless you ,

You are my goal model. Thank you for your time & your great work

Happy New year to you & your family Dean,

You are my motivations that keep me stop quitting although I keep failing so many times. Once my kids grow up, I will have them watch your blogs also. I will work on getting 365 blue ribbons, one a day, this year. Thanks again for your great advise.
May God Bless you & your family.


Happy New Year and Successful New resolutions.

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Thanks once again for the tips and encouragements Dean. I have finally received my Certificate of Completion with The Core Fore Business Development Micro Enterprise Program. one blue ribbon. And have resolved to commit myself to clearing up my credit score. Met with my Banker and Loan Fund Manager and have developed a plan to pay off my debts while raising my fico score within the next Six Months. As you said, small steps. The Loan fund manager is including my debts in my financial plan breaking it down over the next three years while also including a contingency emergency fund to re-establish my credit with my bankers help. It was actually his plan. Bottom line is my desire for a better life and financial future is due in large part to your site and your video blogs.
God Bless and Keep you and those you hold dear in your heart. Please keep up the good vibes my friend.

Warmest Regards.

2011 Goals Tip


Thanks for another awesome inspirational blog. What a way to start off the new year! In those few minutes, I noticed what was missing in my goals plan, the virtual blue ribbons.

Your tips each week helps bring me closer to reaching my goals. Your words of encouragement are greatly appreciated.

May 2011 bring you, your family, the DG staff and family, a year full of success, health, and happiness.


* * * * * (scale of 1-5)

I love your example and explanation of how to reach goals by way of plateau accomplishments with a reward and it took me back to when i began my journey with you. This is another perfect example of how to think a little different. It was easy to wrap my brain around this instruction on how to reach goals and its like taking a walk in the park one step at a time. This is my first bus. day of retirement and I am set to rewire. Much to do and I am feeling real good. My whole world has just opened up. I have no job (just over broke) and no money. What I have is so much more and I am very grateful for my many blessings. You are one and I have my home and many tools to work with. Everything I do now will be to reach my primary goal of acquiring enough wealth to provide myself with a comfortable secure way of life until I make the final journey home to be with my Lord. That said, I will be working on the premise that if I help enough other people to get what they want then I get what I want. (Thank You Zig Ziglar). Dean if I could I would give you a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. God love ya ! Happy New Year everyone - Now go out there and get it done one plateau at a time. Each step and each plateau just takes us that much closer to the goal.

Thanks for the first blog of the year!

In addition to loosing 26lbs this year, I'll apply for 2 business credit cards by January ending.
-Add at least 5 more buyers, and 10 sellers by Feb. ending.
Improve on my Power Team lists, as well as Lenders lists. (this is an ongoing..)
-Determine to have first deal by Feb. ending.
Thanks and have a great week!

Thanks for a great blog for the New Year

Hey Dean,

Thanks for the blog yesterday! I used to always have the issue of setting goals that are the equivalent to climbing Mt. Everest when it came to achieving them. And it wasn't until recently that I started to do exactly what you mentioned in your blog about taking smaller steps to achieve those larger goals.

Thanks for the post and I greatly enjoy listening to them as they provide great direction for myself as a new Real Estate Investor!

Happy New Year!

Casey Kilcullen

You're So Right

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Dean, thanks for reminding us because it's so easy to be so fired up that we set 1 big goal and forget about the small ones that lead up to accomplishing the end goal. It makes since to acknowledge and celebrate our smaller, progressive victories as well. I really need to apply this. Thanks again for being a great coach.

Attach Emotions To It

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Thanks, nice blog. As a PGA teaching professional, I often speak to my students about little wins. Golf is probably the hardest game in the world to learn to play well, and if you are a beginner or just starting, it is massively frustrating. BUT, if that beginner gets the ball off the ground for the first time, that is HUGE success. If someone only slices a golf ball and they say they have tried everything to fix it, NO YOU HAVEN'T, otherwise, it would be fixed by now. One small tip and few repetitions and I can stop a slice within 5 swings. But learning something new is always a challenge and through repetition of doing what's right, everyone can have success. Much like in real estate and what you talk about. Thanks for keeping us believing, because in real estate, I am that beginner and I am the one looking to do my first deal in 2011.

Eddie Kilthau

Starting 2011 One Step At A Time!

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As always Dean, thanks for the encouragement. Off to a good start this New Year. Just added a Cash Buyer to my list by calling a Bandit Sign posted in my area. Followed up with an old friend who I know needed to sale his home and he is desperatly ready to sell. Made an appointment to visit a foreclosure today. As you stated, nothing happens until something is done.

"Do Something, Anything Helps"


new life...

dean just wanted to thank you for all your keep me so inspired that i decided to test myself.after 33yrs. of smoking i said to myself if i can quit smoking i know i can become a sucessful real estate investor...well iam now going on 3 weeks smoke free and i will never smoke again.and i know in my heart that i will become a very sucessful real estate investor...plan on taking it very serious..this is all thanks to you for really caring about helping others help themselves..thanks alot ..brian dixon

Thanks Dean

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Each small step forward will bring me that much closer to what I need to achieve.

Thanks you

Incremental Steps to Success

Thanks Dean for the inspiration and for pointing out a great approach to achieving success in the real estate investment business.

It true if we look at the different elements that leads to achieving success in the real estate investment business, we can approach achieving success one element at a time which are achieveable in the short-run. Maybe the first element of success is to read Dean's books and then reward yourself with a blue ribbon of success for achieving this new plateau. Maybe your next element of success is to create an LLC company. When you are done creating an LLC company, you can give yourself another virtual blue ribbon for achieving another plateau of success. Maybe the next element of success is to establish connection with 5 buyers and 5 investors in the next two or three weeks and learn what they need and want. When you have established rapport and created your small network of buyers and investors to start with, you can give yourself another virtual blue ribbon for achieving another plateau of success. Maybe the next element of success is to establish connection with one or two real estate agents or realtors that desire to achieve mutual success and your vision with you. They can help you in finding discounted properties that your investors will be willing to invest their money in and properties that buyers are eager to purchase right away. Once you have established rapport with your real estate agents or realtors, then you can give yourself another blue ribbon for completing this plateau of success. Maybe the next element of success is to find one or two highly recommended Title companies and real estate lawyers in the next two or three weeks that you can work consistently. Once you had achieve establishing rapport with one or two Title companies and real estate lawyers, then you can reward yourself with a virtual blue ribbon for achieving this success plateau. Maybe the next element of success is to find a highly recommended Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who is very knowlegeable in the real estate investment within one to two weeks time. You may want a CPA who can guide you and give you timely and excellent tax advice about your real estate investment business, so you can organize your tax documents and make sound tax decisions, as well as prepare tax documents to minimize your tax liabilities. Once you have found the CPA that can work well with you, you can reward yourself with another virtual blue ribbon for achieving this success plateau. There are many more elements of success steps that must be achieved.

As you see this is a small illustration of achieving incremental success in the real estate investment business. I am new to this real estate investment business, and I am learning a lot as I go. By now, you have noticed that the elements of success that have been discussed above is simply building a powerful core team, and creating a well-oiled money making machine for continued success in the real estate investment business.

Happy New Year and best wishes to everyone! I wish everyone incremental success all year round.

Once again, thanks Dean for the inspiration.

Rudy Aguon
Long Beach, CA


Very good advice Dean! Most times, the simple way is the best way. I want to hit a home run every time I step to the plate and when I fail, I get discouraged. I've forgotten about the small step approach. Thanks for not giving up on us!

Dean... I couldn't ask for a

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Dean... I couldn't ask for a better mentor and I truly believe I picked up your book for a reason. Yes its taking me some time to do my first deal and I'm gonna keep plugging away until makes absolutely no sense for me to have my job. I appreciate your words...they always seem to hit the nail on the head. Thank you again for being you.

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In this 1st blog of the new year, Dean talks about the one thing you MUST avoid as you begin 2011.

Then he gives a simple way to make a real difference in your life and hit the ground running for a great year. Watch and tell him what you think, by posting below. Happy New Year!

Excelllent Plan for 2011

The encouragement and directing creates a mental map for success. I use the PDCA or PLAN DO CHECK ACT. I have set goals for the 1st quarter of 2011. I have already indentified 7 properties in my area and I working with real estate professionals creating a buyer list. I am also working on developing a "Green" homes for this area. Look out the Greenman is on the move! I truly appreciate the wealth of information and manner in which it is presented. Be Blessed and Prosper "Destiny and Dream"

BBG Greenman


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Small Steps

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I hear you Dean ...small steps.

There is a quote out there "Even the longest journey begins with a single step"

I still hear your video from last week, and the one thing that is still echoing in my head is "ask for help". I think that is one of the things I need to do more of, I don't have all the answers and I never will. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Thanks for another video Dean.

P.S. I am starting my own video program using the Traffic Geyser system that was part of SFL. Video one is up!

Enjoy your Blogs.

Dean you always know exactly what to say. I look forward to your weekly blogs and encouragement. I fell off some during the holidays but am back now. I want to desperately make a change in my life with real estate in 2011. Today I RSVP my first REI Club meeting for later this week. So am excited and nervous too but am going for it cause if I don't I won't get where I want to be. Thank you and your DG family for your help.

Nice shirt

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First of all Thank you so much for your great advice I will use it on my 5 goals for 2011.
Also I like your shirt "LOS DIABLOS N Y HELLS KITCHEN" I'm assuming you got it in New York right?

Dean, Thank U

I appreciate the messeage; plateaus of success makes it more realistic and less overwhelming for me. I will work on goals for each plateau ie 5 buyers on my list.
Thank you so much.


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hey dean michael from new york city i could not said it better right to the point plan and simple i give most of us have to stop making excuses and do and if need help ask thats what alot people lack of i myself a real estate agent could understand cuase there times its good and not so good but the ones who want it the most will stick when everyone thinks youre crazy anyway keep up the great work you and in giving back by helping others may you and your family have great an bless 2011 michael


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I enjoy your video blog and reading the DG Family remark, My goal for this year it my health and I have started on it today and working my business better. I do not give myself a time line because I know that in a few month I will be close a deal. Knowing and no thinking you will, So I WILL BE CLOSE MY DEAL ON THIS SINGLE FAMILY HOME. So of the family here know what I'm talking about. Dean keep giving us your inspriration and wisdom. I want to be the next people on your show telling my storie.



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Just saying thank Dean I need to hear this from you.

Positive Reward System

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Hi Dean,

I am going to start using the Positive Reward System starting right now. I have made progress in setting up my business, but have had setbacks and therefore haven't given myself much credit for what I have accomplished.

"The Tax Club" looked to see if the business name I had chosen was available and it was. In Mid October "The Tax Club" prepared my articles of incorporation for my new business and I mailed them 11/09/10.They also assigned me my EIN (Tax ID#) which then opens an account withthe IRS for my business. I have been waiting on my articles of incorporation so I can set up my email, websites, squeeze pages, domains, design business cards, etc..

I received a letter from the Secretary of State 12/21/10 that I cannot use the business name I had chosen. It is available, but too close to an existing business name by one letter. So I am starting over applying for my corporation. I feel like I have been hit in the gut. I am no longer affiliated with "The Tax Club" and will have to prepare my corporation papers myself. I have to cancel my EIN and notify the IRS to close my business account with them. I had to call and cancel my order for business cards.
I have mailed my Name Availability Letter and have to wait for confirmation and then will need to prepare articles of incorporation and send them. I am trying to look at this as a speed bump and not let it derail me.
I want to attend Investor meetings and Foreclosure auctions but don't have business cards and feel like my feet have been cemented to the floor. I realize this all seems really bad, but I am looking at the positive side of it.
I am starting my own Business. I have taken steps to help me learn more about the business. I am studying, reading/webinars/online classes/DVD's. I have been using all of the tools like PMI Toolbar, RealFLow, etc.
I bought my business phone and I have my virtual office address (UPS Store) both of which are in the wrong business name. I have been talking to everyone I know telling them I am a Real Estate Investor. When they ask my business name, I tell them I am reapplying because of the name similarity, hence no business card. I have been looking at foreclosures for 2 family members that are interested in purchasing a home. I have been working very hard. I know I can make this work. I am having to kick some of my little ducks in the butt to get them in a row. I am determined. My heart is set on this. With a smile on my face I am looking to a better tomorrow and this is because of your encouragement Dean.

Thank you for being positive,
Lisa Cook Eye-wink
Real Estate Investor

So very true Dean!

Lane McCaw's picture

I have made all of my progress by setting one or two goals a day. Doing a little each day gets you a long way! 2011 Is going to be my year!

Thanks Dean,

Regina's picture

Again, another great blog. I have already mapped out my goals for 2011 and now am in the process of writing down daily steps to get there. Thank you so much because it's obvious that you care and that your goal is to do all you can to see each of us succeed. That motivates me even more.

Setting Realistic Milestones to Build Lasting Success

Dean, I have been a member of your site for close to two years. I have yet to complete or even really start my first deal and have been thoroughly discouraged because of that fact. Additionally, I have never posted a single word on your blog even though I've found many of them very noteworthy and inspirational. However, this particular message touched me on a very personal level. In addition to being very insightful, it triggered something within to call me to action. Addressing this video blog is my first minor "blue ribbon." I will mark this very simple action as my first step to success. Thank you, Dean, for your wise and profound message. I WILL see you in the near future at one of your Millionaire Mastermind conferences! Thanks again.

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