A little discouraged - I'll be honest

A little discouraged - I'll be honest

I just thought I'd post what's going on in my life to see if anyone had some wisdom they'd be willing to share. I've had Dean's last 2 books for about 6 months and am just about finished with his newest. Each time I read them, I'm encouraged to put it into practice and then life throws me a major curve ball.

As it is, I have now been laid off from my day job twice in 6 months and have yet to make any headway on real estate investing during that time. I am a student in the Success Academy (at least I think it is - the one that is connected to PMI's online lessons) but evidently haven't figured out how to use their knowledge for my benefit. (Any success stories or thoughts would be helpful here!)

Also, since all of my cash and savings has been wiped out or earmarked for home/food, I'm looking at assigning properties or finding good lease options/sandwich deals. Unfortunately, I seem to be looking everywhere and getting no where, which is leading to frustration for both me and my wife.

Going back to square one, for those of you for whom these skills or who have had success in Oregon, what are your recommended steps to conquering either assignments or lease options?

Thanks in advance. Trying to stay positive!




Hey Matt,

You said you're a student in the academy, have you been calling the coaches to get their advice and feedback? As far as assigning, have you gone out driving around looking for properties?



"He who is mighty has done great things for me...He has...exalted those of humble estate; he has filled the hungry with good things..." Matt. 1:49-53


I have called them a few times, but have mostly had negative feedback on some of my ideas, which surprised me. I'm not taking it personally, because they have way more experience than I do.

I've driven around large portions of a few of the suburbs here (east of Portland, OR) as well as areas that I have lived in in the past and remember being decent areas. Surprisingly there are very few FSBO's and those that are are listed WAY over what I deem to be fair market value. It's almost as if they took the Zillow guesstimate (which I think is incredibly overpriced here right now) and added $10k.

Now that you mention it, though, I chose to not follow up with those properties by calling anyway.

My 4 investors on my buyer's list are all looking for light to heavy fixers. From what I've seen, fixers around here are typically REO's which are much harder to assign and impossible to lease option without a hard money lender's funds note.



Reality check

Unfortunately having a deal here and another there does not necessarily qualify as something to gloat about. True success is having the ability to do what Dean has claimed to have done (millions of dollars in real estate transactions). But the reality is that we all do not possess his abilities or been blessed with his charisma and ways of communicating. I don't believe it's just about trying and perseverance. It has something to do with ones life destiny.

Don't get discouraged if things do not work out the way you plan. The PLAN has already been determined by forces beyond your means. Take the lessons offered here and try to apply them, however if it was never meant to be then it was never written in your life's destiny. Do not let Dean's success (either by real estate or marketing) be your barometer for success. He has a different blueprint than yours. The best you can expect is the one that is served to you.

Remember that there are always other people who have been blessed with much greater destinies. Some Hollywood actors have gained fame and fortune beyond anyone's imagination. If it were true that one can control their destiny, then WHY limit oneself to real estate investing? Shoot for the stars and become the next George Clooney. But unfortunately the game of life does not work that way. Even George himself can not explain his good fortune or even mentor someone else to follow his path.

As one sores to the sky the other dies on the battle field. No reason or rhyme to this riddle!

Dont be

Don't be discouraged. This is all a big learning curve. It requires attention znd time to learn and understand. You are part of the academy. USE IT!!! Call them and ask the questions and ask for the know how thats what you paid for. So discouraqement needs to not exist. Leave pity and feeling down alone. We might posses Deans charisma or the knowldege he has. Bottom line is your destiny is what you make it to be. So if you choose to do real estate and succeed at it then it shall be if you want it. Thing are not happening as fast as you would like and the way you want it to be. Member it easy for Dean and some because they have have been doing this for years and have been through the ups and downs, so of course it is easy for them and Dean. Every skill is easy when you have learned and mastered it to some degree. So don't a quitter. Learn to pick your self up and think about the next step. USE THE ACADEMY. ASK QUESTIONS, WHAT TO DO, HOW TO DO IT. Do as they say.


I got my mind made up.....

www.jussinvestors.com (buyers site)

frustrated also, but it will be OK

What has helped is taking a good hard look at me and the habits that I have develop over my lifetime just to survive. Many served me well, but DO NOT WORK anymore.
Listen to Dean's recent Blog about the patterns we all revert to. We do this because it the path of least resistance just like a river. It makes the most sense to us at the time and is the most comfortable. but it keeps us at the same place.
For instance I have PTSD which is very difficult to live with. Everyday something triggers me out of present time. So I am back in the "pattern" that I know how to do-- not necessary successful. For me I have to recognize that I am not in present time and reacting to something that has no reality, pull myself up then move on. This can take weeks in which the time lost is another frustration, but life. I recently discovered one reason I am having such a hard time with this is I am reacting to my past which taught to stay hidden. Now that is counter productive to selling. I just figured this out two days ago. Is there anything keeping you.

Anyway, I think the knowledge of real estate is easy the implementation is difficult because there are so many factors that aren't applicable to any area but mine, but the basic are the same. So I am working through those. Yet everyone says as we get experienced it gets easier. Remember the great DG success students did not start yesterday and we will only get experienced by trying. I sound very self righteous sorry I do not mean to. The hardest part is when life hits us in the face all we feel is a failure which makes it all the more difficult to move to the next step. We can intellectually know failing is only making a mistake, a call to change directions, but emotionally it not the same, especially when the basic needs of life food shelter are weighing on our shoulders. But do not beat yourself up either. You made it this far it will be OK.

Now this is the biggest question Do You believe in yourself?
The second is there a need for a lease option in your area? If not look at wholesaling
Since you are in Oregon and I have been glancing a RE it is pretty high where you are. Right? It is like that here. I am Colorado. Average home is $400,000 or more and the price point is $250 and dropping. So it is another wall. Greg Murfey says the mechanics are the same just the numbers are higher so I will see. Look for buyers with flyers/ bandits signs first and hand write them. Bandits signs are illegal here. Also do you have a company name. Make one up even if you do not register it. Get business cards free www.vistaprint.com With you and your wife you may be able to place two orders one for sellers/ one for buyers. See if the are RE clubs, they aren't any where I live so I been going to Auctions. I have met four potential buyers there, even if that does pan out it gets me out there which is experience. Try on line that hasn't worked for me I just get others programs. But try it. I know it sounds basic, but it is what works for others.
Finally everyday think of one thing you did and congratulate yourself! OK?

So I do not know if I have helped you, I hope so. You helped me knowing is it not easy for everyone

I can relate

I have read all of the above posts and I see a little of myself in all of them. I have had my share of life's punches as well though nothing has compared to this past year.

16 months ago I was headed to homeless, broke with 7 children, in foreclosure with no hope of anything changing. Then to top it all off I lose both of my parents this year. However I was determined that I was going to do this! I found that in order to make this work I was going to have to change my mindset from one of poverty and discouragement to one of success and fulfillment.

Success is a mindset not an ability!
To change your mindset you must change three things in your life...People, places and things!

People = surround yourself with people that are already successful in Real Estate. People that are going to relate to your hopes and dreams and not bum you out every time you mention Real Estate.

Places = you must go where they are to surround yourself with them. Real Estate Investment clubs in your area are a great place to start. Also online investment groups, social networks etc.... Even right here on the DG forum is motivational!

Things = You must start doing the things that they do. Ask them where they started then follow their pattern. Read how to books from people who have been successful in Real Estate.

Your mindset will begin to change and you will begin to develop a motivational drive that you never knew that you had! I DID Smiling

I could have sat down and wallowed in my mess but I chose to get up and fight. I wanted my life to change and I was willing to do whatever it took to make it happen.

If you say you are discouraged you will be discouraged, if you say you are depressed you will be depressed. IF YOU SAY YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL YOUR WILL BE SUCCESSFUL! What a man thinks in his heart so is he! Think success, fulfillment and happiness!


Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10

http://realwholesaling.com FREE wholesaling tips and resources!

To your success,
Carol Stinson


Reading these replies should give you clues to why this is hard... Everybody had a different opinion, a different motive, a different belief. You have to NOT be swayed by any of this. To suggest that one's destiny cannot be changed or that a sucky life is pre-ordained is PREPOSTEROUS.

Dean's books are well written and do contain valuable principles and ideas but the key is in improving your personal, presentation and networking skills. A year ago I had no job, no money and had had no success with Dean's programs.

I blamed my town, my circumstances, my sucky life - anything I could to divert the focus from the real problem.

I was given a book to read by a friend that changed my whole perspective on life, business and motivation. The problem was ME. With a change in mental outlook, presentation and blame I have successfully completed my first 3 deals and I can see where this could take me. OK I'm not out of the woods yet but I have come further than it seemed I might - If I can do that then the rest is possible.

Keep the faith, and work smarter.


Contradicting the definition of Destiny

To suggest that one's destiny cannot be changed or that a sucky life is pre-ordained is PREPOSTEROUS.

The statement above is a contradition to the definition of DESTINY!

1 : something to which a person or thing is destined
2 : a predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power or agency

Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary

My life changed...

The minute I changed my mindset from "I'll never do that" to "Why not me?" Just by opening up the possibility, it opened the doors into a journey I never even thought possible.
It starts there, within your own mind. We ALL have negative thoughts floating around up there from our environment, our upbringing, or whatever the case is. But if you realize that you don't have to listen to those thoughts and that you can change them just by asking the right questions. Then everything changes! Doors open, signs are all around you and things start to fall into place, almost like magic!!


Cool Elena Cool
Psalms 118:23 "This is the LORD's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes."

Elena M

So you have absolutely no belief in destiny? Where you live now, who you're married to, the children you have, ect....could not have been any different if you wanted them to be. From experience I tell you that nothing...I mean nothing of significance....has ever been in my hands. Things evolve the way they want to. Can you predict how long one lives? No because it is destiny that dictates ones future.

SoCalREI (Paul)

I must ask...what is your point here? I really dont wish to encourage this philosophical debate as I'm sure there are sites just for that...but whether one believes that everything they do is preordained or not is irrelevant. How can you know if its not ones destiny to learn and struggle and overcome obstacles for a year or more, and THEN make it big? If they dont keep working towards their goals they would never know that. Who sets the time limit on learning and overcoming obstacles? It seems to me you are using "destiny" as an excuse to quit when the going gets tough. As you are a new poster to this site - why dont you share where you are with investing. If there are obstacles that caused you to quit and be cynical perhaps we could support you in overcoming them, as that is the real purpose of this site, for everyone to share experiences - good or bad - and help each other realize success.

Laura J.

My point is not to get discouraged or depressed with the end result. The end result is just a manifisation of your destiny. I also always advocate doing something new just to see if it would reveal itself as something meant for you. However, there must be a point where you must admit to yourself that it will not work and move on. Too many times I have read stories from students that are frustrated and are ready to give up, only to be encouraged to keep going. In my opinion they are being mislead by beating a dead horse.

I have tried all strategies and the end result is the same, too many people doing the same thing. Buying all cash does not even work or entice anyone anymore, there are plently of people with cash in their hands to out bid any deal. Cash is no longer king. Getting lucky once in awhile hardly counts as a viable way to be in the REI game.

This is a corporate world and game. I understand REIT groups with their investor money making it big, but that's the way it has evolved. Small time REI seems to have gone by the way of the dinosaur.

wow, am glad i read this

wow, am glad i read this post. I was feeling the same way matt was! am reading the newst book and cant wait to finish and start put it to work. I know am the only thing holding me back from taking action, but i promise my self that this year will better for me and my family.

the word destiny

..is a word created by man and defined by man. So is the word Dragon and the word vampire.

If you don't believe in God or the bible then hopefully enough people will pray for you and something in your life will change those non beliefs. If you do believe in the God and his word then know that he gave us the gift of free will the gift of choice. It is up to us how to use that gift.
If you chose to believe you don't have a choice and all your actions are preordained..well..I would wish you luck with that, but what's the point if it's all preordained.
I don't believe in any type of destiny, besides maybe the idea that my future is determined by my current and future actions and CHOICES.

Think about american history and poeple in our history up against great odds that persevered and succeeded. Eddison for example. Maybe he should of just given up and quit because he "was beating a dead horse". He stated how he failed over 10,000 times before he succeeded.
Ford with his company created the 8 cyclinder motor block. His engineers told him for a year(or longer) that the idea was not possible. He said He wanted it and would have it. He refused to give up. He succeeded.

It takes 4 years to complete a bachelors degree, and that is with organized learning of so many hours a day etc for 4 years. How long have we all been learning about REI? Think about how much you have put into it.
I for one have dedicated myself to 4 years of learning and hands on experience(action) before I will be "learned" enough to make an EDUCATED opinion. I do BELIEVE and I KNOW with my belief I will succeed. There is no question of "if" I will or not. The only question is when. The answer to that question has a lot to do with belief and action.
First thing we all have to do is be honest with ourselves, and check ourselves. Only then can we move foward.

How long will YOU hold YOURSELF back?


Join my REI group SouthCentralTexas ALL active motivated gogetters welcome Your location is not important.

You can lead a horse to water but you can't force him to accept money.

-One Step Closer

Hang in there!

Hang in there! I think we all get a little discouraged but it's that next call you make to a homeowner or that next letter you write to a homeowner in trouble or the next house you place an offer on that may change your circumstance.

I'm sure you've seen it said all over this site "Don't listen to the naysayers!" Heck, sometimes the naysayer is ourselves.

Like Theresa stated above, set a goal to complete one task in REI a day. Just keep working your goals and eventually I believe you will obtain whatever you desire!

If you haven't already I would encourage you to join your local REI club. Network with other investors there. Find out who is really buying and what strategies are working in your local area. Find the solution and if this is really what you want to do then don't ever ever give up!

Best of luck to you!


http://www.lvlinvestmentstx.usapropertywholesale.com - Dean's free website
http://www.fishbuyshouses.com - Company website

Lots of good points

There is a big learning curve here - don't be discouraged. You are first of all setting up a new business and second of all getting a totally new education. You have to take a step at a time - but don't stop stepping!!! Call the Success Academy everyday, maybe twice a day. But then, you have to do what they say right away. I know long term goals are good, but I think daily must-do's get the job done. Give yourself easily achievable tasks each day and you will progress. Its the exception to have immediate results, but results will come if you make the effort.


Blessings & Favor,
Follow my Blog: www.genahoriatis.com

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil 4:13

Psalm 1:1-3

don't be discouraged

Hello Matt,

I think the fact that you are on this website seeking help and encouragement is a blessing in disguise. You say you have been laid off from your job for the second time in 6 months. Maybe this is your cue. Maybe you are suppose to really apply yourself in the DG Success Academy to turn yourself around. Don't look at the lost job as a negative. Look at the positive side... you now have plenty of time to devote to studying all of the techniques and actually applying them. Try to stay focused and stay positive.

Enjoy your time as you delve into a new perspective on life.


Thanks all for the encouragement, empathy, and tidbits of info. I have been embracing this recent layoff as an opportunity to dive in full bore on RE investment. And, the reality of our situation has definitely hit my family, adding to the stress of learning investing, looking for a job, and being a stable father and husband. Part of the reason I posted what I did is because I knew the DG family would come out in full force.

You didn't disappoint! Again thank you for all of your suggestions. Some I will try. Some I may not. One, for sure will be to begin at least every other day talking to the success academy folks and implimenting their suggestions.

I don't expect to reach the success Dean has reached, or even Matt Larsen, or some of the other DG "experts" (though I'd love to sit down over a cup of coffee or tag around with them for a day to learn by watching and asking questions!).

The reason that I got into RE investing in the first place was not to buy and sell properties, but to provide an additional source of funding for my family and reduce the stress on my family that many in this country are facing right now. Why? From the seven levels exercise: When they're stressed, I'm stressed and when I'm stressed, I'm not the father and husband I need to be. I am called to be the leader and example in my home. When I can lead and be an example, I am fulfilling my purpose. In the end, that's what I want to be remembered as...one who fulfilled his purpose.

So, thank you all again for your advice and encouragement.


I'm Proud of you, Matt !!

You're smart. You were feeling down and then you came to this DG website to vent because you knew these wonderful DG folks would respond to your woes and encourage you and give you tips on changing your attitude for success. You get a pat on the back for knowing where to come and vent your frustrations, pal. I'm very impressed with the responses you received from the DG winners except for the "destiny" person.

When I was lost, I called the Academy. They advised me to do wholesale assignments. They directed me to study the PMI course starting with the course "Getting Started in Real Estate-What to Look For"... "What's It Worth"... "Marketing and Building a Buyers List 1 and 2" ... "Assignment of Contracts". And please take your time and listen to it over and over again. As you're building your foundation, take freeindeed's advice and go to the REI clubs and surround yourself with folks who are making good things happen. This is worth repeating authored from freeindeed:

Success is a mindset not an ability!
To change your mindset you must change three things in your life...People, places and things!

People = surround yourself with people that are already successful in Real Estate. People that are going to relate to your hopes and dreams and not bum you out every time you mention Real Estate.

Places = you must go where they are to surround yourself with them. Real Estate Investment clubs in your area are a great place to start. Also online investment groups, social networks etc.... Even right here on the DG forum is motivational!

Things = You must start doing the things that they do. Ask them where they started then follow their pattern. Read how to books from people who have been successful in Real Estate.

I'm taking this advice myself. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. Please let us know how you're doing after you've implemented some of the great advice you've received.

Sharon Brooks



Good Stuff

Matt and all, I'm absoutely new to this RI stuff, trying to find time is my biggest problem. I am currently sitting in my office in southern Russia overseeing gas well stimulation for our Russian client. I chose a career long ago that takes me away from my home and family for half a year, each year, hence the reason I chose RI. I received the book two weeks ago and have been reading it diligently with determination to jump in with both feet. However, time is a factor, I would give anything to be home everyday to get started with almost wreckless abandon. I actually envy those of you who have the time to take this bull by the horns and feel all the emotions of a new challenge.

During my reading of the books I also felt some doubts. But, these are doubts developing because I haven't done this before, completely natural. These doubts seem like hurdles in the beginning and are reduced to stepping stones once experience is gained. All experience whether good or bad will be necessary and valuable to reach the final end point. And that end point is what is down range of your sights. I do not believe in unchangable destiny, or that we are distined for this or that, we are the nucleus of our destiny period!

This is my first entry into this great network and I see that there is a fantastic group of people that genuinely care for others. Hope to hear more of your great words of wisdon throughout my adventures in this business.

My sincerest regards,
Donny McDaniel

Sorry for being so long winded!

Keep your head up


Keep your head up. Others have said it and so will I. It's all about your mindset and working on those small steps daily that give you momentum. Just think what it will feel like the day after you finish you first deal. I mean actually close your eyes and visualize your emotions, what senses are hieghtened. Don't let the haters and naysayers hold you back. Once you believe you can do it in your mind, keep telling yourself just that statement. You will see that once a door closes that at least one or two more open. Keep looking for those open doors and opportunities. I am new as well and I hope my comments are of use to you. Make it a great day and have fun learnin this business.





Encouraging quotes

Here are some encouraging quotes that I wanted to share.... Hope they inspire!

"When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place."~ Unknown

"When the world says, "Give up," Hope whispers, 'Try it one more time.' "~ Unknown

"Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts."~ Unknown

"People begin to become successful the minute they decide to be."~ Harvey Mackay

"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination."~ Tommy Lasorda

"There is no chance, no destiny, no fate, that can hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul."~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox


Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10

http://realwholesaling.com FREE wholesaling tips and resources!

To your success,
Carol Stinson


Congratulations for being part of Dean's Success Academy. This is a great resource that can help you along the way. The key here is no matter how difficult each day may be, try to have a positive outlook on the day. The challenges we go through today, make us stronger and who we will become tomorrow!

One of the major keys to Assignments and Lease Options is having a Buyers List. Greg Murphy discusses lease options in detail in Chapter # 4 in Dean's new book "Your Town Your Real Estate Profits". Greg states one of the keys is having a buyer's list. Greg goes into great detail to discuss "Tenant Buyers" and "Investment Buyers". Thus, building a buyer's list is really important to know what types of properties and the criteria of what buyer's may want.

The DG Website is a tremendous resource packed with a bunch of informtion. Attached below are some great links for Building a Buyer's List:

Dean's Success Academy Coach Jeff Jenson Building buyer's List Tips:

Video by Dean on Building a Buyer's List

Conference Call with Dean and Jeff Jenson on building a buyer's list

DG Success Fest link to download (Chapter 1) a FREE Guide to Building a Buyer’s List:

Good luck with real estate investing. You can do it! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Keep on Pushing

Hello Matt,

I think it is great that you are reaching out - that is a huge step and why this site is here. Also the Success Academy is a great resourse - definitely use the links that Joe posted above.

Trust me, even some of the successful students hit road blocks every now and then. Keep looking - call those FSBO's that are asking too much. They may turn you down now and then when they really have to move a month later an had no other interest they may call you back - so keep that door open.

Since you have 4 buyers find out what areas they are specificly interested in, try some bandit signs will buy on cash or terms. You may get some calls. Put some flyers up in local small businesses. Also offer a small referral to anyone that brings you a deal. If the deal works out give them a small payment. For example if you can assign a good deal for $2k-$5k then $500 in a bird dog would be worth it to get the other $1.5k-$4.5k. I think you would be surprised with the hair dressers, corner store clerks, etc that know about someone that may be losing their home.

In addition to buyers see if you can find another investor in your area that specializes in Short Sales. Ask if they will give you a portion of the profit or a referral fee for bringing them a home/family that is going to lose their home to foreclosure. He may be able to help you help that family - you could make a profit and learn how short sales work first hand.

Best of luck to you and keep on working at it. Remember your DG family is here to support you on those frustrating days, weeks, months Smiling


Chip & Andrea Weule
AC Investment Group, Inc.


Hello Donny,

Wow, sounds like things are exciting for you in the bigger picture.

One thing to know is we've done more than half of our deals out of state - I'm sure you can do them out of country also. Not to mention this is a great opportunity to get educated.

Start making contacts via the internet or friends and family in the areas you want to invest. Build the relationships and that will help you get the deals done.

Make the Time - I know Time is always a difficult factor with our jobs and families etc. Make the time. Give yourself a goal maybe it is 10 hours a week (1.5 hours a day - or more some day when you have it and less when you don't by try to meet your goal each week) to work on Real Estate. Research deals in a specific market, look up other investors (buyers), read Dean's book, etc. Get in the game and hold yourself accountable to that goal and you'll be surprised how much more you learn. After that make a goal to make 5 offers a week, etc. You'll keep progressing toward your goal, but it takes focus and some disipline.

Best of luck to you and welcome to the DG family!


Chip & Andrea Weule
AC Investment Group, Inc.

Re: Reality Check

I also feel we all have a blue print in life too and a person's personality has a big part of success and failure. BUT I would also like to add that your personality can be changed and that time is also a factor in a persons life; other wards just because it may be difficult now doesn't mean that you won't be successful in the near future because it just might not be your time right now but would be in the future. That is why it is important to take action NOW in spite of it because when it is your time to soar, you will be knowledgeable and prepared. You need to keep your mind open to possibilities and persevere! How do we know that our blue print doesn't have real estate success in it, just cause you struggle today doesn't mean you won't be successful the next day.

Follow the saying "Attitude is Altitude", that's how you overcome the personality issue. Example: When I got into real estate 13 years ago, I was a widowed mother with 3 babies. I was shy, didn't like confrontation so when I decided to get into investing; the borrowing money... talking to realtors... was difficult for me but what was the most frightening for me was the thought of dealing with tenant issues... if there would be any confrontations. However, I did not let it stop me and I pushed on. Fast forward through the years... I have had my share of confrontations with tenants but I have also HELPED many people too... a GREAT feeling! The gratitude from the gracious tenants has far out weighed the negative ones. I have grown so much as a person from the altercations, more confidence and tough but with a heart. My personality has GROWN. In fact, this morning I spoke with a past tenant who wants to come back to rent from me. She told me I was a blessing. It makes me feel good to be in position to help her because she is a good person too.

If I had given up in the beginning after encountering my first obstacle, taking it as a sign that it wasn't my destiny, I would not have experienced being a "blessing" to others.

Switch your thinking. Think POSITVE... make up your mind to do it, don't allow doubts that it's not your destiny, think to yourself that it IS your destiny... take action and you will look back at this time in your life someday and be glad you did. Good luck!




Thank you for understanding the crux of my argument. I agree that time is of the essence, however one should still set a timetable and adhere to it. It would be a mistake to chase something forever and overlook other possible opportunities. I know plenty of people who have chased dreams only to end in failure. But by the time they came to terms that their dream was only a dream, it was too late; time and money wise.
Somethings are just not meant for everyone. Go after your dreams, but be true to yourself and know when to stop and change course.

Spisiba (Russian thank you)

Chip & Andrea,

Thank you for the words of encouragement, sounds like you two are a great team.

I have been alloting this time overseas to reading, studying and putting a career path together so that when I am in the States I will put the plan into action. I think this whole DG family is a group of really fine people that truly care about the well being of others. What a great thing I stumbled upon! Again, thank you for the reply and I certainly hope all the best to you.

Kindest regards,

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