What Question Would You Ask a President? Now You Can!

I just got off the phone with Dean, and he is casually telling me is schedule for the next few days to keep me in the loop with his availability and such.

I almost fell out of chair when he was telling me his itinerary for Monday. Of course, Dean didn't make a big deal of out it but I sure did. This led to a conversation about how to make the DG family part of this exclusive dinner with one of most important people in modern history.

Hopefully, I have your attention because this is neat... so click "read more" and follow along.

Just to be clear from the start, this is NOT the big finale to the Blitz, or anything like that... this is just another piece for the community to get a chance to learn something or participate in a small way.

Dean is having a private dinner with several very important and notable business leaders and icons, but the most interesting and notable being none other than former President of the United State, Bill Clinton.

I asked him "Where?", thinking maybe I could find a way to crash it or make it a coincidence to be there at the same time, but he told the Secret Service said he could not disclose it - and it wasn't at a public place anyways, so no such luck.

What did arise from the conversation was that the community should all post your one sentence question you would want to ask President Clinton here. Dean will either select one, or perhaps maybe select what seems to be the most popular one. Either way, Dean is going to deliver this question to the former President and bring his answer back to you.

Dean will reveal the winning question and President Clinton's answer during the conference call on Tuesday, so make sure you are on and don't miss this, and the big things that are happening on that call!

What are you waiting for...? Get your question out there!

I will start with mine...

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I don't think there are any rules as to if it pertains to real estate or anything else, but this what I would most like to know since it tells a bigger story.

What do you see in the future for the credit markets - specifically pertaining to buyers being able to buy houses they can afford to make payments on, but may not have the large down payment so many lenders are requiring.

Giving Back Through Real Estate Investing

Mr. President:

How can we use our special knowledge to create
opportunities for the Faith Based Community (and
our own Churches) to create housing for the
needy and investement portfolios for the Churchs?

If we can gather together a Nation-Wide Network
to create this, what a win-win-win-win-win would
we have!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question for President Clinton from Indiana-Joe

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The banking industry has experienced some retrenching during the past year that has affected entrepreneurs from pursuing the American Dream of owning a business to the young couple trying to purchase their American Dream of their first home; What immediate steps could take place to provide additional access and information of available funds, mortgages or programs for these types of individuals to borrow while assuring enough regulation to prevent further problems in the banking industry and jeopardizing the future of the American Dream!


What, spefically, would you do that would immediately help the people with good incomesfacing foreclosure to avoid loosing their homes?

Do you really want to give the Economy a BIG shot in the Arm ?

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Do you think if you were president right now, that you could have done a better and quicker job at pulling us out of this recession than Obama? If so, what would you have done differently?


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Mr. President:

To you, What is the Best path to take, as an American citizen, to become successful and live an abundant life in today's world?

Education & Health Care

Why are we still teaching our children via 1800 methods instead of 21st century methods? Why are we not teaching life skills (like investing)and teaching to a child's interest and potential and then adding in all the traditional history, science, etc.? (sorry it's the educator in me)

Why couldn't you get the health care policies passed when you were in office?


We need to set term limits. So no one person can serve for 20, 30 years and be so powerful that they can stuff bills with millions/billions of pork and bully junior members.

So many questions to ask.................

What regrets do you have about being President? Is there anything that you wish you did differently?


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Many often don't have the best opinion of REIs yet many help individuals, famlies, communities etc. From your unique perspective what can the REI community do as a whole to show washington that embracing and helping REIs is beneficial to the recovery of the economy as well beneficial to the housing markets and homebuyers?

Question for the President

How are you feeling since having surgery some time ago?


question for prez

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are any other insurance companies besides a.i.g. going to get the bailout money as promised ???

i ask because c.n.a. won`t enroll new pension qualifiers they say, until the Gov`t release the money promised to bail them out.

Mr. president

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If you still was running the house what steps would you do about the whole situation the troops are involve in Iraq.Thank you

Dear Mr. President

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Dear Mr. President,
What can we do as a Country, to ensure everyone as a United States Citizen, have equal opportunity in achieving the Great American Dream of home ownership? Thank you President William Jefferson Clinton for all you have been and will continue to be to us!
P.S. Please tell our U.S. Secretary of State, Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton, I Love Her!!

Immediate Change

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Hello Mr. President,

With the recession in full force and the weight of it's consequences squarely felt on our citizen's shoulders, what can the Obama administration do immediately to provide some sort of immediate relief?

Morale seems to be at an incredibly low level, so if you were still in office, what would you recommend to spark some passion, motivation or some type of immediate hope for our citizens? Another stimulus rebate, additional tax credits or a free dinner at Lubby's....lol? In all sincerity, what is going to change the mind set and help our US citizens right NOW?

Thank You Mr. President!!


What can I do to help?

Dear President Clinton,

It is an honor sir. What can I do as a middle class American Citizen, living in Western North Carolina, with a love for Real Estate Investing, do to help with housing for the less fortunate, such as, are there grants/funding for women real estate rehabbers who have stayed at home, raised a family, now ready to get back to work, ready to help America,and if so, where do I begin, where and how do I get the funds needed to rehab or buy super deals I locate then use those homes to assist with housing for the less fortunate?

I own a 267 acre farm in Western North Carolina and would love to use this place to help the less fortunate, but I have no idea where to begin. Any suggestions? What would you do with 267 acre, breathtaking property, to help our society, community, State? Any recommendations?


Elizabeth P. Coats

Thank-you for your service

Knowing today,Which has un-folded since your time served,(Thank-you for your service,President)What would be the difference in your decision making...If you could turn back the hands of the clock.(It is an honor to speak you,President).


How could the goverment help those that want to start a business in real estate or stocks being these are the only 2 types of business that the goverment and the SBC will not help fund deming them to risky? yet these 2 are the biggest producers of wealth in this wonderful country if we worked together and shared the risk and rewards we i believe would not be in these tough times.

Health Care

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Mr. President,

Seeing as how common sense is not always common knowledge and we all know, deep down, that socialism and communism has never worked and will never work.

With our current adminstration in control of the national banks and a few of the big players in the auto industry... What can we do to stop the government from nationalizing our health care?

Mr President, With credit

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Mr President,

With credit and funding for small business almost none existent. What would you propose to get small businesses back in the big picture, as they are the real stimulus needed to build our economy?


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i have 5 children, three of which have lost their jobs and their homes. they tried to go through their banks only to be put off for over 6 months. they were forced to sell their houses at a lot less then they were worth. or foreclosed on.i am doing my best as a mom to hold them all together. my question is how come these shovel ready jobs never appeared and how come the mortgage help they were suppose to get never got to them. they don't even quality for any help. shame on congress house only the banks go richer? kitty

Charity begins at home

Mr. President,

I really appreciate all that you are doing through your Global Initiative. Your alliance with President Bush (41) has had a great impact on third world countries. Having said that, do you have plans to spend more time, energy and money here in the US to help the disadvantaged, especially the children, with their education and health care?
Thank you again for being the role model you have become for all politicians and statesmen once they leave office.

The People Of Our Beautiful Nation...Can Always...

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Expect government and the lending industry to NOT be the leaders of educating our children with finances in the early stages of LIFE.

Mr. President I acknowledge yours and the Administration on doing what you can to restore America back to it's roots of being the "Beacon Of Hope". I share the VISION.

My question would be - Has government considered a marketing campaign targeted to the American people who have ideas and dreams of owning a great business that will in one way/shape or another will ultimately contribute to the vision of opportunity in America?

How to use government money, grants, loans, etc, and teach a course in our schools along with financing. I know the banks wouldn't go for it, but if they just changed their business model. It can be done - with the right leaders in place. I know easier said than Done. =)

I believe this is one VISION of our current administration. Retirement dependence is a thing of the past, now we must educate the people and children the new ways of creating your own wealth.

Anyhow - just my Individual opinion. GOD SPEED and PEACE BE WITH YOU. In God We Trust. Thanks Mr. President.

Community Redevelopment Act

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The Community Redevelopment Act almost destroyed the mortgage industry and has caused millions of foreclosures. How do you feel about your part in this since you were the one that signed this legislation into law?

So what question did Dean ask the President?

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If the site administrators see this, when Dean is feeling better I'm sure many of us are quite curious as to which questions Dean asked of President Clinton! At least I know I'm curious! Will all of the energy on last evening's final Blitkreig call that detail understandbly wasn't able to make it's way into the conversation.


Nancy D.

Road to Recovery

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Dear Former President Clinton:

In the after math of the bailout lending institutions are still not lending even to highly qualified individuals. Specially,in terms of refinancing home mortgages, thus sending more and more individuals into foreclosure, unnecessarily. It as if they are holding on the money for their own purposes.
What strategy would you use to get the institutions to help people out as President Obama
intended? There are incentives under the Making Homes Affordable Program, yet lending institutions are still not moving.

Dear Mr. President:

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How were you able to reduce the deficet when you were in office?

Community Development Act

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Hey rickbrock,

Right on! It just amazes me how few people know about that! Even investors on this site that should know. The banks are still being manipulated by the federal government. Yes they got greedy but is was Barney Frank and company that allowed it to happen through the bill you mentioned.

Mr President how hard was it to sign off on all the deficit reduction bills that the republican house and senate sent you? For as we know, the executive branch does not make law!

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