Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #228 - Your Unfair Advantage

This week Dean will share the two things you need to succeed in real estate. You might think it’s a buyers list and a sellers list…but it isn’t. You might think he’ll talk about a good real estate agent and a banker…nope. Wrong. You might think he’s going to suggest you buy some special training or product…sorry, that’s not it either. (Here’s a Hint. It’s C and C). Do you have C and C? If not, you will after you do what is suggested in this Weekly Wisdom.

PS- If you missed it or had problems watching the live feed at the end watch the Saturday Livecast replay!

Your Unfair Advantage

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Hi Dean,

Thank You for another great weekly wisdom......

Courage and Confidence goes hand in hand...

Thank you for continuing to be here for your DG Family...we do appreciate it.....


Unfair Advantage

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Well it looks like I have another great list to put on my wall of inspiration. Thanks Dean for the reminder. You are definitely this biggest advantage of all.

I will buy that for a dollar

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We can market unfair advantage in a jar. It will sell like hotcakes. Then we can all be the same lol. Another great blog and it is so true. I love having that edge over the naysayers...NOW GO GET SOME


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You are so right does take a lot of courage to do REI. This coming week, I will be contact real estate agents and it will take a lot of courage for me to do this.

Thanks for another wonderful weekly wisdom.

Unfair Advantage !!

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Dean, We do need the courage to keep our feet moving in the right direction which in turn helps us build our confidence More and More with each Step/ Taking Action Smiling Thank You Again for Another Great Weekly Wisdom. See You At The Edge
Darren ( Yosemite Guy )

Powerful concept

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Thank you, Dean. I like the concise way you presented the concept: "Confidence builds momentum [and] is a magnet that attracts people. You need courage to get confidence." Thanks for doing so much to help build both of these in us.

I'm glad that I joined I.E.

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I'm glad that I joined I.E. thanks for the live-casts and encouragement Dean. That Deal Analyzer tool is amazing.

You are the unfair advantage

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Thanks for being the unfair advantage Dean! I love learning new things every week. Courage builds confidence. I'm going to be saying that over and over in my head this week! I also love being able to listen to those conference calls all the time, such a great unfair advantage!!

Thanks again,


You are the unfair advantage

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Thanks for being the unfair advantage Dean! I love learning new things every week. Courage builds confidence. I'm going to be saying that over and over in my head this week! I also love being able to listen to those conference calls all the time, such a great unfair advantage!!

Thanks again,


Courage is the ability to confront fear

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And once confronted, it tends to put it's tail between it's legs and run away!
Yes, the unfair advantages have been my weapons and shield.
Let's keep moving forward people!
Challenge yourself to put in at least 5 offers before Saturday and post when you've done it!

Courage --> Confidence!!

I do have an "unfair advantage"! I also have Courage and Confidence! That is at least until I somehow allow my main naysayer and verbal abusing husband to damage them. Then time is wasted building up courage again! When I am knocked down and other negative life situations hit at the same time it is really hard. Dean do you have a 'majic shield' for me?! I do know your lesson of getting through it fast and not allow the negative law of attraction an open door into my life! My IE Life Coach says I am strong because I keep going trying to accomplish my main goal of being financially self-sufficient so I can face one of the largest fears in life!
Thank you for pushing me, and Enjoy Your Day!

Unfair Advantage?!

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I can't believe you found the time to post another incredible Weekly Wisdom after the 5 hour awesome, awesome! Live Webinar you put together on Saturday. Thank You very much!
I make an effort to watch every one of your WW because they get me going for the upcoming week.

I think that anyone who has taken advantage of any of your education and tools to start and/or move forward with their rei and achieve success has a FAIR Advantage! It takes a lot of courage and determination to take just that first step, so nothing unfair about making the most out of what is available to everyone!

Although I feel like I'm moving at turtle speed, I know that I'm always moving forwards! Thank you for all your encouragement!! Smiling

Great webinar and weekly wisdom

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Thank you Dean for all you do!

If you're not making offers you're not making money!

Thats the comment from this weeks wisdom that hit me the most. You can study all you want, but unless you take action with what you learned you still just studying.

Thanks Dean

Unfair Advantage

Powerful Weekly Wisdom today. Working on list to build up my confidence. Love the quote "If your not making offers your not making money." That has become my new motto.
Thanks Dean Smiling


You are right Dean, we have the UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over other people because they don't have the REI education that you provide us with; but some of us even though we have the knowledge, don't have the courage that is needed to start making offers.

I've read the comments posted and hope all of us can get the confidence that is needed to have the COURAGE to keep going and be free at last.

Thank you for the WW and for all you do for us.

Thanks again Dean.

DG family

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Thank you Dean,for making us to start thinking outside the box&to get us out of are comfort finally starting to understand,thank you!

C and C

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Thanks, Dean!!

I think you are the Great Wizard of Oz giving this Cowardly Lion the Courage and Confidence to do great things!! Smiling

Great reminders

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Thanks for being there for us. Very good reminders!


Is it really unfair?....

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Is it really unfair to have this advantage? I say it's being rewarded by taking the action of being here with extra information, timely information, on the front lines information! It's not unfair to have this. It's only unfair (to ourselves) if we don't take advantage of this information.
It can't be unfair if we are using this info to make win/ win/ win deals. Right? Eye-wink

Thanks you for another week of: extra information, timely information, on the front lines information.

Happy Holidays to you and your family as well as the whole DG Family.

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC and IE member


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This Dg FAMILY and YOU our mentor is by far an unfair advantage ...... If u think of it that way and START USING this advantage to start CRANKIN up your action then there is NO REASON to build your courage from this day forward !! Repetition of reading , listening , learning and most of all DOING what the unfair advantage has taught you is what will PUSH YOU to keep going when things SEEM tough.
Dean thank you for being our unfair advantage .... I'm soooo greatful that I had the COURAGE to let you into my world !!!! Blessed to know you


I am thinking about the 98% vs the 2% and how so many people myself included can be presented with information giving an unfair advantage and not use it or make it happen. As for myself, I want to make it happen and I see how slow and challenged I am. You say don't over think it and I think I gotta know what to do. I just finished listening to a March 2011 conference call (excellent content) and I have all your books underlined and star'd and check marked etc. I visit daily. Just want you to know I am always here and one day I will post DEAL #1. In the meantime I will focus on marketing, templates and qualified buyers list. I gotta get away from the computer and out into the community. That will be using my courage which should result in confidence and results. I am so glad that Dean Graziosi is a part of my life. Thank you!

unfair advantage

Thank You Dean for all that you do for us. Every week you say exactly what I need to hear, so don't stop giving us these weekly doses of truth.
You help me overcome obstacles to get to my goal.

God Bless
Bertha Coleman

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