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Carol Stinson
New Jersey
About Me: 

in 2008 I was truly motivated to change my life after reading Dean Graziosi's book " Be A Real Estate Millionaire". I had never done anything in real estate when I started so I dove into this totally inexperienced and unfamiliar with real estate investing. At that time in my life I was losing everything due to financial instability. Something needed to change and it needed to change FAST!

Thanks to Dean and his support and training I am currently wholesaling real estate around the Country. My life has finally become " MY LIFE" and I am no longer in bondage to my financial situation.

I do all of my real estate wholesaling right from home and never have to sacrifice being a mother of 7 and a wife. I am currently financially free and enjoying life!

My mission is to help others do the same Smiling

My Interests are family first and of course Real Estate.

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Full time Real Estate Investor
Have Child(ren)
Some College

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My neighbor/friend is facing foreclosure!

Hi Carol... I am so inspired by you! I have read alot of Dean's info including having recently received the Edge event dvd's and are almost thru with them. But, i am hoping you can help. I am no where near ready to start investing but my friend Kelly is facing foreclosure across the street from me. Is there any way you can look at her house info and see if it could be a deal? It is listed as a short sale for about 20 to 50k less than it is worth.
2912 Bixby Ct
Castle Rock, CO
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! andrea

Hi Hina

Any advise that you can give to new investor that got no money no credit but i have decision to do what it take to get my foot in real estate
Long Island
New York

Hi Carol

You are en inspiretion there is lot to learn from you I hope you consider me part of your team i am ready to work with you here
Long Island
New York

You are my Inspiration

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Closing first deal this week.
Colorado, Rio Bravo River Grand Canyon
Flat Land, Vacant
Price $9.500, Owner Financing.
down $150 monthly Payment $150
If not for you, Babe I won't find the door. Bob Dylan and George Harrison Thanks so much for your Journal. Learned so much from your actions and attitude.

Warm Regards to you and all those you love,

Your Long Distance Friend,

Daryl Mau

hello carol

hello carol, my name is dennis navaroli. i'm just beginning my journey in REInvesting.this will be a slow and steady trip. i've been reading as much as i can and all over this web-site. i'm visualy challanged so, i can only read so much before i have to stop.not sure how to start or what path to take. i have nothing but time! not sure of all the terms, but bird-dogging sounds like a good place to start. take care, dennis navaroli

Just Got Your Email

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Hey Carol,

Yeah, I've also got on from your twitter. Keep them coming. Have you seen my kids on facebook? Not real sure if my daughter is there yet but my two boys are. Blessed are those that help themselves. In my opinion Blessed more are those that help others to help themselves. Brava

Your Friend,


ps. I've got my camera back so I'll be updating my album and will be switching avatars. Next one will be of the Mercedes. I'll also update my pictures of myself. Just don't want to frighten any one.


Hey Carol

I went to my First investers meeting tonight, it was great. I will be joining and I made a good contact tonight. Happiness is not far away. I wish you and your family well.



HELLO can you please give me some assistance. Im new to the program and need to know what kinds of questions do you need to ask when talking to someone trying to sell a property to you...


Savannah GA

Hello I live in GA and would love to help you find a buyer in Savannah. Send me some more details please.

Quick question

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Thank you Carol for replying to my questions, I know you are very busy for a newbie but, I need someone who knows this business - that's like me - who can help clarify the IEE assignment process. Can you list how it goes in each step for a simple transaction. I have both books and some of the forms in one book don't match the other and the ones online. Which ones can I use? I'm just not this comfortable with the forms. I've got some nerve and a REAL NEED 2 daughters Destiny 16 and Faith 12. If you have a quick minute to really make a miracle happen for me I would appreciate it so much. Thank you for your time. Sorry to be bother but your story sounded a lot like mine. I've went on your sites and see you have so much to offer. I hope to be like you in my journey. Thanks again. Susan Roberts

Hi Carol,

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Enjoy the walk around the lake this week! Being form Chicago, I miss walks by a lake Smiling Enjoy it for me as well!


Hi Carol,

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Thanks so much for visiting my Guest Page and the welcome to the DG family. I feel extrememly honored that you did so, as you are the rock star I aspire to become!! It's really ironic because I had just posted to your "Flipping Nationally" thread.

You make everything seem/sound so effortless. How do you do it?!

Again, thanks for the encouragement as I needed the "lift" and will use it as fuel to the fire!


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Hi Carol
I just friended you on FB but i couldn't write a personal note. I have found your post after Sunday's video and really liked your blog. Looking forward to connecting Lucia

Follow up

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Hi Carol,
I just scanned over the webite rules and notice I was not suppose to list my contact information on this site. I apologize and I wont let that happen again.



Carol, You said that you would like to network with other members of the Dg family. I would like to offer my services if I may. We have four military installations here in the panhandle of Florida. Plenty of government money. So if you think you could use me let me know. I could sure use the business.

Keith Hughes.

posting ads on craigs list

Carol, I hate to admit it, but for the life of me I don't know how to post an ad on craig's list? could you please teach me how. Every time I try and do it, after I finish it and try to go back and check what I did. It says I don't have any ads or an account or something to that nature. What am I doing wrong.



Good Morning, Carol!

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Hope you and yours are doing well. Smiling

Ms. Carol

You’re the very first person said it like it is! A lot of people acting like there dumb on this site especially the one's in the academy some like just keeping the information for themselves and like talking about their success. I been asking questions too about assigning last week ,and was very upset no one wanted to help even those who knew what I was taking about . Jesus always hear a heartfelt prayer may the Lord bless you, it’s good to see someone cares about people!

Seattle, WA. Assignment

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Hi Carol
First I want to thank you for all you have contributed to this site and Dean's books, as well as your own site. You are a huge inspiration and mentor to a lot of people including me.

I am starting out with assignment because, like you, I don't have the money or credit to buy them myself. I am in Seattle Washington and I have been searching on this site for someone else in my state doing assignments to no avail. I want to see if there is anything special I should know about my area such as state law, etc..
Have you by chance done any deals here or know anything about my state's laws on this subject?


Hi Carol, it's an honor

Hi Carol,

My name is Michelle, and I currently live in Abilene TX. Forgive me, as I figure you probably get tons of e-mails like this alot, but I just recently learned of Dean and his books and courses back in December. After learning of Dean, I learned of you within minutes. While hearing of the countless success stories of others, your's has stood out to me..I have 3 of Dean's books, and trying to read them, visiting the webiste almost daily. Your story and journal posts have inspired me to such a great extent.
I know you had some BIG obstacles starting out, and well I do, as many, many folks do. As a divorced woman in my fifties (almost 53) You really made an impression on me, and I just want you to know your journal posts have helped me such a great deal.

I have had such a passion for real estate ever since I was a very small kid.(starting at about 7 yrs of age)..Some of my fondest memories are of my mom and me just going on weekends to look at houses for rent and for sale...which could explain why we moved so in later years, in my thirities, I would take the train to Fresno, CA where she lived at that time, and we would just spend weekends going to open houses, new tract homes, etc. It has been in my blood almost ALL of my life.
Back to the present, I am currently deciding how I want to first go about this RI, and feel I want to get my feet wet first by "bird-dogging" and then move on to wholesale. I found your webiste of and I read everything there. The info there just makes me want to get up and DO, but not sure what yet. I am quite scared getting started in this...for many reasons, but maily because I feel I have many obstacles. I don't drive anymore because my eyesight is bad, but got a couple friends who can get me around when I need to go somewhere. (you think gas prices are high at the again) Also, when I am not working at my full time job at a major department store, I am home, taking care of my uncle who lives with my mom and myself now, and I tend to him when I am not having to be at work. He is 77 with dementia...(and mom is 73 now and handicapped) so you see just a few of my obstacles. I have a pretty full plate...but I still am saveing room for dessert, that "dessert" I know will be real estate. I am not going to let all these obstacles stop me from making it in real estate in some significant way. I just may have to start out real slow right now, which is ok, as long as I start, right?....which brings me to why I am writing to you.
First just to say that I admire you so much for how far you have come in a few years time. To listen to you speak, and reading your post, what you have achieved and learned in just a few years is amazing. Just goes to show me, Dean's techniques are like nothing else....but I know you have taken what you have learned from Dean's techniques, and added your own twist and tewaked them to make them work even better. I really see that.
I know you have a very strong faith in God, which I think is FIRST and most important, and there is where you first got my attention. (and mabye is why you stand out above the rest of Dean's success stories..for me anyway). Without God in our lives, we are nothing... and secondly, to your family. Next is your desire to help others to do this business is soooo admirable. In helping others, you have planted great seeds that will in turn reward you hundred fold. I think possibly the biggest reason for your success is just because you're not in it just for yourslef. You share your knowledge and experience, and willingness to give others a hand. God bless you in all that you do.

All this brings me to why I am writing to you. (you're thinking...finally, right?) On your site I saw you had a team member sign up form, and I really wanted to sign up, and I will, but here again, just not being able to get in a car and drive somewhere at a moment's notice to take pics, posts bandit signs, show properties has me very restriced. This all brings me to my question for you. I would feel very honored to work with/for you in some capacity, so I am writing to ask if you would be interested in any properties I might can find here in town. I have already been talking to one of my friends and telling her what I want to do in getting into this business, and I know she would be very willing to drive me around town so I can find potiential real estate properties that might be of interest to an investor. I know you have your team across the US, so if I can just find the properties for you and send you the info, possibly we can work out some kind of referral deal. While I could possibly do this for other local investors, finding them is one thing...finding someone I feel I can trust is totally another. I know that once I have made a little money bird-dogging, getting into finding and learning about different properties in the process, it will motivate me to venture on my own and someday (soon...within the year hopefully) be following in your footsteps.

In closing, thank you for your time, and your consideration. Please let me know your thoughts.


Michelle Pursley

getting started

When you got started did you immediately join the success academy? I am just barely getting by with my job but very motivated. I have found several prop. and but in offers and also doing research for hard money and I think I got that down. I would like to tell you more about what I am doing but I don't know if you are looking to advise anybody. Please let me know if you have time and if not I understand and thanks foe at least reading this much.

Aloha Carol

darylmau's picture

Thanks for the links and everything else.
I've just entered a new entry into my journal haven't quite figured how to copy and past the link from there to here but hope you don't mind. I'm sending it to you as a PM. I've begun writing anything I post in Word and copying to comments and such as I got a warning and no one can tell me what I did to deserve it. Please excuse me for approaching it that way but I'm beside myself and know if there is anyone out there who can relate it would be you.
Thank you for your understanding

Can you pleas help me out on

blaze1022's picture

Can you pleas help me out on how to assign a deal and how to go through with a bird dog purchase please

There You Are!

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Hey Carol, don't know how often you come back into the DG Site these days. I go into yours all the time and you've been very helpful. I do wish that you would make it easier to contact you through your site. I figure your just so busy and have a limited amount of time. I would like to know how it's all going for you and are you mining deals through probate? Any advice on that, now that you've been doing it a while?


National Locators

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Hi Carol---

I cannot get back into your national wholesaling team site. I must be doing something wrong but don't know what.
Help Help

Thank you for helping
Karen in Norfolk, VA


I am new to the system and have two very promising homes, already well under FMV, that I want to put an offer on. I have seen the example contracts on the site but was wondering if anyone would be willing to share a contract they use "solely" for the purpose of my review? I just want to make sure that I get the contingencies correct that will allow me to get out of the contract if I am unable to produce a buyer. I know if I can get past the first sale I will be comfortable but want to see an example of the proper verbage to use. Also, any advice that you all learned from your first several deals you made. Your help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hello Carol

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I am so inspired by your story, and wanted to stop by to sign your guest book!!!

Renae & Tyrone

good inspiration

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i see you and see in webpage that you posting, love you eager, i don't have any good supporter that why i am struck, no friends, no social network to be help me and some of trainer to kick my butt out of the house and going

congrat!! well done


Want t...

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I would love to be part of this group if allow.

Your Wholesaling E-Book

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Hi, Carol.

I truly admire you and thank you for sharing your real estate tips and especially your story of how you got started in real estate. I'm somewhat in the same boat as you were when you got started although I am very thankful my husband is working. I'm no longer working and money is tight right now, I was wondering if you were offering a coupon code for your e-book to DG family members. I would like to order it. It would be helpful! Thank you! Continue your inspired work! Much continued success!


Savannah Area

I just got involved with Dean. I'm in Savannah GA and looking to help with your wholesaling team.
Please contact me so we can take the next step.


Hi Carol

Hi my name is Kimo Alo I'm the beautiful island of Hawaii aloha Carol.

I been trying to just get myself going okay Carol i been needing help i read about you and heard also doing the live chat and video about you and when i seen it i broke down in tears I have so many things in my head that I want to accomplish... I am so wanting to start with the rock bottom blue print, but i have my back against the wall with no money to help me get a book to start... My wife has been un-happy I just lost my job now just started working On-Call and nothing is going good I have two kids and they mean lots to me and I just need to be free from stress can you help me start some where a easy track please...

Just a southern howdy...

David in Texas's picture

Just stoppin' in to introduce myself and congratulate you on your rise to fame.

Rock Star on DG-TV!!!

Thanks for the road paving for all of us taggin' along behind.


assignment from home

Hi carol, I am a newbie. I need help. I want to assign contracts from home too. I dont have any extra cash, but I have a fax machine, a phone,computer, and a buyer list. I need to do a deal now. I sign on in may 2011. Please help. I would like to partner with someone also. Thank you!


General Partners

Valiant's picture

I know that this doesn't pertain to you, but who do you know that wants to make 10-40% ROI on their investments in 6 months or less, and the investment is secured by real estate?

Please have them PM me. If we agree that we have a fit, I will provide them a copy of the purchase agreement, contractor estimates, project plan as well as a link to recent photos/video of the subject project.

Please note that general partnerships will project specific and the expected ROI is dependent on said project and investment amount.

Thanks and please forward to anyone interested.

Remember to have all general partners to PM me and I will either call them, email them, or PM them in return.

Thank you!!

Jersey Kim's picture

Hi Carol.

I just wanted to Thank you. I'm new to the DG family. And I've watched your videos and read the many inspirational things Dean has had to say about you. You really are an inspiration. I've learned a lot from your many posts. Thank you for them. Please keep them coming. I look forward to learning more from you and also to assist you in anyway I can. Feel free to reach out if ever you need me as I'm here to help in Central/Southern NJ too.

Thank you again for everything.

Take care.


Joining the team!

Greetings Carol:

Congratulations to you and your family on all of the many successes that you've worked for and been blessed with in recent years.

I've only shortly joined the DG interactive community and am new to business as a Real Estate Investor. You may have seen my recent posts on the unique situation that I'm working my way through -- seeking funds so that I can process a judgment lien that I have on two blocks of commercially zoned property.

Beyond that, though, I am interested in structuring my Real Estate Investment business around private money and wholesaling. I recently joined your team, and am eager to receive any wholesale leads that you have for my area in Upstate New York.

Actually, I have already researched a residential property that exactly fits the profile you described in your article on shadow inventory. If I send you the address, would it be possible that we work a first deal together around this property?

Let me know what you think.




hi there just had a question ? and need some advice i have three properties ive looked into for under 30,000 but there listed with a realter and need minor repares whould the realter be intrested in a assignment deal what should i do i know its a great deal the arv looks good i can make a profit thanks for your time and god bless you !!

three properties

saelua's picture

hello Ms Carol,
I also came across three properties by an owner who is also moving out of state. Im running the numbers for the properties now, but he is asking 150,000 for all three. all three are curentlly rented, but im trying to do a wholesale deal and lock it up. i was wondering if know any cash buyers here in the missouri area or maybe you have some advice. than you.


Hello, my name is Darius McKay and I am interested in talking with you about your wholesaling business. I live in Birmingham, AL. and I sell to investors across the country. I will also reach out to you on Facebook....Talk to you soon and have a great day!

Darius McKay

My book purchase

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Hi Carol,

I love reading your story. Great accomplishment! I admire what you've been able to do.

Carol, I just recently purchased your book in digital format on line. However, I was really hoping that I would be able to get a hard copy printout as I would like to read it off line. I'm not in front of the computer very much. Would it be possible for you to send me a hard copy. I looked into it on LULU and there's no way to print out the Adobe digital version.

Thank you,

Thank you

Hi Carol,

I am a newbie, I have been following this site for awhile and have really been inspired by your postings. I will be attending one on Dean's workshops locally next week and can't wait to get and read the books. I know this is meant for me. I started talking to a few people about my "being a REI" person called me a couple of days ago and said they had a seller, wants me to come out this weekend to see the property, Valued at 1.2 million, he's got to sell...going for $400k...I have no idea...but I am going with what I have picked up from this site...act like I know...and then I am sure I will be posting for help!!....but just this alone has encouraged and motivated me to no end...even if I am not able to get a deal...the experience will be great...but if I can get this deal...I am going to...thanks again...


Hi Carol

pitbull2012's picture

I'm from central nj and I've read a few articles on your website and I have a question about the type of agreement used between the buyer of the shadow inventory & the wholesaler. I've found 3 properties on my jogging route with stickers in the window just sitting there. I'll definitely be calling the finance company soon but want to make sure I do the right thing to get paid. Thanks for giving so much to us all!
PS sorry I also posted this on one of your threads as well

deals by E mail

hiwaystar's picture

Hi carol,
My name is Gary, and I was just wondering if you could give me some pointers on dealing properties over the E mail. like how to sell properties that aren't even in your state.
Any help would be great as I know you are familiar with that strategy .
"May all good deals go to all good people"



I know that you are quite active from being in the a lot of Dean's videos. Would be great to connect further. Do you operate in California?

Look Forward To Connecting



I know that you are quite active from being in the a lot of Dean's videos. Would be great to connect further. Do you operate in California?

Look Forward To Connecting

Thanks for your encouragement!

Musiosaurus's picture

I am just starting off with Dean's book. I have worked with my mom on it before, but this is my first steps working on my own. Just graduated from college! Excited to start and was encouraged by your post! Thank you for your help!

Thanks for all help

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Hey Carol, you don't know me but I am thank you for help me with your words of support at DG site. Because your words I was able to finally moving toward the life that I desire,

thank you very much and keep up with the support to newbie new me

Happy holiday season to you and all you love ones

Pre-fore closure properties

Carol I have almost 50 properties that are not listed as of yet. Would appreciate your advice on this?