Weekly Wisdom #246 - Unfair Advantage #3

This week, unfair advantage #3 is another behind the curtain video training by the guy Dean Graziosi refers to as his top student. This little five minute video breaks down the refined formula for finding great deals at low prices. Again, you might want to take notes. And don't forget to comment below and share this on you social networks!

Also, check out Dean Graziosi's article on Unfair Advantages published on Huffington Post!


Dean thank you for all the good information you provide to us, I always follow you, but sometimes it is kind of overwhelming and I am trying really hard to do my first deal.

Thank you again and have a safe week you, your family and staff.

Unfair Advantage # 3

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Hi Dean & Matt

Another Great Weekly Wisdom.......Great to hear these refresher topics.....

Thank You For All You Do........Have a Great Week.....Smiling


Unfair Advantage #3

I now have a better understanding of the 25:1 concept. Thanks Dean & Matt Smiling

Unfair Advantage #3

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The 25:1 concept is great. It is sometimes harder to use in the hotter markets. Out of the 45 listings I was sent, 50% of those were under construction or listed as new with sketches for photos. In the 45 properties, only two were listed as needing work. I am submitting my two offers asap. After being on the IE chat with Gena on running numbers, I have decided to start looking at the price reduction houses that don't need a lot of work for the cash flow buyers. With those properties I have 6 potential offers. I have very hungry buyers for both markets. I hope with both strategies that I will get my first deal soon. Thanks Dean and Matt for the great advantages you provide to us.

Timing is everything.....

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Just last week I spoke with my Agent friend to work with me again with finding properties to co-wholesale with a fellow DGer. Today I was going over in my head HOW I was going to get him to understand the 25:1 system I want him to work with. He has helped me in the past with the selling of my Mother's house and with researching the house I eventually bought to live in but in my last conversation, he asked me " How do you make your money in these deals?" I was coy and didn't respond quickly because I respect him too much to say "It's none of your business" and luckily he had to go before I had to answer. I was going to explain my assignment fee plan but this video explains so much, so simply and why my agent should WANT to work with me to wholesale.
My question now is, Would I be out of line to give my realtor the link to this WW and let him watch it? Dean, Matt, SOMEBODY, please let me know if it's OK to do this. I don't think I could better explain this with my own words. It would also give credence that the method works as I'm sure my agent would be thrilled to have 3 offers accepted for me only for me to upset him and renegotiate them.
Please PM me an answer here or on IE. You know me, I'm the big fish guy Eye-wink

Thank you,

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC & IE member

Unfair Advantage #3

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Thanks Dean and Matt for a great weekly wisdom! Good reminder of the 25-1 strategy and to make offers, lots of offers! We can all do this, keep taking action!

Working with my Agent

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Hi Dean & Matt,
Thanks for this great video,it has given me such a clear understanding of the 25:1 formula. I have a question though my Agent is asking me how would she come out on this when I close a deal. How would she get paid, in essence. How would that work for my agent, how do I cut her in. Please advise.

Unfair Advantage #3

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Hi Dean & Matt,
Thanks for Another Great Weekly Wisdom!


Unfair Advantage #3

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Thanks Dean and Matt for sharing this information. Matt, I really thank you for the breakdown, this will help on not overwhelming my realtor.



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Thanks a lot for the refresher. I have to start making more offers. Always breaking it down further for us!

Thanks Matt. Every time i

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Thanks Matt. Every time i listen to you This process gets clearer. I'm not sure if its because its sinking in or what but thank you!

Unfair Advantage #3

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I read the 30 Days to Real Estate Cash, I'm now at Phase 2. Keller Williams Realtor gave me over 100 listings of the vacant, as is, price reduction properties. MLS Help Desk told her now way to sort by Cash Purchases. Investor/RE Broker gave me the Cash Purchase Lists. I'm reviewing the Cash Purchases Lists sent to me on the county website for the contact info to build a Buyers List. Getting Business Cards and gmail business account started today. Order Bandit signs this Friday. I'm stoked. These Weekly Wisdoms have helped me so much to reinforce what I learn on DG Insider Elite. Thank you Dean & Matt I'm on my way!!!

thank you Matt and Dean

I would just like to say thanks again. I am on my way to my 2nd deal using Matts 25-1 offers. Have to stop listening to all the negative people around me that's why I come here. My first deal I bought using the 25-1 is a fixer upper, I want to fix and hold. Funny I have had everyone tell me that's crazy because it is in a run down neighborhood and one friend who told me it's the worst mistake I could make, but yet told me if I wanted to give it away she would take it off my hands. I am not giving up on a roll thanks to Dean.

25 to 1

Thanks matt and dean i took my notes down and then im going to go over them to refresh im definetly going to use this knowledge and apply it again thanks guys.

Great work guys (as usual)

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ABSOLUTLY GREAT BLOG!!!! Yes I'm shouting. Great way the 25:1 works. Dean, you have a habit of knowing what's going on in our person lives. I just spoke to a REA that may help me. We have a good relationship.

Nice work explaonoing the 25:1 strategy. You make it look so easy.

Guys, Nice work! Keep it up. I can't wait until the next Weekly Wisdom.


Unfair Advantage #3

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I envy you Brian Norris 01. I have yet to get a realtor to give me a cash purchase list. One Realtor sent me a list of 6 months back and said; "Look in the lower corner, it will say type of loan or cash." Not a one was viable as I could see. One realtor went into question mode. He said; "Before I do all that work for you, for free, what are gonna use it for. I gave him the Matt answer and he said but what are you gonna do with the info. The short, he did not give me a list. While talking to other realtors, they are now wholesaling. Profit for them is 5 to 10 thousand dollars. I don't have money for bandit signs, let alone earnest money. These weekly tips and weekly wisdoms keep me motivated. I believe that in God's time, all will fall in place.

Unfair Advantage #3

Thank you Dean and Matt. Great information I was kind of stuck with trying to get my agent to send me over the right criteria and this help me see a better way to talk to her to get me the right stuff. Thank you


Unfair Advantage #3

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Thanks Dean it is always nice coming here to the weekly wisdom full of great info keep up the great work Thanks

weekly wisdom #3

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Thanks Matt for the great info. You broke it down in a way that is simple to understand.

Wow Thanks Dean and Matt !!!

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Thank you both for giving out some awesome information on the 25:1 You guys rock and Thank You both for sharing Smiling

Thanks Dean and Matt!

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Great refresher on the 25-1. Time to make those offers consistently.



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As is , OR vacant, OR price reduction.
First criteria is ONE of these not all 3.

Just wanted to clear up any confusion that anyone may have.

Unfair Advantage #3

Thank you guys for this weekly wisdom,I know that
every week is getting me closer and closer to my
first deal. I really appreciate all that you'all
do for us.

God Bless,
Bertha Coleman

Unfair advantage..

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We just started our 2nd rehab! Contractors are ripping off the roof as we write.. Very exciting as we waited almost 9 months for this short sale to be accepted and close.. It will be well worth it. Please keep all the great information coming Dean! Love to hear about all the students also!!

Thanks Dean & Matt

Great Tips, God Bless.


How is it I can't stay focused on the basics? I keep getting overwhelmed with "the process". Trying to eat the whole elephant instead of taking it one bite at a time. It's good to be reminded that doing this has a lot of vital components to making it work, BUT it just takes one step at a time to get it done. Get a realtor, do your homework to find deals/buyers, make offers,......

Thanks for all you do!

Unfair Adv

thank you so much for this great info! I'm so glad I checked this out I have properties that I am looking to make offers on and now a real estate agent

weekly wisdom #246 Unfair Advantage #3

Wow! Now I understand the 25-1
Thank you Matt! for explaining that!
Thank you Dean for having Matt explain that!
Unbelievable. Every time I come to this site I learn something. I just want to hug you two through this laptop screen. I thought Matt did an excellent!
job on explaining the 25-1

Linda L.

Hello From Andrea

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I've been busy this week doing a One on One and didn't want the Weekly Wisdom yet, but my student did. He said I'm so happy to have you here, you're famous! Thanks for the shout out Dean! Kicking butt out here across the US!

Partnering is an amazing way to LEVERAGE and make more out there!

Best of Success Everyone!

Unfair Advantage #3

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It is so true that when things aren't working, we need to come back to the basics. I know the 25:1 method, but it's the little tidbits you throw in there that I didn't hear the first time, that makes the light bulb come on. Great job, Matt. Can't wait for the next Unfair Advantage. These are true motivators. I will NEVER give up.

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