Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #227 - March Madness

Typically this week is associated with shamrocks and basketball games, but we have different plans for you this week. There's a shift about to happen in the real estate market and in some cities it's already started. So this week, instead of looking for a leprechaun, just tap into the heaping helping of education and information Dean's going to be providing. One thing is certain, you'll have a better chance creating your own pot of gold with real estate, then you will finding one under a rainbow. After you watch this message, . After you watch this message, watch the next "golden nugget" and register for the FREE Training coming this week.


Have marked my calendar for this occasion.

Just registered

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Hey Dean, can't wait to see the training, I was apart of IE for a few months but my membership ended and I can't afford it at the moment. I am excited about the opportunity to take a peak back into the program. Thanks Dean, your the best.



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This is going to be so fun!

"golden nugget"

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Registered Looking forward to it!

Where's the Video???

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when we click on the link it's to register for upcoming webinar, but you state in the Weekly that there is video #1 to watch now?? Don't see it Sad

... anyway, I'm looking forward to the webinar, and to finding out who won the Send Me Away Contest! They were all such great videos, it was hard to vote for only one!!! Smiling


Update: I was able to watch the video #1 now... very excited to hear about your new tools you are creating to help us determine the value of our rei deals! Already signed up for the upcoming webinar! Smiling

Done registering!

Registered! Thanks Dean!

Can't Wait!!!

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Can't wait! Super excited about it! Going to be awesome!!

Dean -- well that was just kind of cruel! lol "We have a winner for the send me away contest" --- BUT can't tell you who it is yet!?!? Smiling

I will work on strengthening my patience muscle then! Smiling just teasing -- kind of. LOL

Have a phenomenal week!


March Madness

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Hi Dean

Thanks for the invite....I am looking forward to it...

Have a great week.......


Looking forward to it

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I watched the video but didn't see any of the times listed for the next ones. I hope I can make it. I will be keeping my eye out for it all this week.

Thanks for the Invite

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Thanks for the invite... I am looking forward to it...

I am with Jen on this one

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We have a winner but can't tell you.....I know that I did all that I could marketing wise (sent it out to 12k RE people) but if you tell me that I missed it by one vote no xmas card for you this year I am happy to have been in the finals two years running because it tells me that my message is coming through loud and clear. I look forward to next month..NOW GO GET SOME

Deal Analyzer!!!!

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Just registered for the live webcast and I can't wait to see how the deal analyzer tool works. Brilliant idea Dean, I would have to say this was one of the reasons I let deals go when I first got into wholesaling, I didn't know if it was a deal or not. I would be signing up to I.E. soon.

Dean your awsome!!!!!

Great Tools

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Hi Dean
Thanks for the help and the tools.
Great information

Insider Elite Membership Is Awesome

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Dean, as an Insider Elite Platinum Member I have nothing but great things to say. It has accelerated my learning with so much training available, helped instill confidence in me. Helped lead me to Real Estate Broker/Investors. My business is in position to explode. Thanks for everything. I look forward in meeting you some day soon.


I felt like you were talking directly to me . I feel like a cartoon character at times looking this way , looking that way , so much to learn , what do I do to move forward . I need the bib and spoon at this time , Thanks for the opportunity . I will be there . I am definitely excited about this week . Everyone have an awesome day ! I know I will.

More tools in our tool box.

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Thank you for sharing this with the full DG community. My hurtle is building a buyers list. To date, all but one who has responded to my advertising has been other wholesalers.

Dean's Done It Again

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I'm in, ready and waiting for more wisdom. Thanks

Three Day Training

Would love to jump on board with this free training, however, I am signed up for the 3 day Insider's Financial RE Workshop. Can't play hookey from that!

that's cool

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Dear Dean, I think that is great and I'm sure it will all be special.


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Hi Dean I went to the 3 day seminar this week in Manhattan,New York. Just want to say that you have a great staff and they are also very knowledgeable. Brock did a Phenomenal job this weekend. Cant wait to start making the cheese.

Registered !!

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See you thursday ..

Edge 2013

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Hi Dean & DG Fam

Just want to say to everyone thanks for the support and for voting for this years Send Me Away Winner, hope im the winner Eye-wink lol. Wishing everyone massive success for this year, Keep on trucking and pushing forward.

Can't wait

Dean, Sounds like a great tool.

Thanks for all you do. Wendy

Registered & waiting!

Dean-I joined IE when you first launched it but just had to suspend my membership due to some financial problems. Thanks for letting everybody watch these video's & get this training. The obstacles are high but I'm struggling to get on top of them & use them as stepping stones!


Thanks for inviting us to take a peak into the world of you IE group. I cant wait.


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Okay...I'm in!! Can't wait to see what Dean has cooked up now> Every recipe I've seen since 2007 has been great!!


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Looking forward to hearing this!!!

Thank you! Looking forward

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Thank you! Looking forward to the webinar!


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Thanks for doing another weekly wisdom for all of us. Looking forward to watching the upcoming webinar. I know that the IE website is so awesome. Each day the IE Website is like a fine wine that gets better and better. Continued success with all you do. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

WW #227

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Double Thumbs-Up ! ! ! !

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