Cash Deals In Southern California

I have just finished locking up 7 NEW cash deals (REOS) in Lancaster, CA. If anyone is interested please let me know. The prices range fron $37K-65K.

We are working with a 15 day window so if you are interested, again, please reply to this post.

(REOS) in Lancaster

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Can you send me more info on these?


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those are gone but send me your contact inf and i will keep you pdated on new ones every week

Foreclosures for $26,900 includes rehab

I hooked up with a great company down here. The company is buying bulk 600 homes at a time. We are selling them for $26,900. They are refurbed for you and rent from $450-$650 per month. You have option to flip and sell or rent out. The company will sell it for you and place a buyer in it. You become the note holder/bank. They make payments to you at 10% interest for 15 years on a purchase amount of $90,000. So you are helping families get into homes and own them in 15 years.
Or you can rent them out $450-$650 per month and wait until the market picks up and cash out big time. You already have equity in the home when you purchase them.
Investors here are buying 10 at a time and getting one FREE. Yes FREE. Wild huh.
The homes are in all different states such as Texas, Kentucky, MO, Ohio and many more.
I will give you a $300 referral for any clients you bring me that close on a home.
We have webinar presentations clients can watch.
The price won't be at this low price long. They said they will be raising them soon. Let me know if you would like to attend the next webinar Wed. Sept 16th.
6:00 PM CA time. Feel free to email me at
Happy Investing!

Happy Investing!

Hi Anita,

I wanted to find out more information on the above post if you still have this opportunity available and which company provides these deals?

I'm just barely starting to take action as an investor and I should have followed along with you a few years when I had started reading your posts and I see you've went way above and beyond on your successes and congrats!

I am currently living in San Antonio if you have information in Texas and also for Los Angeles as I'm originally from Los Angeles and I have my family there who's interested in investing as well.

Please advise when you get a chance.

Joseph Latu

Cash deals in Antelope Valley

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Hi Anita, I want to check if you have any cash deals in Palmdale. If you do please let me know.

hi ana

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yes i do contact me diretly for more info and send me your specs

Temecula , Corona & Inland Empire area

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Hi Anita,
Do you have any 3 or 4 bedrooms 2+ baths in Temecula , Corona & Inland Empire area? $200,000 max.
Needs to have equity in it. I have a client with cash.
Email me direct at bluesummerventures at Gmail dot com.

Las Vegas 3bed 2bath for sale

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Hi Ana,
Do you have any cash buyers for my home?
List Price $105,000
6973 Adelaide Ave Las Vegas Nevada 89156
3 bed 2 bath
Sq Ft 1253
Lot size 6534 Built 1986
Less than 30 minutes from the strip.
View of mountains and valley. Must see pictures.
Last sale 12/7/2005 was $245,000
Rents $1050 to $1150 per month. Great ROI and cashflow.
PM me.

Deals in the high dessert

Hi Anita. Do you have any deals in Hesperia, Victorville, Apple Valley or surrounding cities in the high dessert?


to bluesummer and socal 7

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I will check invetory but I do not think I have anything right now. You may want to check with jason smith or kimmy j on this site

Any Good Deals in SoCal ???

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Hello Fellow Investors,
Does anyone have or finding good deals in SoCal?
We have 200k to work with & working on raising more "unlimited" Private Money in the next few months.
I have noticed all CASH buyers tweaking their numbers on the REO's, which is hard for us to due because we need to take care of our Private Lenders needs. One CASH rehabber I know is using 75% of ARV minus repairs & still making good money though. If anyone has deals from San Diego up to Palm Desert, Ca. with the numbers @ our formula: "Ugly Houses @58-65% minus repairs & Pretty Houses @ 70-75% of FMV" We could be a serious buyer from you.

We're also looking for more CASH Buy & Hold Investors who we can flip to in SoCAl that cares more about the CASH flow instead of the steep discounts the rehabbers need. We have lots of offers going in & Door Knockers working for us. Keep us in mind.
Anita, Hope your doing well, haven't heard from you in awhile. Keep me updated...


Owner Financing 24 Unit Building CT

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I have a 24 unit apartment building owner financing at 670,000 cheaper if its all cash deal.

Needs total rehab though, all cash deal drops the price to 360,000...

anybody wanna do a Deal in CT?

Alaskan Success,Inc

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looking for 100 units complex...

have homes for your area.
must make room for 2010...
pm, for your area...

to get the home you want or you know someone who does, this is it for them and or you...

Apple Valley, CA

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We have a 3bed, 2 bath that we are looking to Wholesale. Let us know if you are interested via PM and we'll send over the details.

very interested

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please send us the info & numbers.

Las Vegas 3bed 2bath for sale

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This sold.


Are there any investors out there looking for properties I the panhandle of Florida. Let me know I could use some cash buyers for my buyers list seriously!


Are there any investors out there looking for properties I the panhandle of Florida. Let me know I could use some cash buyers for my buyers list seriously!

Its been awhile since you

Its been awhile since you have listed. Do you have any inventory now?


Cash buyers in the west coast of Florida

Any cash investors that are looking for great ways to invest your money LOOK NO FURTHER these great deals arent going to last forever so get a hold of me and lets start making good money if you just want to buy or hold the property for rental thats up to you.

Cash on hand

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If anyone has any good deals through out the San Antonio Texas area, contact me ASAP. I have cash on hand and am buying 3-7 properties per month. I am also working with an investor clientele comprised of 600+ cash buyers.

I am 24 years old and also looking for like minded, HUNGRY individuals to join our team!


I have some deals in Columbia,MO. Would you be interested?

Very Pretty SF 3/2 in North Carolina

I have under contract 3/2 2 car atchd grge on 1.4 acres at end of cul-de-sac in Raleigh/Garner NC. Comps support $175-180K ARV. Only needs minor updates (under $3K). Need $114K for 30 days. Divorce situation, home bought at auction by current owners. They want a quick deal. Hot area, quick turnaround. If anyone knows of cash investors who would like some quick deals, please contact me.

Cash buyers needed

I found few foreclosure properties in Sacramento Green haven pocket area. These are bank owned properties and want to eliminate some of it from the inventory. Price range $170-250k three to four bedrooms 2 baths and just what the investors are looking for. Please contact me as soon as possible to start the deal with this bankers. Asking price is 20-25 k below market price.

REOs or wholesale deals in Southern CA

I'm looking for some REOs, distressed or wholesale deals in the Southern CA area. Primarily focusing on San Diego, Orange, San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties. Will pay cash with closing timeframe from 7-15 days depending on the deal. Single deals or bulk are fine.
Also, company buys in Arizona Maricopa county as well.
We are cash buyers looking for some deals to close, fixer uppers are okay, great neighborhood, and clean and clear title are a must. Let me know what you guys have and let's close some deals together.

Also, looking for a cash buyer buying in the Rochester, NY area, a friend of mine is selling her 20 SFRs there, so, let me know.


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Please PM me asap! I have some great deals for you!
That no one knows about. I am in Socal. Thanks!

Hi Arnold, I'm interested.

Hi Arnold,
I'm interested. Can you give me more info pls. Thanks!
Sticking out tongue.... Ann

Yes Arnold, I'm interested.

Hello Arnold,

I am interested in what deals you have, can you send me more details. Thank you.

Your Fund - Your Profit

Seeking private funds to invest in immediate transaction. NO MIN. ROI is 15% for 1 year note or less. No gimmicks. Serious money talks! Please contact me through PM.

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