Weekly Wisdom #318 - Time To Be Selfish

This past week Dean spent 5 days at a Tony Robbins event that absolutely blew his mind!
And while he was there something incredible happened, and he realized something so powerful he just had to share it with you.


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This one is on ME!!!
Talk to you next week

More RE

More real estate topics and strategies would be much appreciated.

Right on Dean!

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We can all take control of ourselves and create a new belief. Ask ourselves, "what can I do better?" "What difference can I make?" Then do it everyday! And see the results of your own hard work and changes.

Make it great week!

Hi Dean. This message was

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Hi Dean. This message was meant for me. I'm going through some personal issues in my relationship. Your right about working on yourself. This week I will work on bettering myself. Thanks Dean. Enjoy your week.


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I just made a list of 25 things I could change about ME to improve my thoughts and actions !! This one DW can transform a yrs worth of neg into a lifetime of positive Smiling sweeeet !! Thanks man. LUV you bro !!

Thanks for the reminder!!!!

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Thanks Dean. Sometimes we all need to be reminded of the basics. This came at a perfect time and made me realize I need to work on myself. Thanks again for s simple, but powerful WW.

God always gets me an on time message

This message was right on time. I live in a house with people addicted to the news and while I don't have to talk about the news the tv and the radio are always going with news stories. I can't avoid it but I can limit my contact with it to the best of my abilities and accept that the people I live with want to listen to or watch the news and that's ok. I don't and that's ok too.

spot on

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I ended a relationship of 27 years last dec with a person I love but just couldn't change. I came to realize that I had no right to change anybody but me so that is what I did. The next thing is that I am going home to see family and let me tell you they are news people in a small town so I will have to be on my A game for two weeks until I come back. I will be my best #1 while there and just hope that I can in some way rub off a little DG on them...

Great message

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I love the biblical message: I come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly! This to me means that we are to expect an abundant life and not settle. We have to focus our energies on the positive and go claim what God so wants to give us and help others along the way!

Unwanted hope

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It's hard to get myself to do all the things I want me to do, much less change others, but since your words and leadership has done so much for me I will keep bringing up the fact that you can do Anything that You Want to do. Always Lead, never wait..SeattleDan ..Thanks Dean

Don't be afraid to speak your truth

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It is my belief that you believe in God. IMHO, I see no reason for you to soften your powerful message with statements like "what the universe meant you to be." Hey man, you're changing lives when you speak your truth... Speak it boldly. Merry Christmas.

Loved It!

Dean...thanks! That was EXACTLY what I needed to hear today. My passion is running low and you just helped flip the switch.


Thanks Dean... For months i been telling myself to focus more on me. I give more of myself to those around me and the more i give the less they appreciate it but expect it. I took so much away from me that i forgot what makes me happy. Real Estate is a great passion of mine but became a tire kicker because i became too busy doing everything for everyone else. I realize that I must do for SELF first.

Very Poignant!

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Thank you Dean..you are so right and this really inspires me more..I have run into a little dip lately in my motivation..I have a spouse that is not as positive as I am..and I admit it gets to me sometimes..not all the way, but just enough to slow my ship down..so I will remember your wise advice and focus on what I am doing to better my life and those around me!! God bless you Dean!! Have a safe trip home!


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Facts are facts I can only change myself. I need to.

Great Message Dean!

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Thank you for another great WW; I'm grateful that you share with us things that you learn from Tony Robbins.
We all have an effect on someone else, no matter if it's only one person or thousands of people; therefore I strive to be the best of me every day; I want to be a positive influence on anyone that my life touches.

Blessings to everyone during the Christmas season!

Weekly Wisdom

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Spot on. Especially this time of year. My wifes friend lost her 19 yr. old daughter and her brother lost his only child 23 yrs. old within a week last month. We need to gig down and believe.

Thanks again Dean for all of your passion.

P.S. I have Tony's cassettes and CD's The Edge.
Always pull them out when needed.
Keep up the good work.

Still looking for private funding.
Anyone ever heard of Andest Private funding in WI? They want me to wire $550.00 to start the paper work???



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Well we did change today! We made our first offer.
Now the wait to see if it was excepted!!!

This message hit home

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Hey Dean this message really hit home with me. For the last couple of weeks Ive been focusing on how I use to treat my girlfriend when I first met her so I can bring back that spark into our relationship and its working. So your right about sometimes we lose sight on the person we use to be.

Another Awesome Weekly Wisdom !!

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Thank you Again Dean for always sharing with us!
So true we can't change people as frustrating as it is sometimes, on the other hand we definitely have to slow down a bit & not forget who we used to be as we become who we want to be Smiling Never to Forget Our "Why"
Blessings To Us All
Merry Christmas !
Darren from Calif

Thank you for your amazing

Thank you for your amazing coments this week, You are a treasure, Bless you Rosemary Avalos

Weekly wisdon #318

Being selfish, isn't always a desirable trait
But I do understand just what was meant by it!
We have to take care of ourselves and really it's the only thing we can change is ourselves !!
I have found not only with Real Estate Investing, but with anything people just don't have any trust for someone unknown to them !! it's like there's a pervasive spirit of skepticism for most everything you might try to share with people. I have made it my own personal goal to re- gain that Trust when dealing with people. Dean Have a Great Christmas and a Brighter New Year.

Time To Be Selfish

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Hi Dean,

Great message this week.....Happy Holiday's to you, your family,and staff....Smiling

Thank You for all you did and continue to do.....xo

Happy Holiday's to the DG Community


Time to be selfish

Hi Dean, thanks, I'm that guy that Tony was talking about or he spoke to. Thanks for opening my eyes and ears to that. So many times we or I forget about us or me because of trying to please some one else that we forget about ourselves. To first honor and respect ourselves will lead to respecting others. Thanks again.

That was like a warm breeze

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That was like a warm breeze that made me want to stand and pledge to the family. I can already feel the change.

So true!

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Wow Dean amazing! So true, that is happening to me now, the winnowing out of friends but I am making new friends-investor friends who get what I am doing! Also have 2 under contract in San Diego & awaiting another today or tomorrow! It works!

318 wisdom

Dean if being selfish means losing less and gaining more then you got my vote.On your side.Thanks Dean


I can only be the best I can be. I've realized that I can't change anyone, but I can work on myself,.

Amazing Dean, Thanks-!!

Signing out,

I am grateful for your

I am grateful for your message and reminder of focusing on myself. Thanks for reminding us that change have to and must began with us. Whenever we change, we will notice that things do not look as bleak as before.

Thank you for your great information.



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