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Carol Stinson
New Jersey
About Me: 

in 2008 I was truly motivated to change my life after reading Dean Graziosi's book " Be A Real Estate Millionaire". I had never done anything in real estate when I started so I dove into this totally inexperienced and unfamiliar with real estate investing. At that time in my life I was losing everything due to financial instability. Something needed to change and it needed to change FAST!

Thanks to Dean and his support and training I am currently wholesaling real estate around the Country. My life has finally become " MY LIFE" and I am no longer in bondage to my financial situation.

I do all of my real estate wholesaling right from home and never have to sacrifice being a mother of 7 and a wife. I am currently financially free and enjoying life!

My mission is to help others do the same Smiling

My Interests are family first and of course Real Estate.

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Full time Real Estate Investor
Have Child(ren)
Some College

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Your story

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Thank you for sharing your story in your profile of starting on a new path after being inspired by reading one of Dean's books and how you went on to achieve your goal of financial freedom. I am very happy for you and your family that you are now enjoying life and being there for your kids. I applaud you and take inspiration from you.

I am a grandmother who finds herself in a similar situation to when you took up the DG path to success (I have financial challenges and am also very new to real estate, as you were in the beginning of your investment career). I feel hope for my own success in reading what you have done.

I wish you continued success! Let me know if you're now a buyer yourself. I'm building my buyers list. Smiling

Thank You!

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I'm at home watching The Edge 10 and I want to say thanks for the motivation.

lost scared need direction

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Hello my name is MrsWright1 on DG I had the opportunity to meet you in March of this year however im just trying to do one deal I have three potential serious buyers do I have to have five to move forward correct me if im wrong would the next step be to contact my agent your story gives me strenghth I know I can do it I just need to do it once and im sure life will change for me and my little family who I promised things would get better and we would be happy in our lives


HI there. I got my first contract today in the Richmond tri cities area. How should I market?

Admiration for Carol

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Hi Carol,

I had not seen you on the DG website. I have read a few of Dean's books, and he speaks so highly of you.

I admire your situation. I am disabled, and I work with disabled children. It takes a special kind of heart to overcome the many challenges that I know you have faced and probably will face as long as you have a disabled child.

When I grow up, I want to be as successful as possible, and I want you know that you represent a very positive and strong role model for me.

I have yet to do a deal, but I know that it is time. That means that I have read enough information, and it is now time for me to take action.

I went to your website, it has a WEALTH of information and I want to say Thank You for making it available for anyone who needs assistance.

God Bless you and your family. No, those are not just words that fall off my lips because it sounds good. I am a true believer and I try to walk the walk as a believer as well.

Have a great weekend.


Hello Carol,
My name is Bernadette and I have been trying to get my first deal for some time now. I thought that I finally understood what I was doing and then not. I asked my realtor to put on offer on a property, but then I forgot to have the realtor write the name of the company followed by and/or assign. My questions is: does and/or assign go on the offer letter or when? I am in Oregon and Washington.

real estate agent

Hi Carol,First you were a great motivator for me ,I watched the EDGE2013 Thank you. My question is, I thank im saying something wrong when i ask for comps ,I tell them my name, and I,m a rei then i ask will you work with me they all say yes.then I ask for comps they dont wont to give them to me.DO I need to get to know them better ,or am I going about this wrong .please help.thank you so much.


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Hi Ms. Carol,

I'm Gentle and just wanting to stop by and say hello! Your posting #613 is very inspirational. Thanks and keep up the good work! I hope I can seek some guidance from you in the future maybe one day...I have a mentor, but I know my mentor will agree that the more knowledge the BETTER! Smiling

Take care and stay blessed!


Carroll please tell me what Iam doing wrong.. The Wholesalers answer my Craigs add but when Itell them that home is under contract but I have others and receiving more everyday.ask what type property ,room,and so own as well as location and what they wanna spend about they never get back or say just give me the address and numbers,Ill get back with you and never won,t to even give their phone numbers??How can you sell those type of hard HEADS? Carroll HELP. Thanks DOC

Busted and almost broke

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I've sort of been keeping up with your progress, I've liked your story from the beginning, in a way I've become busted and almost broke trying to make more deals on assignments but without any success, My first deal was a back to back deal and I made a hugh pay day. Since then I've fallen on my face and need help getting back up. I'm not a quitter and have learned something about using the assignment of contracts, back to back closings, payment assignments contract etc. etc. I've been doing this for 2.5 yrs now and feel like a totle failure, I know how to find my buyers and my sellers. I have other investors call me for properties that I have for sale and they do not know what they are doing, causing me to loose deals. I have not, to this day, done a complete assignment deal, that I can talk about. One deal in 2.5 yrs. that's crazy isn't it. I want to do 3 and 4 deals a month. I'm going to be 68 in Dec. If you can shine some light on my know how, I'm sure it will help.


I hope when this email reaches you, your family and yourself are in great spirits and continued success follows you.
I need your help, I would like you to inbox me if you have a moment.
I am in desperate straits and need guidance.
Please, respond asap for I am in a situation that includes a mother with Dementia, a daughter that depends on me, and I need to make money so that I can continue to provide for my family.
Thank you in advance.


Hi Carol,
Congrats on your success with RE investing, you're an inspiration for keeping your family together and making it happen with RE.


Carl Mazur

Assignment Deals

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Carol, do you have a video of you doing a complete assignment deal from start to finish ?
Let me know

web site

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Hi Carol,
You had put a web site up for making flyer's and documents on properties that you obtain the cost was like $97. I lost the site can you please send me the info once more.
Thank you, Thank you,Thank you
Kathy Cook

A Question

Hello Carol,

I was wondering if you know someone by the name of Benedict in the DG Family; I heard that he started REI at around 19 and has been rather successful at it ever since. If you happen to know him, please give me his username, so that I may contact him of future endeavors in this forum. Thank you.

classification for irs


My sister and I are starting to wholesale in NJ. We have established our LLC, secured our domain name and are now applying for a Fed ID #. Do you have any idea if I should choose:
1. rent/lease to others
2. manage real estate for others
3. sell real estate for others
4. Use capital to build
5. other - explain

I know you wholesale and thought you may have a suggestion.
Thank you so much.

Mortgage Notes

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Have you ever wholesaled mortgage notes to buyers? Are banks always involved when dealing with mortgage notes? And do you know what the process is when dealing with mortgage notes?

looking for buyers

Hi Carol,

I'm doing property inspection anywhere from default to reo and looking for cash buyer. Do you have any advice you could give me?

List of Buyers

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Hi Carol,

So time ago you shared a list of cash buyers that you used. Is it possible to get that list again?