Dean's Live Training WebCast Is Complete! Replay + EDGE Link

Dean's livecast that took place Monday, April 16 is completed! Joining Dean was joined by one of top students and real estate mogul in his own right, Matt Larson.

Matt and Dean shared some excellent training as well as information about getting access to EDGE 2012 Event remotely in a live webcast format.

Watch The Replay Online

Get Live Streaming Access To EDGE 2012!

Getting ready

bamagirl6730's picture

Getting ready to be blown away!! As ALWAYS!! lol

Loven the new inter-activeness (if that's a word) LOL!!!

Thanks Dean and Matt for doing this!!!


jackk09's picture

Looking forward to this!


Pretty Disappointing !!! Can't get on the event...

gceriani's picture

Was amped up, but after 9 failed trys to get on the event I am very disapointed, especially after registering Sat. night.

I can't chat :(

Zion Properties's picture

Don't know why, it says I have to sign in, but I am signed in.. Sad

can't get online to see this event

amynj33's picture

I've tried for the past 20 minutes and I can't get the website to open.

Same here

michaelmangham's picture

Modern technology I guess!

anyone else on the call

Zion Properties's picture

but can't chat or see the chat roll moving at all?

It just went down for me. I am

Zion Properties's picture

guessing there is a replay. Smiling

Patience is golden

HomeRoots's picture

Yes, there will be a link for a replay.


Pipeline21's picture

it was a lot of useful information in a short time but yes i will get them started tommorrow or this week

Matt's Army

Hi Dean Family, I lost signal to the live event too; however, Matt suggested offering at the 70% price point of asking price. I can get properties at 70% all day, the problem is that my local Buyers won't buy because they say that can't get a profit at that level. Anyone else having this problem? Does anyone know of Buyers that will buy at this price point? Dean/Matt are you interested in buying in Huntsville, Al at your 70% price point?


jackk09's picture

Great webinar! Very motivating and I think most of your followers on here will not be getting much sleep tonight. I am already texting my realtor and wholesaler I bought my last flip from about getting things moving. You guys are awesome!

when will the replay be available?

Screen went blank then got bumped off. Curious to see what I missed.


bamagirl6730's picture

AWESOME! AWESOME training guys!

my 'Ah hah' moment - army of wholesalers via REIClubs!

OMG brilliant!


Thanks Dean & Matt

The webinar was great!! Thanks for all the info, it was fantastic. Keep up the great work!!

There's a replay

AndyS's picture

Thanks Dean and Matt for some great info. The hiccup wasn't enough of a deterrent to get me to close down Smiling
For those who missed out, there will be a replay tonite as soon as they do some editing.

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC member

Great Event

LaCorte Assets's picture

despite the hiccup!




Tina1's picture

Dean, you did it again.

We love you!

Hey, DG TEAM--
you're amazing!

really bummed!

agh615's picture

We tried several times but could not get a pic or voice

Thanks Dean and Matt

Between listening to the both of you'll in Las Vegas this weekend and tonight i'm very motivated to go to take this to the next level you both basically answered most of my questions, thank you both.

Don't be bummed!

The replay will be up as soon as possible! I'm working on it for you guys so you can see how AMAZING this event was. Be prepared and make sure you dedicated an hour+ of amazing training! Be ready!!!

Tonight's Live Cast

dgadmin2's picture

About 50 minutes into our Live Cast tonight
 the live feed went down and we were 
blacked-out for a few minutes.

 We are terribly sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused but we are working on getting the replay uploaded as we speak! There will be a link posted on the homepage of the site so make sure you check it out and get all of the valuable information Matt and Dean shared tonight!

Other than that ONE hiccup it was a fantastic call so make sure you watch it! Smiling


Just my luck!

Levis Dad's picture

We just had a 5-hour power outage up here from high winds running through the Midwest. Missed the entire event. I'll have to catch it on the replay - I hope I'm able to!

Great as always

Once again Dean you give back the knowledge and expertise you have to all of us for FREE. I know I can speak for most of us when I say that it is very much appreciated. I look forward to meeting you at an EDGE summit and one day working with you as well. Thanks again for caring and encouraging us to TAKE ACTION!!


Bjackinemup's picture

One word. WOW!!!! Offers wil be submitted this week, and a deal (possibly multiple deals) will be done by the end of the month. Thanks Dean and Matt for giving me the faith to live out my dream. SUCCESS, HERE I COME!!!

Live cast experience and suggestion

I was one of the many people who had problems viewing the live cast. I use an iMac G4 on a high speed cable modem. Even though it's an "old-timer" I don't usually have problems viewing on-line videos. Maybe in the future you could could post some minimum system/browser requirements in advance so that viewers would know if there might be an issue at their end? Just a thought Smiling
I went to the website about an hour early to beat the the rush The black window was there with the rotating circle but the play button and reload button didn't work when it said the seminar was starting. I started out using Safari 4.1.3 and then switched to Firefox 3.6.28 (that's the highest update my OS can handle) when the live cast didn't load. In both browsers I could see the Chatroll window underneath and could read the posts. Unfortunately I wasn't able to sign into the chat either. At first it said I had the wrong user name or password. Since I just opened the account for this event I contacted Chatroll and they reset my password. It accepted my name and password but then the message "Welcome to Dean Graziosi's Livecast! If you wish to participate in the chat please sign in." popped up on the chat board after I hit the sign in button! This could have been due to the sheer number of people in the chat room at any given time. I did see "full" by the tally count every so often. I'm looking forward to viewing the re-play of tonight's live cast. Would love to hear from any DG family here in Alaska!


Wow!! can't wait to hear what we missed during the blackout of the Livecast! Amszing clarifi-cation and new info (eg:Matt's "Army") dispensed prior to the "hiccup". Thanks again Dean and Matt for an inspiring, educational, insightful session with the 2 of you...and a special thanks to you, Dean, for making it possible. Congratulations to all those who are registered for The Edge 2012 in prepared for a life changing event..we'll all be anxiously awaiting your posts on advising us of your successes. And close on your heels will be those who take advantage of Dean's amazing offer of participating in the first ever Livecast of an Edge event!! You do keep surprising us, Dean!! How lucky are we?! Once again, a heartfelt thank you for being you and your dedication to being the very best "teacher" you can be. Semper Fi. D-LO


Mark K's picture

This was too cool Dean! Loved the atmosphere, attitude & energy of everybody that took part in this.
Do you have any plans of making this a regular occurrence, like every month or so?

Thanks again Dean!


SHELBY219's picture

Hi Everyone:

I have a very motivated seller which has 2 houses that she would like to sell, I have an Realtor that works with investors and is familiar with working with Investors, I've negotiated with the owner, writing the contract today, I've inspected both properties, I've ran the numbers,etc. One of the properties needs a little work which would cost approx. $5.000 or less.

With all of that being said, my question is;

Where do I go from her to fix up the property,
Where can I find cash buyers ( I currently have an Ad on Craigslist ) I know they are out there I just need to find one right away..

Can anyone help, this motivated new Investor?Smiling

More Conference Calls

When is a new conference call going to happen. I truly enjoyed the last one and want to get more! Thanks

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