Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #145 - Several New and Exiciting Updates

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog
Welcome to the first edition of "Weekly Wisdom" - That's the name we picked for the blog based on your feedback.

This week Dean takes you to the whiteboard for a really quick and powerful lesson to set and achieve YOUR goals.

He also gives you a chance to grab his new book before it hits TV or bookstores. So get paper and pad and get ready for a GREAT six minutes of transformational information!

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Thanks for the Weekly Wisdom!

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You are always seeking to help us, Dean. Thank you. Yes, the "What is I don't?" is a powerful motivator for me right now. Got to keep on pushing on into the wind, until it's at my back.
A week of blessings to you!

Thank you Dean-WEEKLY WISDOM-I Love it.

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This is such a powerfull inspiration & motivator.

This has FIRED ME UP.


Corpus Christi,Texas

Great Name!

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It's simple and to the point. Also, this goal technique is pretty cool.

Great Blog

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I really like the admonition to focus on our goals to give us the determination to make it happen, to get out there and DO it. It seems the continual admonition is to "just do it" and "do something" and "start where you are and DO it". Worry about the rest as it happens. I think the continual reminder is really worth it, Dean. Oh, and I like the name you have chosen. It it nearly what I suggested. Good job!!!


Weekly Wisdom:)

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That's what I'm talkin'about Dean!XD Thank you.

Great blog Dean!

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Awesome stuff Dean! Appreciate you!

I am a HUGE dreamer but believe a Dream is a 'Wish' and a Goal is a Plan!

I did stop what I was doing a wrote out my goals with the addendums of Why, Emotion and What if I don't reach it (very powerful and clear)....BUT I did add one more line item = "What will I do to accomplish this". Then I went through these steps for each. I only focused on my 30, 60 & 90 day immediate targets and filled a front and back page from 5 goals. lol Can say it is crystal clear!

When I set a goal I set a date and sign it. It then becomes a binding contract with myself!

Great stuff Dean. You always over deliver!

Heart of gratitude and a revised product of DG,
Jen Gray

Thank you Dean

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For another weekly wisdom blog. That sounds good (the new name)

Dean thanks again for what you do for us. Keep the wisdom coming.

Steve and Veronica.

Thanks Dean

Thanks Dean for another good weekly wisdom. I got the rockbottom blueprint and I feel so excited to start my life, to create the life I've been dreaming about.
Thank you for giving so much of yourself to us.

Another great, practical vlog!

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Thanks once again, Dean. I love the practical tidbits and action items you have us do. All the knowledge in the world will get us nowhere unless we TAKE ACTION! Persistence Pays, Procrastination Delays!!

thanks dean working on my

thanks dean working on my goal sheet.

How do i feel?

You don't say "Do this and you"ll make money" You keep on inspiring us to stretch. If you keep up with the blogs, Dean"s amazing website and staff, and you don't learn something new each day, I have to ask why?

Weekly Wisdom

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Thanks for the reminder to practice goals. I actually like the why,and getting in touch with emotion of the future goal and the hum brum feeling of not reaching the goal.EEEK!
Getting closer and closer!!! Good skills to all Deans family.

regards goals

Hello Dean: The weekly Blog: Excellent: The Weekly Wisdom: Very good.Setting Goals, are so important,the way you lay out the pattern for us, is so good,right to point. Take care, Thanks for all you do for us. Carol in Texas

Good Call

I didnt submit a name. I thought it was fine the way it was, but as usual, DG fam comes up with something great! Weekly Wisdom! I love it!

Weekly Wisdom Blog #145 - Setting Goals Lesson

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Dean- Short, sweet and to the point. A goal setting formula that really resonates with me. Of all the different ones I have used, I can tell this will be the one that sticks. I will be able to implement it quickly and it has built in motivation and support. Thanks.

Monday blog name

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Good blog name Dean and Thank you for the reminder of reality in our life.

Weekly Wisdom-Awesome

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Short and Sweet--Perfect
Have a great day everyone
Thank you Dean
Nathan & Sandy

Weekly Wisdom

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I agree Dean, there were a lot of great names put out there! This was a great choice!! I am working with someone right now trying to get him to goal setting in his REI career. This will help out a lot!!TY for always giving relivant blogs!!

Weekly Wisdom- Rocking Again

Hey Dean,

Great new Name for the blog, excellent short video! I did recieve your New Book packed with plenty of information for the 30 days to Real Estate Cash. I had already see the video, and have set my Goals, the why, and how I will feel both completed goals and not completed goals.Your right on how they work, even if it is a small goal, that is better then no Goals!

DO IT...

here is a goal question

For a long time I have used a day planner to keep organized, breaking down big projects/goals into steps and writing them on the day or week to accomplish the steps. I even carry a small notepaper in my pocket every day with what needs to get done that day. This is working great and the goals end up a success! And the end goal is only in my head! I don't write down the goal or the deadline because I fear failure, which then becomes the end result. NOW FOR THE QUESTION: Do you Dean, or anyone else, know what I can learn to get over this fear that I will fail when I write down the end goal or have a deadline? I already understand if I fail and the goal is in my head that I am the only one which knows this, but a failure on paper is like for the world to see and my confidence then needs a boast besides re-adjusting the goal/deadline to continue. Plus, I know what I am doing now works so I don't need to change, but think of this as going to the next level, I want to grow beyond this stress/limitation!
I like your new blog title Dean, you made a perfect choice!


I've got to say that I have written down and had many over the years; listened to many motivational speakers too, but I think these are the clearest and most logically thought out I've ever heard. I've also been defeated many times by "naysayers" including family....and because of that influence, I'd ratchet my efforts down to keep peace, but no more. I believe in Real Estate and have seen what it can do for families and friends, which, even though I don't personally know you, consider you to be both too. One day you and I will partner on R.E. deals and I will be part of your team. Trust me on that. Oh yeah, thanks for not earning all the money you'll ever need and fading into the sunset, leaving people in the lurch.

Weekly Wisdom

Thanks for the continued motivation!!!

Weekly Wisdom

Love the new blog name. Weekly Wisdom says it all!
Dean, you mentioned in last week's blog that you'd show us a new new technique that you used recently to get 200 homes? Please let us know!

Thanks for all you do to encourage us!
Have a get week everyone!

Suzy B

Well, I'm Inspired

Thanks for your WEEKLY WISDOM.
Please keep it coming our way.



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It fits great.
After all it wisdom and encouragement from a great man,is it.

I'm glad that you show again about the goals better.

DEAN as always a very good blog. thank-you

Theresa M.

Powerful !!!

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This powerful because the "emotion" puts two things in motion: Achieving the goal or not achieving it, and I am shore all of us want to be on the positive side.
Thank you for the insight.

Alway greatful,


Love IT!!!! Thanks!!

Dean, Love the name "Weekly Wisdom"! Also love the practical and simple guidance from you today for goal setting!

As a newbie.....I sometimes feel overwhelmed and pressured by all there is to learn and all that I want to learn!

My brain is very analytical and it always tries to connect the dots! I will set my goals in this practical manner and see how the dots start connecting!

I am starting to hope again and really look forward to hearing from you each week!

Thank you, Coco Patty


Goals give you direction and a sense of urgentcy I've been hearing about "goal setting" for almost 30 years and it works thats one of the things about R/E that never changes. EDGAR


Good name for the blog. Love the goals being specific and to use the emotions to progress to where you want to be in life.

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