Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #193 - Mindset Means $700,000 So Far This Year

This week you're going to hear that there is a point for all of us where education in "How to Invest" takes a backseat to the mindset required to use that education. You'll also see how that mindset turned into almost 3/4 of a MILLION bucks so far this year for just ONE of Dean's students. Enjoy!

Its all about the mindset

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That is for sure! Thanks Dean for another powerful message. I encourage everyone to watch the videos on because you will see what people had to go through to get to their success and it is SO inspirational too. AND, you can see Matt's ORIGINAL video there too. Eye-wink Appreciate all your messages and all the focus on mindset Dean!

All right Dean! Another

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All right Dean! Another great weekly wisdom!

Mindset Comes First.....

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Hi Dean

Another great weekly video.......The right Mindset comes first......everything else will follow.....and than fall into place....

Thank You........... for all you do......God Bless You....Have a great week....

Kindest Regards,

Right on

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You have to just go out there and just do it. When the world says no, you have to be crazy enough to say yes and come to the greatest RE family right here for support. Another great one Dean. My first deal is on it's way.

See you at the top



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Awesome video Dean. My mindset has a chief aim. At times it does have a short yo yo effect when challenges happen but thats ok. I started from scratch again on the 30 Days To Real Estate Cash. Called 10 offices got 2 realtors gave them the properties to put out offers and they still haven't got back to me. Grrr aaarrgghhh must think positive....I guess I will have to post card the address from the tax records send a mailer or go knock on the door myself. I guess it is my fault because I am relying on my realtor to get the info and put in offer when I should do it all myself but then why use a realtor except for access to the MLS etc.. I understand once you start getting really busy to have one but I wonder.

Your Craigslist Ghost techniques have helped me build a buyers list thank you. Instead of putting up bandit sign in my area again which are higher priced homes I blanketed an area about 1 hour or so away where the median income gets a big home for there buck.

I wonder if this is normal for taking so long for a deal I don't think so. I need to change something. I know I need help with organizing and time management as well as finding a working system out here.

God Bless

Eric V

Your inspirational comments

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Dean, your weekly video's are just so inspirational, that when other things distract us and (attempt) to knock us off of our game (or your blue print), your video's bring us right back to where we should be mentally so that we can attain success and get that deal done.

Btw, with those guns, what is next....a workout video?? (jk).

Keep it up Dean, and continue to inspire all of us.




we love watching those it is so cool to listen to those.. dean get'em on deans media NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Taking Action Is Key

Like Dean said, this is the time and our opportunity to make this happen. This year belongs to us. We do not want to look back and say if we only knew. Great blog, thanks Dean as always. God Bless.


Go ahead

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Go ahead and talk about Matt all you want. I can only speak for myself, but Jen hasn't made over $700k so far this year.....the man has thought processes, over all mindset, systems, teams, work ethic and knowledge (just to name a few) that I want to learn! That I want to replicate! So you and Matt both.....keep the transparency coming! Promise I want be mad if you even up'ed it a bit lol!Smiling

What I do know is that God is no respecter of persons. If you've done it, Matt's done can I. IF I do EXACTLY what you have done. I have no interest in playing small. I want to make massive impacts. Today's message just re-iterates I still can do more. I still have more left to give. I still have growing to do!

I once read that we are and will be a direct reflection of those we associate most with. Well there's not a single 'friend' that I still keep in contact with. Actually I picked up a LO (thanks Dean! lol) that I decided to roll into myself and rented my property out. It's in a completely new county/city than I've ever lived, to gain even further distance and separation. Don't know a sole here. Complete focus! Road to success can be lonely right!?! lol But a price well worth it and gladly pay 100x over if needed! I may not be to the point YET of complete freedom of direct communication/contact with the ones I'm striving to be like BUT I can associate with them through their teachings, post, DG networking events, etc. Until I earn my way into the 'circle'! Smiling No problem paying my dues! I know I have to grow, achieve and have paid the price to get the 'seat'. Those of high caliber have a close inner circle of few. They protect their time. They protect their mind. The door is not open to just anyone.
It is my desire that I can be as much of a blessing to them as they have been to me. That they feel their life is truly richer for having known me. That's the impression I want to leave on the world. Leave it better off than I found it! Smiling

Thanks Dean for another awesome weekly blog. It's pretty evident that You and Matt are my heros. Two men that make me strive to be a better person every day. That because of life is forever changed.

Have an incredible week!
God bless,

Well said Dean. This one

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Well said Dean. This one hits home for me, I'm on the ground in the Quad Cities mostly, and Chicago getting started in the REI business. Thanks again Dean and always Smiling

Thanks dean

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I wish you knew how this video blog makes me feel like right now.
It really hit home, I'm going to power through all the problems, and road blocks until I can come on this site and say "Finally my First Deal!" thank you Dean thank you for not losing hope on me.


I keep coming back for more!

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You know Dean, I read on here the other day someone had posted that you can't get all of the information from just Dean, that you need to supplement some of your education, and I beg to differ. Yes I agree on utilizing other teachings to see things from another perspective. Don't get me wrong, I believe that everone needs to keep current and constantly learn new things. I too have been checking out other RE guru's programs out of curiosity (and it's so funny I feel guilty doing it, like I'm cheating on you), but man o man they don't even compare! Seriously, no one else has a system in place like yours with the forums, site links, academy, boots on the ground, blogs, and educational materials. Sure they have some of these things, but the communities aren't the same!

Here it really is like a family. I've been here for about 2 years now and I've met some amazing people! I regretably haven't done my first deal yet (So much going on in my life, really see my journal. I'm not making excuses, I fully accept responsibility for not succeeding yet.), but I will. However, I don't know if I would still be so dedicated to succeeding in REI if I it weren't for you and the other DG members who inspire with their stories!

Dean, you are awesome! You're an amazing being on this earth. You exude selflessness and honesty. That's why you're so successful, because your transparency is compeling. It's inspiring to see that one can be honest and powerful at the same time. You always keep me motivated and informed. There's just something about you...

Keep it coming!
And thank you for being you!

Thank you Dean

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For keeping up posting these weekly wisdoms; I can't slack if you don't! You force me to keep pushing myself.
Truly grateful,

This is a blessing!

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Thanks for these encouraging words this morning!! Haveing that right MINDSET is for SURE KEY!!

Dean, my husband and I have been plugging away at this for over a year now and we are BLESSED to say that we JUST MIGHT have our first deal under our belt soon!!!!!!!!!!

I know it takes time, and it takes perserverience to keep a positive mindset and to always keep plugging away, and we are close SO CLOSE to having that PAY OFF for us!!

Thanks for all your help in our path to making our DREAMS a REALITY!!!!!!!!!

Tyrone & Renae


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You're the real deal!

Thank you for your

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Thank you for your encouragement! It definitely helps motivate us!

FANTASTIC as always

I love your wisdom and its so very true and so motivating.

Keep reaching for the stars Smiling

Hello Dean

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Thanks for the timely and inspirational comments. I can really tell that you are fully aware of all the challenges we face and need to conquer. These are some awesome words to kick off the week. A lot of things are truly scary that we have to face to make it to the top but sometimes a little positive word of encouragement is what it takes. Sometimes I think... "if you only knew!" but then I realize that dwelling on the challenges is not as important as getting past it and moving on to the next step. Thanks for you encouragement because this thing works! See you at next week's video log! ---- I've got some obstacles to move out of the way. Have a great week.


weekly wisdom

Dean you are an incredible motivator ! I personally have not done my first deal YET but am working hard to get this done. It is so helpful to watch these weekly videos as well as the testimony of others that have done what you suggested and have had real success with it. I was excited the first time I saw you on television and am still excited to do this and hopefully be your next Matt Larson success story.

Thank you for sharing Matt's Story

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this week. He is so inspirational. This story really motivates me to keep on to obtain that first deal. Thanks Matt for your motivation to us all.

Matt is a MACHINE!!!

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Another great blog dean on how MINDSET is the key to the next level!! It is exciting to see Matt add to what you have taught him and keep climbing !! I know you are proud to see him DEMOLISH some of his goals as you keep guiding his mindset to bigger aims!! We keep learning and growing with you guys enjoying the journey. Grateful to have you as our mentor!!!

Thanks Dean

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Thanks Dean for another great kick but motivational blog! We all just need to take it and run with it! I've almost got that 1st one. Can't wait to get it under my belt, get past the fear of the 1st one and move forward!
Jo Ann


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Hi Dean and everyone on board,

Mind set is very important. My very first deal was full of seller and buyer saying no no no no. I literally said this aint going to work, but I had the right mind set to not give up and find a solution. Needless to say I found a solution and closed on the deal and got paid $$$

Check out my success video from Dean

You are the best Dean!

Thanks Dean for these weekly wisdom words of encouragement. I look forward to them each week and also the comments. This has been a really trying experience for me but my optimism and belief in your system is unparalleled. Since investing in the 3day workshop 4 months ago I have not done my first deal. I believe in the DG system completely!I want to do that first deal so bad I can taste it...I need some guidance on doing an assignment deal to generate some cash to reinvest in learning. Keep the knowledge coming,you really are the best at what you do! Many Thanks



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Dean, last week for the life of me the computer wouldn't take my post so I wanted to say it was a Great Weekly Wisdom. But what I just watched drilled to my soul! This is pure inspiration to me... Thank You for sharing this. The last three weeks have been a real pain in the butt and everyday I keep myself up despite the set backs, then I musterd the energy to keep my team members up and motivated. I needed to hear this here first thing on what will be an incredible Monday! People always complain about going to work on Monday Mornings, in jobs they don't want, for poor employers. I am lucky that I look forward to my Mondays and to your Weekly Wisdom. Today's it the perfect example of why!

You always know what I need to hear!

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Hey Dean,
Thanks for the great blog, they really do mean a lot to me and have kicked me back into Real Estate. Matt is a hero of mine, I'm so impressed with his accomplishments. On a personal note, when I first found your teachings Matt was just starting out. The first "send me away Dean" competition was going on. It has been a constant "what if?" for me ever since. What if I had followed through? How far would I be now? I had a lifetime of negative mindset issues, so much so that when I wouldn't follow through I felt ashamed and stopped posting on this site.
A large part of changing my beliefs came from your blogs. Now instead of "I can't believe I stopped! What's wrong with me?" I say, "Even though in the past I let things stop me, I'm here now, i've learned from my mistakes, and I'm moving forward!" And it's true, since going to one of your workshops (Paul Young was the trainer) I have my own LLC, I have an awesome investor friendly agent, and an attorney! We are beginning to put out offers(25:1)! I'm so nervous and excited, it's like sitting in a roller coaster waiting for it to take off! My life isn't as changed a Matt's but it would be unrecognizable to the me of a few years ago. Thanks, and I can't wait to meet you at next years EDGE!!!

Thanks for the weekly pep talks


I watch your vids weekly but havent had the chancento comment but today is different. I'm one those people who hasnt put a deal together but i am still plugging away. I have my team lined up and making offers so i know it will happen soon. Trying to follow the 25/1 method so inevitably i will get something going.

Thank You for keeping me on task.


Thanks Dean

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For more of this great weekly wisdom. It is so cool Dean when you do talk about Matt's success. As you know Dean Veronica and I have spent some time with you and Matt and it is good to keep hearing the success stories. It really does feel like a family the DG family that is, when you share success stories of other DGers. I know I have the same trainning that Matt was able to get and so many other successful students. The point is we have the ability to be just as successful as Matt thanks to you Dean. Thank you.

If any new people read this Dean and Matt are for real. We have sat down at a table in a meeting room for a few days with Matt and Dean talking with them and eating with them and getting to know them. They are for real.

Thanks Dean for all that you do for so many.

God bless Dean and Matt plus the rest of the DG family.

Steve and Veronica.


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Awesome advice Dean. I'm in that same exact boat, and you are right about getting the first deal done it takes faith to step out and get over the jitters and fear. I appreciate the advice.

Thanks Dean....

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For another great piece of advice. (And also for the nod from my last post Eye-wink )

What Matt shows us all is that it has to come from within. "Desire" and "willing to do" gets the job done. The other pieces don't exist without these 2 first. Just this past week I have been "willing to do" more and it got me 2 potential deals that I am waiting for answers on. Just 2 weeks ago, I had nothing but thoughts of doing. Proof positive that ACTIONS create RESULTS.

Till next week...

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC member

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