Weekly Wisdom #257 - Destroy That Which Isn't Excellent

This week, the message is simple. Dean gives you one simple task that will change everything for you. It’s time to do some damage for the better, step-by-step.

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Thanks Dean!

Thank you Dean for another weekly boost!

Great idea!

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Hmm not sure that I don't enjoy most of the things I do already, but sure there are some things. I know there are more areas I want to involve myself in though!

Thank you so much Dean

For being there when no one else is. You challenge me and make me think when no one else does. I know as a responsible person it starts with me and yet I need the input and feedback that you give and I feel that you care when I have no where else to turn. I trust you and that is huge so I hope you never give up on me. I am still working on something you said last week and that is find something I have done that is amazing. ? ? ? Well, I am sure I have done something amazing but what? All I know is I am still here and each day is a gift. The first time I heard you talk about kaizen I went out and bought the book. I am so slow with some things but determined so I have coined it "inch by inch it's a cinch". While I am preparing my dinner tonight I am thinking "asking ?'s and getting answers" equates to "have you thought of selling your house" so I can plant a seed or find out if they are motivated. I have to work with fsbo to either buy and hold for rental and passive income or wholesale. Anyway, even though I may be slow and sometimes working with half a brain I am always thinking REI. I never run out of stuff to do and no one to assist me so I need be extremely organized and prioritize. It means doing what is important first even if the house is a mess and growing cob webs. After all it is coming up on Halloween and I won't have to decorate. Thank you again for being there. I have you, Dani and Joel to mentor me and I am so grateful for that.

Thanks Dean

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I will get back to daily meditation practice for my spiritual growth and find those thoughts that are not helping me achieve success. I will ask for a personal leave from my job for 2 months to dedicate real estate investing full time!!

Destroy that which isn't excellent

Good advice Dean. This is something everyone can benefit from if they take the time to examine their lives for what's bad, as well as what's good. Highlighting what's good will lend support to getting rid of what's bad.

Thank You ForThe Advice

Thank you Dean for the advice and for keeping things real. Just made a decision about how to homeschool my son who has autistic challenges in a more productive way. Now doing it through a public charter school, but I see how bogged down in systems can be and how much time can be swallowed up trying to get on the right learn path for educating him in a progressive effective kind of way. Thank you for always keeping life real.

Destroy That Which Isn't Excellent

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Hi Dean.

Another great weekly wisdom....Another list to think about.....Hmmm

It's always a good thing to make us look at ourself,and see where in our life we can make things better...( All of Us can use some improvements)....Thank You Dean for all you do...Smiling



I've got to say I know exactly what needs to be destroyed in my routine today... TV! Watching movies, playing video games, news, baseball, etc., all (OK, maybe not ALL!) of the wasted time plugged into the tube has got to stop. There are hours each day, that could be useful, that are squandered by the routine of tuning in (and dropping out, thank you Dr. Leary!). So, change is in the wind for me; Wish me luck! Sincerely, -Tom

#257 "the list"

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Thanks again Dean,
I am afraid its going to be a big list but it will be done. And I am going to keep a side list of things I should be getting done but don't. Just to see how close they compare and then when I eliminate (destroy) the bad things I can fill that time with the good stuff.
Have an awesome week everyone!


I love your challenges. I did the green drink, more water, more exercise last week and YUMMY! I had the best time and I'm continuing!!!! Yea! Thank you.

Ok, this week, I know right off the bat what I've been doing wrong -- watching too much TV. I didn't do the news thing, and what a weight off my shoulders. As one member of the DG family said, "tuning in and dropping out". That's what TV does to us. So I know what my challenge is this week. I am so up for this. Thank you for being so intuitive!!!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!!!

Thank you

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I really enjoy these weekly wisdom's. I use them to kick start my own week. While I have been focusing on one virtue each week it will do me some good to take a look at those things I should eliminate from my life.

warmest regards to you and your family,
Lisa Richardson


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Thanks Dean for being a shining light in this dark world.

Love this!

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Thanks again, Dean, for your wisdom!


Dean that weekly wisdom you last told about your daughter with going deep really hit me head on and you know I fight a.d.h.d. and bad memory loss but that weekly wisdom about your daughter really hit me like a mack truck and the management of time ,put it on the money.So now Iam trying to not stay on back covered deck ,watching addicted nascar and replace it,{Time}and after two yrs of working on this ,I have not gave up and will not either.Thank you for your kindness for others,never seen anyone like you but "JESUS" AND HE WAS COMPATIONETTE TOO.....Thanks DOC


hi dean and the dg family: you know it always been
said that you have to get your priority in order,
and that i do believe, things that are not important could be eliminated. you said it best dean if it is not helping the universe,family,and
your-self most likely it irrelevant, good thought
to keep in mind for the week. THANK you DEAN.
it always a BLESSING.

Dean, you're a peach =^)

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I love listening to your coaching. What an inspiration. You GO, Dean!!

Thanks Dean, What you are

Thanks Dean,

What you are saying is is true. I do this at the start of a new year, but I keep my list and review it. I see what I have accomplished, review things I need to complete or items that need to be removed from the list altogether.

I encourage everyone to do this. You can review your list more than once a year if you wish, it is up to you. It is very refreshing.


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Hi Dean, I really liked this message. I need to prioritize my life and projects. I know you are right about this message. keep up the great work.

Dean Your always so inspiring

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You do what you do to inspire us and make life better on your teachings. The coach you went to see is right on in what life is like and to change it a little at a time to make it better and Wow when i thought about it made a lot of sense to always improve to have what works for us..

Weekly Wisdom At It's Best!

Hi Dean,

This teaching really hit us right in our faces. I was just telling my partner Joe that we need to make good use of our time. Let's face it's football season and we truly enjoy the sport, but do we have to watch every game. Priortizing what we do in our lives is very important & we are going to make some good changes.

Thank You for another great weekly wisdom!

Gigi & Joe

Thanks Dean

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I have to work on my list to delete the bad and prioritize what's important.

Good Advice Dean!

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Done this recently Dean!

This is the stuff that help us all focus on what is really important.

For me this is necessary to take my business to the next level.

Thanks a Mil!


Hi Dean,

Made a List, working on it.

Tony C

Nashua NH


GREAT WEEKLY WISDOM!!! Remove the items in my life causing me to slide or not move forward...

I will make a list and take action!!


Thanks again for your persistence and weekly wisdoms dean / and thanks DG FAM for your comments!

Make it an AWESOME WEEK by taking action today for a better today and a great tomorrow...

: ----)))

Very good point to step back

Very good point to step back and look!

weekly wisdom

Very good point step back and look!

you must be Psychic!

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OK Dean! You did it again! Everytime I need to hear something, there you are! My husband & I just spent a fantastic weekend with Ct REIA with guest speakers such as Robert Shemin, Croix Sather, Chris Johnson and others. After much reflection, my husband & I realize that our place is in real estate and even though we own and run our own music business for the past 28 years, it is becoming more & more evident that we must "destroy that which is not excellent". Our plan is now to go full speed ahead with real estate and close (or sell) our business by June, 2014. Thanks Dean!


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At the risk of sounding dumb, but what do I do with these points that I rack up everytime I post? Just wondering!
Have a great night everyone!

One step at a time

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I get the message. I will write down everything and work on changing one thing at a time. I know for me it is easier to change one thing at a time than to try and change everything at once. So this week I will work on the list of what I do and at the end of the week I will find the one thing to change next week.

Thank you Dean, your advice is always so practical and relevant.


Weekly Wisdom #257


Great info, what a way to put you back on track. There are so many things coming at you on a day to day basis sometime you forget what is important.

I'm now back on track and focused on What is Important and what is not Important. Small changes everyday and make them excellent changes.

Thanks for the wisdom, again


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