Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #231 - Expectations and Experience

Have you stopped to consider how your mindset and attitude impact your results as a real estate investor? It’s very similar to how two different people might approach a theme park ride.
If one is excited and the other is terrified, their attitudes don’t change the ride, only how each rider experiences it.

In this segment of the W.W. Dean offers some practical suggestions for setting your expectations and enjoying the ride…the real estate ride that is.

Great way to look at it! I

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Great way to look at it! I will be practicing this from now on. Thanks Dean!

PS, where is that special opportunity you were talking about in the past two videos? Looking forward to it!

Expectations and Experience

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Hi Dean,

Another great weekly wisdom....this one was short and to the point.....Something to think about...

Thank You.....Have a great week


Make you think

Great way to look at it, yes it was to the point. What did happen to the special opportunity we have been waiting for? Thought it was this week

Thanks Dean

Hi Dean

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It is so important to enjoy what you do. We have met so many great people since we started our REI business! We never count a deal done until it is done and we look at every disappointment as a positive. We are always learning!

Thanks Dean,

Thank you Dean

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for another great Weekly!

I am setting realistic goals for myself, and I really enjoy every moment that I'm doing rei! There have definitely been bumps along the ride, especially in the beginning, and not very enjoyable, but so worth it!!! I have learned so much and have come a long way!

I too am wondering what happened with that something special that you are preparing for us?! no pressure.... take your time, I'll be here waiting Smiling


Hey Dean

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I needed this one as a reminder. I've been pushing so hard lately with some extreme expectations on myself. I'm just trying to always find the positive in all my experiences and make no time for negative people in my life.
Thank you,

Hi Dean

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very good advice, thank you

Way too short for a weekly

Way too short for a weekly message. Please devote more time for your students. Hoping for something more substantial next week.

Hi Dean

Thank you for this Weekly Wisdom. It was short and sweet and I get the feeling somebody upset you over what you offer. Having your wisdom and insight as part of my life is a godsend and I am very grateful. I think that I don't expect enough of myself along with a poverty mindset clouding my vision is my problem. I am working on it and your message this week is very helpful. So, thank you and have a good week.

Great advice as usual. Thank

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Great advice as usual. Thank you. Thank you for staying positive. Your video was short and to the point but the message was clear.

Thank you Dean

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Thanks again Dean for more weekly wisdom. I am in Florida this weekend and I have been looking at a lot of properties. One thing I can say Dean along with your blog this week is that now when I talk with people about real estate they know that I know what I am talking about regarding REI. I thank you for that Dean. I may not be doing 20 deals a month right now like some on this site but I know how to set myself up for the next deal thank to all the great resources that you give or offer to your students.

Thank you Dean

Steve and Veronica


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Wheres the special you talked about in the last two vids?

Thank you Dean

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It's always amazing how you can break it down so quickly in a short video segment and teach a profound truth that we all have to face. Thanks I needed that.


Every time I listen to the weekly message, I get energized to continue. It is that extra push that makes me go. This is such a good reminder of setting realistic expectations because unrealistic expectations brings discouragement. Thanks Dean.

Thank You Dean!

Thank you Dean! You have a know how to read people. I love the weekly wisdom #231. I was the girl at the Summit this past week in Vegas. I mentioned that I've lived in trailers and a home with no windows and no door locks. Gees even a dumpster in the back yard. I did as you said -on your website. I'm reading your book 30 days to Real Estate Cash and it's just what I needed. My goals were scrambled and I think it was frustrating me and keeping me from progress. I'm learning to put things into buckets like you mentioned at the Summit. Sometimes I'm too hard on myself and I KNOW it's because I want change and definitely don't want to go backwards. Life is hard but I'm learning to make the proper changes. You and many people on your team touched my life. I was so nervous going up to you even to ask you to sign our picture that I don't even know what I said. If I didn't mention it then this is my chance... Thank you for everything you've done and are doing for us your students! It's GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! You didn't have to write this book but you did. You don't have to tell us your secrets, but you are. Thank you again. -Marina

Thanks Dean

You always seem to know when something isn't going correctly, or if someone needs those little extra words or encouragement, you are there to help and push us forward. Thank you so much!

Funky Day

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Thanks Dean. I'm experiencing a really funky day and I needed that bit of advice.



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I agree not everyone does things at the same speed. Do what you can when you can. Small goals are just as good. This is how i am doing things.

Your Expectations can create your Experience

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"If I had more time, I would have said less" - love that quote. And you said it all in a nutshell. Good wisdom and thank you! If our expectations are unrealistic, our experience will be disappointing. If our expectations are reasonable and we mark successess as we go - then our experience is one of success and celebration, increasing our expectations and creating more and more success. You are what you eat. You are what you think. Don't think yourself into a failure. You can create your own success!


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awesome as usual Dean never been to the edge but have watched past one's as an IE Platinum member and sooo look forward to meeting you & attending the Edge in a coupld of weeks, Im working hard to get my next deal before I go the Edge, see you there.

Thanks Dean for your words

Thanks Dean for your words of wisdom. I look forward hearing from you every week. I am very grateful to sit and learn from you.

Thanks for the uplifting motivation Dean

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havent been here in a while but I made it and your videos are great. This one helped me to move a little faster. no deal yet ,but its always on my mind. Thanks Dean!

WW April 16

Thanks Dean,

Sometimes we get overwhelmed trying to do it all at once. Baby steps right

Dawn,Mbr Proudhouse Investments

One complaint...

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Loved this weekend at The Buying Summit!! I have one went by too quickly!! Cannot wait to go again!! Great advice on this weekly. Reminds me what you said at The Summit about garage doors. That really made so much sense to me. Also, about filling one or two buckets at a time. I was trying to do it all at once and was overwhelming myself big time!! I saw your commercial here in the Phoenix area ... Deanbuyshouses. Great commercial. You told us that you were going to do more in the Phoenix area. It was so much fun to meet you, Dean. Looking forward to our next meeting!! Hugs to you!!

Mark and Laurie

Yes Yes Yes

That what you say DG is so right, thats how i was feeling. I had my goals set in a time frame which did not work for me so i became frustrated when they were not met.
Thank you DG for your knowlege.


Yes Yes Yes

That what you say DG is so right, thats how i was feeling. I had my goals set in a time frame which did not work for me so i became frustrated when they were not met.
Thank you DG for your knowlege.


U R right Again

Expectation this was right on Dean I thought maybe I could do more, but what I needed is to take baby steps one step at a time.(no jumping) I was going good then so much came at once, wow what an experience. I'll go slowly Thank you

From the Llanos Falcon family


Hi Dean and staff.. my name is Roman and I want to thank you all for your videos blogs, live conferance calls, the free advices, your formulas, and the love and care you have for people with desire to change their lives..
BIG thanks to Williams Castle, Matt Larson, "Indiana Joe" Chip and Andrea and all the people from INSIDER ELITE.. all you guys have change my life, My Wife seems to be happy, my Kids seems to be happy even my dogs seem to be happy! THANK YOU ALL FROM NORTH CAROLINA!

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