Weekly Wisdom #251 - Part of the Solution

It’s super easy to blame everyone or everything else for our unfavorable circumstances. While we all have things happen that are outside of our control, too often we take the position that we don’t have any power to make positive changes. This is the tension between a problem and solution mindset. One makes you a victim, the other makes you an overcomer. The feeling of powerlessness can contribute to victim like thinking, and because we don't like feeling that we are powerless, we can easily begin to blame someone or something for causing that feeling. Dean’s message here can help you identify faulty thinking and beliefs that hold you back.

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Reply about where are you?

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Hi Dean, it so nice to know that you are notice that I haven't been posting. But not to worry, for I have been doing reading on one of your books. And waiting on another book that I ordered. So at this time I am at my job, but kind of not doing much here at work so I am reading the book 30days.
I have been staying busy whith all the ready and feel that we are really close to stepping out and start applying to what needs to be done.
Your book has gave us a whole new look at the way we are to prepare ourselves with. Like the saying goes, Put on that sheild of armer and concor the world. May God escort in every direction that we turn to.

It would be so easy to just give up sometimes,

But giving up is not an option. You bet we as individuals are part of the problem. I believe it is in giving that we receive. If I don't start by giving my time, effort and energy to REI or anything else then I sure can not blame anyone else. Difficulties can sometimes get in the way but it is my job to find the solutions. It just takes a moment to look at things a little differently. Now, where do you suppose I have heard that before. We have to give time to listen to others and give time to research and investigate, etc. = Giving in order to receive.

Galations 6:4-5

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"Make a careful exploration of who you are and the work you have been given, and then sink yourself into that. Don’t be impressed with yourself. Don’t compare yourself with others. Each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with your own life." ... ... ...
And that does not allow for blaming others or circumstances or that lie called luck or heredity or anything else. We are all created with what we need to live a successful fulfilling life.

Being part of the Problem and Solution

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Thank you Dean,

this is a very interesting concept, and honestly, I never thought of it that way before.
It makes perfect sense though! We have to hold ourselves accountable for everything we do in life; whether it's good or not so good... even when we make mistakes, if we acknowledge them, and have a positive attitude, we can learn from them, and move forward to conquer future obstacles...


Problems and Solutions

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I know I am part of the problem. I also know that the best way to overcome the problem is to find what the problem is so you can find a solution. The only reason I ever look to see how a problem happened is because that will help you find a solution. Thanks for the reminder to focus on solutions.

Focus on solutions and ask yourself what can I do better...

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Hey Dean,

Well put and thank you for this week's weekly wisdom! Focus on solutions we all have the power to make our own decisions and create our own path in life.
If you just go with the flow then before you know it you'll find yourself down the river of life at the edge of Niagrara falls with no oars to paddle to shore...we can create our own destiny with our daily decisions.

Make it a great week!

I agree

This very topic has been on my mind over the past fortnight. Well said Dean!

Thank you. Keep spreading your positive words.

Thanks Dean!

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Still going strong here! Will never quit!

It just gets better and better and easier and easier!

Thanks ever so much!


Thanks Dean.

Hello Dean,
I'm currently still working on my first flip. I'm so close to finishing up and putting it on the market. I want to attack the next house more aggressively.
With my full time job, studies, lack of time, and lack of money things are moving a bit slower than anticipated. However, my passion is still in real estate. I can't wait to pick it up a notch or more. I am always trying to turn the negative things that get in my way around to a less restrictive path . Thank you always for your support and your words of wisdom.

Part of the Solution

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Hi Dean,

Another great weekly wisdom......Thank You for all you do.......Smiling

I beleive that saying goes " If you are not a part of the solution, then you are part of the problem "

I feel that the decisions we make in life will determine the life we live......Smiling



Thanks Dean, just thinking, love to solve distressed home problems!!!

Holding Ourselves Accountable

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Dean thank you so much. You are reinforcing what Tony Robbins teaches. I needed to hear this again. Blaming others gives away my empowerment or ability reach my potential. In making decisions to change the course of my life first starts with me accepting responsibility of where I am at is because of me. Not anyone else. Once I do that I can move on to making the changes in my life to become a success in anything.

We have the will, looking for the way

seamastershatch's picture

We are following every avenue...We just have not gotten anything to happen. We were at Boots on the Ground here in CA back in February.Like Dean says,keep trying other ways.We are doing just that.
It is hard to stay positive.But you must!

Hanging in there

Have made about 12 offers so far reaching for the 25:1. Seems category A homes are hard to come by. There are lot's of B's and C', but just made an offer on a B on Saturday and keeping my fingers crossed.

I need to adjust to this low inventory market in Northern Virginia and I'm doing just that. I'm working my way through "Profit From Real Estate Right Now" and am going to employ the automated method of driving deals to me 24/7.

Your system makes something that seems high risk and complex - low risk and simple. Just have to stick to it and work smart.

Thanks Dean.

Don't be a victim

Hi Dean,
Being a victim takes all your energy. Then you have nothing to work from. If you do not think about the victim in you; it will "become" positive energy. If you as a victim = panic--then take 5 seconds(from last week's WW)what can we do to find the solution? It's all in the positive thinking. Mohamd Ali used to go around all the time,any...time!!! you saw him....What did he say?(rather cocky tho)"I AM THE GREATEST!!!!!" Right? That gave him his positive energy and everyone around believed him and that pushed him to his greatest. Was he always the greatest? No. He was good!!! He had to start somewhere to become great. Training-Practice-Habit=SUCCESS. Dean you have shared with all of us your expertise, your knowledge, and skills so that we may become successful. For that we thank you:) (I just learned how to make that sideways smiley face--Tee Hee)
Thanks for all you do,

Fighting Cognitive

Fighting Cognitive Dissonance & The Lies We Tell Ourselves

hi dean and dg family: just a publication i come
across the other day i would like to share with
you and the family, because you spoke about this.
the lies we tell ourselves. as you say dean we
blame every thing and every body for our failure
and we never stop and look in the mirrow at our-
self. it easier to point the blame else where.
(THANKS a lot dean for this forum, keep up the
good works.


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Dean.. I am closing my first deal (two house package deal) since the three day seminar in White Plains in March with Matt Davis!!!. It took a little time to get it together since I spent the first 3 weeks after the seminar in London & Paris visiting my daughter.(working on college exchange there) So if you eliminate that time its really been 4 months to get this to closing! I am also placing 25 new offers and 25 old offers every week. I do have about 6-8 deals close to contract, however waiting for the correct numbers!! Your weekly wisdom and the DGIE site is an invaluable tool to keep the momentum and mindset! Thanks for the free site here and the other opportunities on DG Insider Elite.
I also have the Edge programs fro 2010-2013 that I purchased on eBay since I am only a silver member and could not wait the time to get to these events!! There is so much info in these DVD's that I cant stop watching! And every time I go through these presentations, I keep learning new techniques and increase my momentum!! My goal is 21 houses in 21 months and I am pushing towards that goal. I now own 4 units so I am on my way!!
Keep it coming Buddy!!
Thanks and God Bless you and your family for your caring and giving back!!!
You are changing peoples lives!!
The FrogMan


bigreded23's picture

All I can say is "wow!" great topic, plowing through roadblocks, whether it be others or self imposed. Change those Victim glasses to accountability glasses. It's how you see things.


CandC's picture

Yes don't like to admit I could possibly be part of the problem, but I can sure focus on being part of the solution. Yes, at times it feels like my partners is not interested and says he is too busy, has not totally put it off. Got to find a solution to this to stay plugged in. How to do this will be the challenge, probably more than doing a deal. We need to get over, around or through this.

Part of the Solution

Hi Dean, Thanks once again for giving me exactly
what I needed this Monday morning, because this
made me realize that I have been a part of the
problem. But now I can be part of the solution.

God Bless
Bertha Coleman


Thanks again for helping us identify "IF IT IS TO BE IT IS UP TO ME." Always too easy to place the blame externally-I keep working on getting it right. But it is sooo easy to place the blame elsewhere--Keep up the great motivation. It helps us all.

A big mistake I always make

A big mistake I always make is comparing myself to others and their success. Thanks for the reminder-I can only do what I can do and not feel bad because I have not accomplished what others have. That only brings me down.

Eye Opener

Hi Dean,

Your weekly wisdom message was meant for me. I realize that I'm the only one that can change my mindset. Different actions = different outcome.

So, thanks for sharing your wisdom and for caring about our success.

Hope you have a wonderful week!


jeannieo's picture

Whew! That's telling it like it is!! Thanks Dean for another great Weekly Wisdom! I think we all need these wake-up calls. At least I know I do!

You ready my mind Dean

svpmoney's picture

This week wisdom hit it home for me. Sometimes I think its either not having enough time or it's my job that gets in my way. There's days I'm fired up about doing what needs to be done in order for me succeed than life or should I say doubt that creeps in and takes it away. I know I can do this and I've been saying it for way to long. Failure is not an option. Thanks again Dean. I'm currently at a job I do not like on my lunch break staying connected with the DG family. Working on the 25:1 strategy to do my first assignment. Thanks again for all that you do.

weekly wisdom #251 part of the solution

well as I have said before, I learn something actually every time I watch your weekly wisdoms.
This time I knew this about myself, but just had to be reminded by your weekly wisdom this week.

Thank you!! LL

Dean please please read

chriswhite86's picture

Hi Dean its Chris white I know I have not been on here in a couple of weeks and that is all my fault I let things get in my way and im done but two weeks ago I got a call from a guy telling me that he had heard from you that you wanted to offer me a one time deal to be trained by you this september and all i needed to do is come up with 100 dollars so I went out a found a job started working got my first paycheck on friday and come to find out today it was not true and i know your a busy man and your time is worth a lot so now im on a mission to save up 2,065.00 dollars to take your class the reason I know i will be 100% successful after taking ur class is because i'm willing to talk to anybody that I meet or want to meet and that my only son/kid suffers from atumism and seizers and i want to be able to get him the best medical treatment out there I know its a long shot but my number is 503-830-5326 if you ever want to talk to me or get to know me better or my email is chriskwhite1986@**** I hope you truly read this Dean


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Sounds About Right

I guess I'm waiting for an event to happen before I get started. I have not been reading your book 30 Days. I started reading a few chapters but then I stopped. I have not read this book for over a year now since buying. I have seen your Weekly Wisdom each Monday or Tuesday. The reson for why I have not responded to your WWs is oftentimes I would forget my password and other times I failed thru the CAPCHA process. I guess I have to shut off the internet and tv that consumes my life before I can begin to read "30 Days" again. I appreciate your insider knowledge of what is going on in real estate market today.

Part of the problem and part of the solution


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