Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #93 - Lesson on Working With What You Got

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog

Dean needs YOUR HELP! In this week's Blog, he smashes a myth that almost everyone got crammed into their head as a kid, and tells you what to do instead.

Plus, he plans on doing an awesome hour of training in the next week or two and YOU get to decide what he will teach.

So watch, listen, and reply. We are successful when YOU succeed!


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I agree with Glennda. Something about which forms to use in a typical deal and what information goes where on the form (where the seller signs, where the buyer signs, where the investor signs, etc)

REO'S,,,,,,,, TOTALVIEW,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, FORECLOSURE ALERT !!!!

Any information you give is great but there more REO'S homes where I live than anything else.and i dont have the SFL and the totalview,and the forclosure alert does not work very well in my area therefor these homes are already in the hands of the bank before i know it

Hard Money vs. Private /Conventional Money / and list appl

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Hey Dean, all the topics are of great interest to me. Like you said, in this business, you never stop learning and the whole buisness is a PROCESS. My lists are growing, the notebook paper method is getting out of control. Other than Outlook and Excel, what is a good free and or cheap appl to use to manage these lists?
And I understand money lenders and have made contact with a few of them that are actually looking at 2 of my deals. All of them I found through LinkedIn. Most are Hard Money and or conventional lenders. I need a true Private lender. I will start looking in the papers and yellow book for Private Lenders. Can you privide any insite to the area.

Leadpipes Website and finding sellers for a tenant buyer

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I'd like two things:

1. Improved support for building my site. I tried using the support email line but received zero help.

2. I have a qualified tenant buyer that's looking for a rent to own in several towns. I dont have properties in those towns yet. How can I find property quickly? I scoured all the fsbo sites, made calls, etc but found nothing yet.

Dean - you're the best.

Thanks for your continued support

Dave from Massachusetts


I would like to know if their is any difference in doing a residential assignment verses a commercial assignment. Is their a different contract or anything. I have a million dollar business that I can assign and I already have a buyer, I just don't know what paper work to use.

cover the details

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what ever you cover.....dont skip the small steps


how is everyone ,great I hope, I was asking If someone could explain locking a deal up on paper ,in refrance to birdogging,thanks sll Have a great day

Overcoming the NO from the Selling broker

Dean, can you please discuss how to get around the NO assigns, or assignment, no offers to purchase just straight contract( full agreements), and proof of funds, also deposit checks. What do you do if you don't have those things? What do you do if the seller wants straight contracts ect?
Thanks Dean you are the best.

My first offer: The listing broker wants everything, my LLC incorp documents(these are in transit to me), proof of funds(got that ) a check made payable to them, ect. They didn't want to even consider an offer, they wanted straight sales contract.


I agree finding the agent who is willing to work with you here in South Jersey has been abit of a challange. I 've been getting alot of hesitant ones, they are all hungry for sales but give me the " I dont know about that answers". LOL Chickens is what they are.

Topics For Discussion

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You are one of a kind. I appreciate all you have done to help me and others achieve. I have a couple of items I'd like to get covered on your training mission.

I need more on doing my first deal. Like contract preperation and closing.

Bel Air, MD

Wholesaling/Lease Options

Hi Dean,
Thanks again for another inspiring blog. I would like you to talk about both wholesaling and lease option in your next teaching. looking forward to it. Thanks again for sharing.



I began subdividing some property 5 years ago when the market was good, by the time I finished it had tanked. I have a subdivision in Ca. ( 32 2 acre lots ) and some lots in Az.(3 4 arce lots). How do I sell and still make money in this market.


How to assign pre-foreclosures, foreclosures, REO, short sales

How to assign pre-foreclosures, foreclosures, REO's, and short sales.
Also can you explain the assignment process step-by-step from beginning to end with least amount of resistance.
Last explain wholesaling in general, provide a good foundation.

Thanks Dean, hear from you soon

My List for the conference calls/video

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There are so many suggestions already. I believe I could benefit from any of them. I think the forum is already established and your decision to cover any one of them would be of great benefit to me.
Thank you for your continued efforts to help us.


Real Estate Dealers Commission

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Hi Dean,
First I'd like to say thank you for all that you do for us, you have given me a new look on life, I now have hope.
I'd like to know how much am I supposed to pay my real estate dealer. Should she make her commission from the sale price of the home or from what I make from the home. And what about the laywer, the mortage broker who pays them. what if something needs fixing who pays for that.

Blog #93

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I would like to hear more on how everything does not have to be perfect to take action. There is structure and then there is structure.

Competition in the area

I see that there must be other REI's in my area so posting signs seem might be done in vain as well as trying to look at what I think might be leftovers that didn't work for the other investor is there anyway I can over come this conceptual delimma.

Private Money Lenders

Would like to know where to find private money lenders that don't lender on credit scores, also want to learn more on approaching people with money and getting them to lend you their money for your projects. Is the a CD or DVD that explains Private Money Lending that I can give out to people that may have an interest?

Blog 93

Looking for answers?
Seems most people are asking for step-by-step directions so ALL the topics and any topic will be good if it is possible to give the directions. Also, I believe the RE market differs from area to area in the country so there will always be slight adjustments one has to make to general directions.

Where is the best place to get private money when you do not have any people in your circle and how do you prove to them that YOU are a good bet and NOT a risk? what is the approach? the words to use?

Thanks so much - what ever you choose will be great!

God Bless,


Hi Dean,
Regarding SFL. I would love to be able to do cash buyers in other states AND MORE THAN TWO COUNTY'S would be great.
A discussion on The Total View would be great, too. Would like to know more about it

Getting Started

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I've been trying to get started in real estate for a while now, I currently have a hous ethat im renting out but thats not the route i'm really looking to take. My main issue i guess is just really getting started. It's like i know what i need to do but for some reason I dont have the big picture in my head to help push me into major action. What would you suggest that i do just to get myself started and start to produce results? I already got the set for life program and i know this is going to be the key to help me make the money i know i can make in real estate, I'm just tired of feeling like i need to learn and find out more information. I'm ready to get started

Thanks Dean, that is so true

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Thanks Dean, that is so true and to the point.

no money down/OPM/OH Yah!

Thank You Dean for hearing me loud and clear. This is a wonderful placement for excerpt from earlier e-mail. Happy Labor Day! I am off today but will still work on my home business Real Estate investing.

Thank you!

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You are one of kind. I truly believe that you will not leave anyone behind.
I thank you for that. Honesty is something that we need and not all the "BS" that is out there.
Great message.

Blessings to you and your family.

What I need

I would like to know more about building a real buyers list for my area, and how to convince them to do deals with you vs a real estate agent..

Also more on the process of presenting buyers with properties, Should I have the sellers first?

Basically I need Clairity from A-to-Z.

Thanks I'm looking forward to it!

Motivated sellers & pre foreclosures

I have been working mostly with just reo properties. I have two in the works currently that I am negotiating on! But I know that there is more chances to get an even better price as a pre-foreclosure before the bank has to pay all the extra money for the foreclosure, and auctions. So if you can cover how to find pre foreclosure short sale properties that would be great!I am also interested in trying probate, I have no clue where to start with that so that would be another great topic for me!

Upcoming training call

Dean, thanks for another inspiring Blog.
I would like detailed info. on the following.
1)** Finding nationwide Title companies who will do "double closings". Too many investor/buyers are so greedy, and want to pay bird-dog fees.

2) How to find nationwide deals, assignments,lease-options... also Nationwide cash buyers.

3) Details on Greg Murphy's lease option.

4) Details on Carol Stinson's expired listing system.

Thanks again Dean! Looking forward to the training call!

SFL study home course 2010

Hi Dean, I bought your "Think a little differenty kit" a while ago, I still feel lost.
I wanted to buy your SFL study home course 2010 but I dont have a credit card and gift cards dont work is there a way you can bill me each month. I do believe this SFL system will work I just have to get over this hill thanks for all of your help and inspiration. Brenda

Assignments and Lease Options

I too would like a step by step scenerio on assignments and lease options. How do I approach the seller? What do I say? What are some of the objections I might face? Should I involve my RE agent? Should my agent be with me when I meet the seller? Thanks, I look forward to your training call.

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