Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #143 - The "Wonderful" Aftermath

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog
A lot has happened in both the DG community and the country the last few weeks. In the wake of both the good and bad, Dean has a powerful message of encouragement to the new - and long time followers of his video blog.

Rock bottom blueprint

I bought the The rock bottom blueprint. I haven't gotten it yet but just what I was able to learn with my new access to the website is really exciting!

Great blog!

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Thanks Dean! Great blog!

I do appreciate all your hard work! I know you have changed my life already as well as so many other amazing DG'ers! Thank you for doing what you didn't have to do!

May your cup runneth over!

Revised product of DG,

Thanks for that

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Thanks for the constant encouragement, I know its blanketed to everyone but it has helped to change my outlook. I haven't reached my standard for being "Completely Successful" but at least I see it. There's hope where there wasn't before and that's a lot. Thanks


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Plenty to do while I am waiting for Edge videos to get here. I have the 2010 edge kit and never pulled the trigger. I started 30 day quick cash formula and am lovin it!!! The entire setup of RBBP is great. been all over last 24 hours cant believe I did not utilize all the resources I,ve had past year but fired up to use them all now. My ears are plugged to nae sayers ready to charge forward.

thanks for everything Dean


Yes, we are an ASSET!

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This country needs us. We are providing homes for families that can't get conventional financing. We are bringing neighborhoods back. We are offering outstand investment opportunities. We are creating and providing jobs.
Thanks for showing us how!

I Agree Dean

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Hey Dean I agree with you, the market is ripe for harvesting the deals, are a plentiful out there. Happy investing everyone, see ya at the top!!!!!!!!!


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Thanks for doing another weekly blog for us. I know all the new DG Members will benefit from your video blogs, as when I was new, I went through every video blog and conference call for all the golden nuggets of information. The stock market has been like a roller coaster. Pretty soon, the riders will want to get out of the ride! It is also kind of funny how everyone is talking about gold when real estate is the real bargain. Well, its great to know we are ahead of the curve. We wish you continued success in all you do. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Many Thanks to YOU Dean for constant words of wisdom & inspiration.Thanks to your staff for all they do behind the scenes.Thanks to all the wonderful,successfull students who have come so far for sharing their experiences.
Please keep doing what you do Dean.You are helping many people.Thanks Again.

Corpus Christi,Texas.

No Dust Settling Here!

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I am all fired up with all the things happening around here!
The webinars were amazing! The little I've seen so far of the RBBP-phenomenal!
I'm getting ready for those cash lenders coming our way soon!
Thanks for giving us so much!

Learning and proressing every day,


I agree with Valuni, the

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I agree with Valuni, the webinars were amazing! I watch it every now and then for inspiration.

I'm ready to go and kick butt!

What Will Happen Next

A lot has happened over the last week or so. It is bad when you have a crisis in a country, but when the powers that be depreciates it's own country, that's a serious problem. What do you expect will happen next. Everyone will pull their money out of investments and hide it in their mattresses like they did in the past. LOL. Thanks Dean for your continuous encouragement.


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Once again you are over the top... Now a free book 30 Days Real Estate CASH... Can't wait for it to arrive in the mail. Already into the 30 days to quick cash. One house under contract way below the market.. Getting the poslets ready to blast it all over to get the buyer to wholeasale or assign it.

Thanks again for all you do..

Viewing & Predicting the out come made us$$$!!

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Thank you Dean for position us at the right place and at the right time.
1,000,000,000,000, Blessings’ an many more to come.

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared” Buddha

Happiness and Success and nothing Less!!



I watched the two full days of the launch and am pumped... I want to be your next success story and be in on the next video.. Can't afford to get the RBBP right now because I invested on the 3 day seminar in my town, wish I had known then that RBBP was coming.. I want to partner up with you Dean. All we need is a mentor like you!


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Thanks Dean! for the free bonus book to have the 30 day cash plan actually "in hand"...Am so pumped up inside...Just gotta take action and "do it!"...procrastination is a dirty word !! Have a beautiful day...xo...Angie Smiling


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Thank you Dean for all your hard work and always thinking of helping people succed with your programs although the country is experiencing a horrible economic melt down. I am excited to get the extra bonus with the RBBP program, can't wait until I get it to start running full force with it. Does any one have an idea how long it takes to have the program delivered to Northern California? any way once again THANK YOU SO MUCH DEAN!

Thank you Dean

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Thank you for another motivating blog. Dean you motivate people as good as any famous pro football coach.

Speaking of the stock market. Think about how many people wish they would have bought stock in Google when it was first offered. Gold when it was 300 an oz. So many of us wish that we knew the future when buying stocks. Well Dean I agree with you now is the time to buy up real estate the right way using your techniques. This is it now is the time to buy. 10-20 years from now everyone is going to say I am glad I took Dean's advise or they will say I only wish I took Dean's advise.

Thank you once again Dean for all that you do.

God bless you and you family plus the DG family.


Thank you!

Thanks Dean,

I purchased the blueprint and am continuing to watch the videos and other training. Trying to follow the recipe.

amazing video blog

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Thank you again, Dean for giving people some motivation and inspiration.
We are in a business of serving other people and the people we help the more we get back to us.
I' working on 30 days fast cash in RBBP and calling offices to get a Best Realtor to work with me. It's so exciting, even though a little bit scary at the beginning. I just envisioning my future, what it would be like if i make all these steps. Thats what keeps me going!

Thank you so much all the DG's,


Thanks Dean!

Thanks bud for a follow up vlog. I'm not going anywhere, I'm here for the long haul Dean, even after I'm successful to help as many as I can find their freedom! Talk to you soon.


Thanks Again

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I know that you're getting tired of hearing this, BUT, THANKS AGAIN for the bonus.

I will be doing great things with the material and hope to help as many people as possible along the way.

Excuse me if I am a little different. I do think out of the box on several occasions. However, I do incorportate what works with a twist of my own.

Leon J.


Your blog was meant for me... I was somewhat discouraged that I was unable to purchase the RBBP after all the hype but, like you said, im going to take what ive learned from your books, use your site and get my first deal so I can afford it and then go into overdrive!

Michael Maddox


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Thank you again for that engerment that you never fail to bring to us all.

Another great vidio.

Theresa M.

Amazing Dean

Dean you inspire and motivate and looking forward to more blogs and post. We just got the RBBP package just little while ago and husband and myself are ready to go.

It really is all about you

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Very nice surprise and can't wait to have it in hand. What a great team of super stars you have amassed. I'm not sure when I slept last but i think it was just before the first time I saw you introduce the RBBP.

Life is great!

Building a biz, flippin' a lot and Texas is for rent!

"There are no pictures more in focus, more colorful, more meaningful, more complete or panoramic than those seen through the eyes of a visionary entrepreneur" David K. Foy

Love it Dean

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Even though we were not able to purchase this OUTSTANDING Rock Bottom Blueprint - we are confident that thru people like you and this site, we have at our fingertips what we need to succeed!! Thank you for all that you do, and keep these great things coming!

The Browley Team

Thanks for doing this blog.

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Thanks for doing this week's blog even after all your hard work with Rockbottom last week! It keeps us motivated and yes, kick us in the butt to take action! Also, thanks for the bonus!

Dean, your comment...not doing. Humm

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Your latest video of the special offer is nice and from WATCHING everything it will have merit.I have learned a lot from your work and efforts. But I'll pass.
I have your books, I do have "thinking a little different","automated foreclosure finder" (AFF),a member of the success academy. I had the foreclosure alert up until a couple days ago.

I did watch all 4 initial videos. I did post comments. I did watch both Thursdays and most of Saturdays events.I did download the materials from that RBB email and have looked through it. I did the stuff to enter the house contest.

Thank you for the past, present and ongoing training. Also this was a nice Blog.

I wasn't able to get the

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I wasn't able to get the Rock Bottom Blueprint, but I glad you made it possible to get the EDGE 2011 Home Study Course. I'm really excited to see what was discussed this year. I got last year's study course. I'm sure there will be similiar information, but I'm looking forward to seeing the results of new DGers like Ali!!! Thanks for everything Dean!!

Dean is 100 % Right When He Said Below Market

Dean I agree on the below market.
I sell homes below market and I get at least 25 emails a day. I have a an Investor flying in from Cananda to look at my Condos in Florida. Why because they are below market value.

dgadmin wrote:

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A lot has happened in both the DG community and the country the last few weeks. In the wake of both the good and bag, Dean has a powerful message of encouragement to the new - and long time followers of his video blog.

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