Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #123 - Are you getting credit where credit is due?

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog This week Dean has a special guest with some great advice about credit and credit scoring.

UPDATE: This Webinar already occurred but you can watch the replay right now at the link below...

Click Here to Watch the Instant Replay of the Webinar!

Watch now and get ready for some shocking information. This is important to you as an investor, but also as a citizen in today's "credit influenced economy".

ALSO we'll be hosting a FREE webinar this week on the topic to give you a chance to steal some insider secrets the banks and credit card companies don't want you to know.

Dean good information,now

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Dean good information,now if you can get some more funding resources to go with it.

Fantastic !

Sounds like there is hope. I was looking for Dean and found him with a friend to help with the credit dilemma.

Thank you - this is such tangible help

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Dean, I applaud your efforts to help us in very tangible and useful ways. I know several people (like my lease option tenants for instance) who can use greatly benefit from this. I am very much looking forward to the webinar. Thanks for looking out for us.


Dean this is very good info,looking forward to the webinar. you have a great heart

Amazing, you blew my mind!

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Great information, I already found a discrepancy on the limit of a cc in my report, I will take care of it asap.

Philip did not mention where to get the credit score that lenders see (unless I missed that part of the video, correct me if I'm wrong). You can either ask a lender or go to MyFico dot com (is not free but is the one you want to know), they don't give you the Experian score, but lenders look at Equifax and Transunion for the most part.

Thanks Dean for this video, I can't wait to hear more from Philip.

Lookig Forward

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To gaining an insiders view on credit improvement and the webinar. Thanks to both of you. BTW is the book for sale as well?

Thanks Dean,

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I love, Love, LOVE that you provide so much real content on your blogs. This information is definately some I can use. I made sure to sign up for the webinar on the 7th.


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Good morning all. I was just talking aboout this very topic with my OLDER brother. Yep, I emailed this to him. I have a different view on this topic with it comes to credit...but it's my view. So it was nice to actually see a different side of the topic!! Thank you for keeping me open minded!
Earl in MI!
Have a GREAT day everyone!!

providing loans for financially responsible students

What ever happened to the program you were working on to hook up with a lending corp.that would lend to your students when the deal made
financial sense?
To me that would be the deciding facior between success and failure in a students life.
Thank you for all your help and God Bless
Jane Speiser
Investor to be

Thank you! Looking forward

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Thank you! Looking forward to learning more from the webinar.


OK Dean
I am aroused and excited!

Thanks for this awesome information

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Dean, you are the greatest. Thanks for moving us forward in such a positive way. Credit is so confusing I had literally given up on it.

Great Info Guys

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I used to have pretty good credit, but the past couple of years I've only been able to get ONE of my three credit reports. Two agencies won't even allow me to see my own report because of erroneous information (utter hogwash) that I can only guess about. One of the agencies swears I must not be me because I don't know about a mortgage "their records indicate" that I have! Ridiculous! The way they've been treating me is criminal. I haven't had the stomach to call them up and demand to receive my reports. The agency that DID send me my report seems to be under the impression that my sister and I are the same person... Tried to have that removed. It's probably still on there... Ugh! Lord only knows what my scores are. Sad

Thanks For Taking the Time

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I have been self educating to become an entrepreneur and investor for the past 2 yrs and what I have learned is that people get robbed because they don't know how to play the game. It's great hearing experts explain how the game is played. Thanks for your info and dedication.

I have Learn the Game Do It yourself.

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Dean, Thank you for all the tools + all the Knowledge on how to take control of our Credit.
If some one needs a sample of the letter that I have used email me. I will send you a sample. I have done it and it works.
Bad credit to Good credit in 90 days. Take control of your Credit score and follow up.

Thank you,

Credit scores!

Dean, Of all the blogs you have done in the past, this may be the most important one. Our credit scores took a huge nosedive, because we're self imployed. The banks say even though we've never missed any payments or made any late payments (we also always pay way more than the minimum due) we don't show enough income. Thankfully, this year things went differently. After getting involved with you and your organization, we were advised to restructure our company and this year we actually showed more personal income. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Now maybe our credit scores will go back up. I will definately be on the webinar. Myra

The Importance of Credit Scores!

Thank you so much for the practical information regarding credit scores. There are so many factors to running a successful business. I appreciate your support in addressing these possible obstacles. Looking forward to the Webinar!

Wonderful Opportunity

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Thank you Dean. This is a wonderful opportunity to help all of us with our credit report and scores. I believe this information will save each one of us many dollars when implemented. Now we must do our part and apply what you have provided for us through Philip. I have already signed up for the webinar.

Thanks Dean

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Credit scores play such a critical role in our lives, but is something very few people understand. This is a great start. It would be bebeficial if we could get more info on a regular basis.


Awesome!Information. There Is A Chance For Me.

I Cant Wait For The Webinar. Thanks Dean.

I can't wait

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till The webinar, I am finding that this is the primary reason why I am having trouble moving on. So this will definitely work in my favor, Thanks Dean for always looking to help out the D.G. community.
Never say die.

Good morning and thanks for

Good morning and thanks for sharing.


Thanks Dean credit has been the killer for many please let us know when Privet Money will be availiable in NC with your new program. EDGAR

The credit factor

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Great post Dean. Many people dont want to deal with their credit because of having bad marks or whatever the reason. The fact is your credit is considered not only when you want to purchase with credit but also when applying for a job, or renting a home or apartment, or just about anything else. Although my credit is good, I will watch the webinar and Im sure Ill learn something new. Cant wait! Thanks again!!

Thanks A Lot!

I'm looking forward to this webinar. I've already registered on Sunday for it.
Have a great day!


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Great, great idea and info. This is an area most people know the least about; and as a result, the banks win. Thanks so much for getting this info to your students. As usual, your the BEST!!


Credit Repair

Many "Experts" tell you to re establish credit by getting a secured credit card. This DOES NOT raise your score!! I have a family friend who is a bank exec. who told me it actually does the opposite because it is reported to the credit bureaus as a "secured" credit card. Lenders see this as a red flag that the person is a "high risk". And your score does not go up. Remove all negatives and apply for Home Depot, Staples, etc. to re establish credit, then apply for major credit card. Takes time, but that's what works.

Webinar on Credit Score

Thanks for the opportunity to hear this information. Just registered! Looking forward to the info.

Fix your Credit Report Webinar

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Thank you Dean for finding solutions. The fix your credit report webinar is an awesome benefit. I will be working during the live webinar - please notify us all of where to find the recording.

Credit Score

Dean & Philip,
Thanks for the presentation on credit score. I have registered earlier this morning. Look forward to being part of the webinar and learn from it.
Have a great day & great week!
Daniel Ajamiseba

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