Real Estate Investing Weekly Wisdom #301 - Learning From Your Kids!

Dean takes some time to share a few powerful lessons he has learned straight from his kids! Sound silly? Well, it happens more than you think!

AND the best thing about it... These are the same exact things you can place in your business or personal life for MASSIVE shifts in your momentum.

You get us to think...

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Hi Dean,

Your messages are life changing... You get us to think and be grateful and that's powerful. You are the first Real Estate male coach that empowers,and help women be all we can be in this predominantly male industry. When I first started to listen to your pod casts and this website I heard Andrea and Gena talk about how they did it. It confirmed that I was in the right business and that I too could do and be successful at it.

Its the way you say and explain things that is so real and amazing and easy to understand and apply. Can't wait for Matt's Master Class this coming Thursday!!! Thank you for helping us Real Estate Investors do this business better everyday... Happy Sunday...


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You are spot on. I'm constantly thinking about where I want to be and am always imagining and dreaming about what my future will be like. What's the saying? If you can conceive and believe it, you will achieve it! I'm a firm believer in that. Smiling

Thanks for everything you do.

Thank you


Thank you very much that was deep and really meaningful.

I got in on the 4 weeks to Freedom looking forward to it on August 14th.

The wholesaling 101 in chapter 6 the one video keeps playing the same video over and over for all the videos
I think for except two of them are correct.

I did email for help at
and waiting for a response.

Not a big deal going on with the other information that is provided but thought you would want to know.

Your book 30 days to real estate cash I love that book
it is really a good book I think. Thank you much!

Going deep!

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I love it! This is why you stand out Dean! We all have a giant warrior inside of us that is ready to take over our thoughts to be positive, confident, empowering, limitless, and progressive. What a blessing for us to learn this and pass it along to our children, thank you Dean!

Make it a great week!

The best

I come here week after week and you always amaze me and I know I can
Do this. I know I have to believe in what I am trying to do.and stop letting everyone get in my head that it's impossible with no money. I must over come and this
Video gave me that kick.

You think, plan, do and worry

Just love them -unconditionally- encourage them to try new things and always be asking ?'s so that you can know what is going on with them but also to spark other interests they may have as a result. We can all learn from each other no matter who we are or how old or young we are or where we come from. Love conquers all.

Forgive me please as I must be the most different person on the planet for the way I think and the way I communicate. I know God loves me but I am not so sure of anyone else.

Good words

Thank you Dean for the encouraging words and thoughtful insight. I can relate to this and plan to put it into action. Lead by example and visualize your dreams.

Listen, Dream, and Encourage

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Thanks for this week's words of wisdom.

If parents would listen to their children they would become more in touch with their child's dreams. Children have unlimited dreams and often role play what they believe it would be like to live their dreams. Parents then need to encourage their kids to live their dreams as they imagine it and to dispel those who hamper their dreams.

We as parents need to re-learn how to live our dreams and follow through by taking positive actions.

You Are 1000% Right

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If we have Fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) we must in vision ourselves Not Having Fear. If we are broke financially, WE MUST Think, Talk and Act as we have already succeeded financially (My Rich Uncle Theory). Tony Robbins Incantations teach you to live your dream (Mentally In Visioning Yourself) each and every day to condition yourself as if you have already accomplished your goal. It does work.I have been doing it for more than 90 days. Thank you so much Dean for the weekly encouragement, I know you want us to taste success. Thanks again. I will also post my rehab 101 experiences good & bad on my 2nd home (Fire Damage) my partner and I paid $15K (Titled, The House From Hell). I have so much info to share to help my fellow DGers how to avoid problems. Please do "Assignment Deals" first. Rehab is an advanced level of investing.

Action taker

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Dean, thank you so very much for sharing these weekly wisdom's. You have helped us so much in our business just by our thinking and taking action. I try my very best to lead by example to my kids just as Jesus would want me to do but it applies in our business as well. Getting caught up in being too busy can really hurt so many, I have had to put the brakes on things to NOT be so busy so we could enjoy life and be happy with our family! Have a great week!!

Tina Scott

Learning From Your Kids!

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Hi Dean,

Another great weekly wisdom........

We must lead by good example.....Just saying it....doesn't make it happen.....Smiling

Thank You Dean for all you do.....XO


Great message Dean!!

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As Ali said at the 2014 Edge, if you want to be a millionaire, practice now. Makes so much sense, you will start to in print theses new thought into you unconscious mind, then thats when the magic starts to happen.

2 Corinthians 3:3

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"...Your very lives are a letter that anyone can read by just looking at you. Christ himself wrote it—not with ink, but with God’s living Spirit; not chiseled into stone, but carved into human lives—and we publish it."
The way you live your life is the best lesson that can ever be taught. You are a "living epistle."
Thanks for encouraging our growth every week!

I love your Weeklys Dean!

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seriously... I have no idea how you are able to have something amazing to tell us week after week after week!
I am visualizing where I am in the near future; I am writing down my goals where I can see them every morning; I keep telling my subconscious mind what my goals are, and I make sure that I'm taking steps towards my goals every day! And I find my motivation right here watching your Weeklys!
Thank you so much for continuously giving us your time and motivating us!
You're awesome Dean!


I feel you Dean

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Faith it till you make it.

Absolutely right

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Absolutely right Dean send positive, energetic energy outward to receive as such, this is why i come back every week to keep my energy levels with like minded ppl you rock....

Great weekly wisdom

Thanks for motivatig me to keep pushing forward.

Please I would like you to open back matt lawson training for.

I would like to enroll in MAtt's training for creating videos for VAs or interns.

I send your team my contact info.

Thanks for your time

I'm feeling it

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I'm feeling it. Especially after I participated in a Tony Robbins event. They teach you to feel it, to be it, to hear it, to smell it, to even see the color. Love it, love it, love it. I shared my dream with Gena the other day, and she loved how detailed it was - where I want to be 5 years from now.
Pat (see you later today Smiling

I love this wisdom very much

It is inspiring, feel happy, gain confidence again, so that we can resume/or continue what we have been working on this RE business. The message helps anyone who stopped, resume such great work again.

Re Weekly Wisdom

You are right, my kids have taught me as much as I have taught them.. I am excited more than ever as I start the second chapter of my life. New love, new surroundings, positive thoughts and a beautiful fearless partner that supports me and understands me...

BTW - Matt's training last night was amazing and a complete "aha" moment. many things I was missing were answered in 2 1/2 hours.

Thank you

Brian S

Powerful message

Great message, Dean! You hit the nail right on the head. Everyone should practice this idea everyday of their lives to be successful.

The Power of Now

Great Msg Dean: Living the life that we want to live in the here and now!!! The past is the past no matter how good or how bad the past is Research and Development / Have goals and plans for the Future but don't put all of your focus on the future, the future is not here. LIVE LIFE TODAY LIKE THERE WILL NO TOMORROW!!! Been sooo overwhelmed lately, I put my whole self in a task which is great but I forget to live in the here and now living the life that I want..... I really needed to listen to this weekly wisdom and to this and listen again

Have a great week Dean / DG Fam!!!

Thank you!

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What a great message, I couldn't agree more!
Thank you for all your inspirational messages!


What I took away from this is that it is okay to "dream" I was put back from third grade to second they said because I was a day dreamer witch was not the issue. this video reminds me so much of the real horse whisperer Monty Roberts and his fascinating real life story of a teacher who gave him an "F" fail on a project because he had a dream, and then what happened from there. So I love the OK to dream of the end first to allow his to strive from our thoughts of that dream. thank you Dean.
sincerely K.C.


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For God's sake, YES, Dean, give us permission.

Don't back away from that.

For some of us, you're the only person who will ever give us permission.

For some of us, you're the only one who'll ever care enough to consider what our best interests might be, give thought to them, and inspire us to go after them.

So, yes, go ahead and give permission.

You're qualified, you have the authority, and you play a bigger and more important role in our lives than you think.

The end in mind!!

I finally figured out what it means to live with the comment "The End in Mind". I have been so stubborn that I couldn't get out of my own way, that's the key is you got to get out of the way of the universe so it can move in and trust that it will happen. It taken me 6 yrs to start to really learn that. I need to hear that repetitiously all the time and make myself believe it will come to me. Due Diligence. Thanks Dean

Matt's Class!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh by the way Matt's class is awesome, thanks guys.

Yes, this does make sense.

Yes, this does make sense.


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Thanks Dean for the awesome thoughts. It is so true. I strive everyday to be somewhere else and now I am going to envision being successful in real estate to keep me moving forward.


Great message !!

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The best part of your messages are that you truly practice what you teach !! Love you man !!!!

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