Student Weekly Wisdom #1 - Marketing With Jay St. Hilaire

What a great way to kick off the new Student Weekly Wisdom section with some good old fashion marketing! This week, Jay takes some time to explain the importance of marketing in order to fill your buyer and seller buckets. There are TONS of different channels you can take to generate leads, you just need to know what they are and Jay is here to tell you all about it!


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Thanks for sharing Jay! Good stuff...

Thanks Jay!

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Thanks Jay for all your great information and enthusiasm.

Awesome Jay!

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Great stuff and a good reminder to me about the flyers. This is something I need to do A LOT MORE of IMMEDIATELY!!! Thank you!


You're the Man Jay!

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Go ahead and tell everybody, you're the man, you're the man, you're the man!... : )

For real, thanks for the being the first student weekly wisdom. Don't get me wrong, it's great to see Dean every week, but I think this is a shift in the right direction for to allow students to post videos. It gives the rest of us hope. : )

Have a great day... I'm going to re-read page 70 again tonight and post some ghost ads as soon as possible.


This was a pleasant surprise. Thanks Jay. It is really good to hear from a member who is having success and making it happen. To get the buyers and get the phone ringing is a start. Now to get those motivated sellers so we can collect. Tips, tricks, processes and procedures that one can do when they have limited means would be extremely helpful. Thank you for your time and your contribution. It is much appreciated.

Nice Job

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Hi Jay, love this new part of DG. You always have a lot of enthusiasm in your videos. I will be trying the flyers and I am also going to be working on postcards for some of the target areas.
Thanks, Amanda

Great job, Jay!

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I need to get some flyers out! Sometimes we forget about old ideas and techniques.

I know you market like crazy and are really good at it. It is definitely paying off!


Jay Great Job

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Flyers are a great way market. Thanks for the tips

Super Kool !!!

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WOW what an honor to be the first student weekly wisdom on DG !! I sure miss being on here sharing experiences and learning from others !! Thank you all for your comments and for sharing all your valuable experiences !! This is WHY this site is FANTASTIC !!! Dean is ALWAYS evolving and sharing with us his and matts learning curve and with this new student weekly wisdom EVERYONE will benefit as always. THANK YOU dean and thank you to all the students here that GIVE !!! If you are just a guest and have not signed on as a member then I Encourage you to become more active and start posting because the spirit and knowledge here is MASSIVE and being active participant will benefit you and others immensely. I will pledge to become more active here once again. I used to LIVE on here when I first started learning and miss it greatly so I have now become newly invigorated !!!!
This site is special to my heart and so are all of you !!!

Great information shared by a newbee!, Gives newbee hope

Thank you for sharing. Though, these are ideas that have been shared in Dean's book and many others who have been successful. Having it repeated and proving that it continues working for those who are just beginning makes me realize, it is just about my perseverance now that will bring the success.

Congrats Jay.....

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Congratulations on being the first Student WW. You are living proof that the system works.

There are so many ways to get your name out there. If you don't do it, how is someone supposed to know of you or find you? Great lesson on some of those ways.

Thanks for this reminder,


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Great video Jay!


Thanks Jay for all the good information.

Student weekly wisdom #1


That was a totally cool! video blog! I am reading 30 days to cash and half way though it.

I love watching your video blogs on

Thank you mucho much Jay!

Great energy!

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Thanks Jay for the pump-up! There really isn't anything complicated about what needs to be done. KISS-right? Just get it done already!! I needed that, great job.

Awesome Info Jay!!!

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I love your tip on registering with the local paper to be able to see the ads one evening before the paper is out the following morning... as they say, the early bird gets the worm!

Thank you for sharing your tips!

Good job Jay

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Congratulations on having the first Student WW posted. Thanks for the great info and additional tips.

Keep making it happen


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Good video Jay! Glad to see Dean picked you to help us out! Do you have a lot of folks calling and deals closing from the ads you post on all those bulletin boards? Love the online sign up to see ads the night before!

Great information

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I have not been doing this type of marketing,I especially like the flyers "Everywhere"
Thanks Jay great stuff

Thanks Jay!

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Hi Jay, I am going to write out a ton of bandit paper signs, I have the paper and that's a great idea!!! Thanks for sharing.

Tina Scott

great stuff jay

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thx for the great info my friend

Jay great info!

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I like it! A lot of great info Jay. You truly are number 1...Smiling

Chris Ramez

Fundamentals of Marketing

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Awesome job Jay, Thank you for all the GREAT ideas.

Helpful Reminders

Thanks, Jay, for the great reminders! I had not looked at Craigslist as a way to find buyers as well as sellers! Nice job!


Thank you for all of the great information. I look forward to using these tips in my process as well.


Very impressive video presentation. Enjoyed.


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Great video on the tools to use forgetting you name out there. This site will be a great tool to help getting and keeping people motivated.


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Keep up the with the student wisdom as there very infromative

early bird

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Good idea about registering online and getting the ads out before distribution in the morning. Lot of good tools you shared.

Thank you

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For all the kind words !!! Keep USING the info that's shared as it works !!! I have closed numerous deals with the info I have shared. It is what I use day in and day out. Just try some of these ideas and I PROMISE you will see results if you stay persistent.