Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #42 - One Small Step at a Time

In this week's video blog Dean puts into perspective how even the smallest steps or tasks are part of the journey to your ultimate goals. Also, Dean offers some insight into his business model prompted by some feedback he received.

So do you have camera's in my home? lol

(Newbie here) As I listened to your blog, I just sat here shaking my head. My first Plateau of success... Is to step out of the "employment zone". What I mean by this is... stop working myself to death with hours and hours of overtime only to fall farther and farther behind. I am one of those people with tons of books on positive thinking, success stategies, etc... Not a one read in full. I sooooo... relate to this blog. Thank you for the little boot in the butt!

small steps

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Great blog!

Looking back, it's amazing to think that the success I've experienced in the last year started with one of the biggest, yet smallest steps. Ordering the book and trusting you enough to read it and apply it. To get myself and my husband through that part was the most important. And I want to thank you for keeping the cost of the books so low, because I think it allows everyone watching your infomercials the opportunity to "take the chance".
As far as moving ahead from there, it reminds me of my little grandson, who is just starting to stand with help. I know it's only a matter of a short time before he takes those first steps, goes through his falling, bumps and bruises stage, and begins to walk and then run without ever giving it a second thought. In the same sense, Real Estate becomes a mindset, a way of life, and success goes along with it, if you just give it the chance from the start and determine that you ARE going to make it and never give up. I think of how many people here, like you said, have been in the "persevering" stage and then BAM! it happens for them, and off they go, like suddenly the cable that held them back just broke. I don't want to see anyone stop pushing or be afraid to start. This is real, real, real! And thank you Dean for your CONTINUOUS encouragement. It is what helped me get through the early "fears" of my REI career, and brought me and my family to where we're at today; Great cash flow from 12 rental properties (obtained with almost none of our own money!),and the successful experience of using 4 of the other techniques you teach. It has not been super easy, yet it gets easier every day, (just like walking will for my grandson). And it all started with a little (HUGE) decision to trust you. And the will to succeed. Thank you!
And being able to learn and "give back" on this site just adds to the sweetness of the deals (I know I speak for hundreds of DGers). Keep doing what you do, Dean. You are one-of-a-kind. Smiling


My Plateau's

My first plateau was ordering your book. I did that about 2 years ago.
Second plateau was reading your book (Be a Real Estate Millionaire), I finished it last night.
Third plateau was I called 2 realtors about potential properties last week.

Neither of the properties were what I was looking for, but the excercise in calling to get information and be confortable talking with them about what I want to do was helpful.

I love this site. I'm coming to it almost everyday to read whatever I can. I kick myself in the pants for not catching the "post your picture" blog in time to get mine online. That was a fantastic opportunity that passed me by.

Right now, my focus is on trying to figure out if there are properties where I live that fall under price/potential to make a deal happen/worthy. I live in a very small town (pop 300), no that was not a typo. There seem to be 2 types of people/homes here. One is for those that make $25,000/year or less and those for people who have cash falling out of their pockets.

I think my position in this area right now (no credit, behind on bills, etc, etc) is to find potential rental units that are currently in distress but not too bad. Fix them up and rent them for positive cash flow.

I also plan to find foreclosures or potential foreclosures and maybe I can find one of those gems. In talking with a realtor last week, I found a home that is being short saled. The owners are asking for less than they owe on the property. I don't know exactly why yet, I assume they are not able to make the payments on the home. It's on the market for $219K, but about 4 years ago it was almost $500K. It has a breathtaking view of our prominent lake in the area. If I had the ability to purchase this house and sit on it for a few years, I think it would be a gold mine. I've been working the numbers though, and it's just out of my league. There are no rentals in this area that could cover the mortgage while I wait.

Anyway, I think this shows how I'm beginning to overcome my early plateau's. I'm looking for properties now and I'm confident I will find my first deal soon.

Thanks Dean for all you do for us. P.S., thank you for keeping the site free. If you didn't, I might not have found some of the motivation I have found recently.

A huge THANKS to you dean

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Thanks for everything I mean it,now I think so different everywhere I look is just a different mind set.This video is by far my favorite one,it has that kick in the rear words to take some action and adding them together to put the puzzle together.My plateaus is been taking small steps going thru whit probate cases. I would of never whent to my couty court office and did resource finding whitout your tools dean.I wouldn't of never knew anything about probate cases if I did't take action. I'm getting really deep on this cases and soon I will make make my first deal thru probate cases.Thanks again dean a million times for everything.


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Thank you for taking the time to share another weekly blog with us. You indicated the weekly blog ran longer than normal, however most of always feel the blogs go by so fast that they could run even longer as we listen to all the great information and tips. Believe me, if the blogs ran 15 to 30 minutes every week, that would be great!

I often like to reflect on Plateaus of success. I believe we have several and reach new levels each and every week. The following are a few highlights:

March 2009 - Deciding to watch your show and purchase your book. We wanted to make a change in our lives and we believed in wwhat you had to say. Reading the book and taking action. Having that burning desire and drive feeling again. The excitement and anticpation of Christmas morning because each day is a little brighter because of an "opportunity" to do something that could change our lives!

April 24-26, 2009 - Attending the Live Gain the Edge Event in Arizona.

April 28, 2009 - Becoming a registered user on the DG website

May 2009 to today - Making offers and getting deals. Contacting professionals and building a resource network of real estate professionals. Making (extremely low) offers on properties and getting offers accepted Feeling confident each day and positive toward tommorrow! Achieveing our small daily goals that lead to larger weekly goals that lead to deals! Believe and Acheive! Smiling - Joe

"We were lucky enough to grow up in an environment where there was always much encouragement to children to pursue intellectual interests; to investigate what ever aroused curiosity." - Orville Wright

“Men become wise just as they become rich, more by what they save than by what they receive” - Wibur Wright

“I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work” - Thomas Edison

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” - Thomas Edison

“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” - Thomas Edison

Blog #42 Plateau's

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I am still getting started and my FIRST small step is watching you and looking through all three of your books every day. I am semi-retired and not in the best of health but you have made me look foward to tday, tomorrow and the rest of my life. Take care and may the "Lord" continue to bless you and keep you going at the rate you are going. I will be meeting you one of these days and really look forward to it.
Postive days ahead!

One step at a time

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Hi! I'm new and trying to save up my money for the success academy. I keep trying to stay motivated and I'm doing what I can without a coach. I have 8 properties that I'm researching and have a buyer that is looking for a property in an area that I have property for sale that won't work for them. They called me off of craigslist and live in a different state. I spent some time on the phone with them finding out what they needed and what their circumstances are. I told them I would research what's for sale in the area and call them back in a week with some options for them. Wow! My first buyers-now to find something to sell that I can collect some kind of finders fee so I can get my coach.

There is such value in having a coach for different areas of your life. I started walking one year and decided that I should enter a marathon. My coach's name is "Hobbit". The blog below is something I wrote after I finished the race from observing not only those that trained with me but those that did not. These observations help keep me going in other areas of my life as well.

One step at a time for me!

Life Lessons Learned From Walking With A Hobbit

Life and marathon training have a lot in common. There are many ways to train and live. The destination or goal is the same-to finish the race. In life, finishing is guaranteed, not so for marathons.
One training/living method is the "Procrastinate, Push, Pain" method. In this method one "Procrastinates" by putting off starting to train. Any excuse will do: It's too hot. It's too cold. It's too early. It's too late. I had to work late. I need to spend time with the family. I need new shoes....a different shirt. The dog threw up. It doesn't really matter what the excuse is or even how ridiculous it might be...all excuses will justify not moving forward (or indeed moving at all). "Push"-now since I've procrastinated I must push hard toward the goal. No excuses allowed now. No common sense either. I'm going to go as hard and as fast as I can to make up for lost time and training. I lose focus...I have to focus so hard on the goal that I don't have time for anything else-family, friends, God, or even myself. I should have made time to listen to myself because now there is "Pain". I didn't listen to what my body and brain were saying to me-I hurt-will I even be able to start the race? It hurts so bad-will I limp forever, will I ever be able to race again? I feel so stupid. I will go ahead and race regardless of how I feel. There is no choice-I've already entered and I don't want to fail....again.
Another training method could be called the "Persevere, Pace, Patience" method. I "Persevere" by getting up each day with the goal in mind. I can put aside the excuses that keep me from making progress with "the plan." I do have a plan-a training chart-with my goals broken down in daily/weekly goals. I can feel good about each day-because I can see not only the big goal, but how to get there. I do something each day that will make a difference-even a slight one. I go "one foot in front of the other" through the chart at my own speed.
"Pace" is daily progress-I'm not trying to go at someone else's pace. God makes us all different-we are like snowflakes-no two exactly alike. So even though the big goal is the same and the training chart is the same-my pace is different. I'm an individual with my own set of needs and skills. I need to listen to my body to find out what my pace is and do that.
"Patience"-I need to have patience with myself. You can't build endurance in a day. It takes time. It takes effort. It takes being attuned to myself. I need to be patient with myself until my reality catches up with my dream.
Both methods produce an athlete that can finish the marathon. But is the finish the goal? I think not entirely. The race to get to the finish line starts long before the gun goes off. It begins first with the goal to finish and ends with the goal to finish well.

Walk Worthy!


My Plateau

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Good Morning To All:

Dean I love you and I love that you just do what you do. (smile)

My first plateau was reading your book and aking up my mind that failure would NEVER be an option for me.

My second plaeau was ASKING. Asking that man to sell me those houses without a dime in my pocket or a dime to put down.

My third plateau was coming back to and posting about it and receiving all the support that I have, because up till then, I had none.

I will fast forward a few years down the road, may properties under my belt and say this.

My most recent plateau was watching a person I consider a friend take the time to listen to me, undertstand what I was saying, accept criticism and turn it into some even more positive than they were already doing.

Before I go, I want to leave tis plateau as well. I now have one of the most successful Real Estate Groups in California - SoCal Real Estate Investors. Overseeing this group is one of my proudest plateaus because its gving me a patform to extend the knowledge that I so dilligently sought from you, and the family over the years. I am able tohelp other, not on the scale that you do Dean, bu still - help none the less. Everytime we end a meeting I can feel the vibes in the room and they are magnitized with the energy and enthusiasm that comes from these guys.

So Thank You Dean, for all of the plateaus I have accomplished and for thse to come. Sometimes we find friends in the strangest of plaes and you have a friend in me for life.

Good jump start

Very encouraging words to start off the week, its like a good jump start. Sometimes that little voice of doubt in our own minds can hold us back from taking that next little(huge) step. This weeks video was that little boost to help me stay determined to stay in the game. I am fairly new to this site and so just beginning to take those little(huge) steps. Thanks Dean for the video and everyones post on here.


Huge Success

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So far, for the most of us, our first plateau has been the same; reading the book. That was mine as well. To start off I have to say I am not a reader. Hate it, can't stand it, and have never done it. I saw it on tv, told my wife about it, she said go for it. Got the book on Saturday and two days later had the book read. I couldn't put it down, couldn't get enough. I just wanted to keep reading and learn more. After reading the book we looked into the success academy, and with a huge leap of faith enrolled(had to dip deep into savings for that). That was the second plateau. It's been two and a half months now and still no deals. I have three long term investment buyers on my list and still growing. I have a RE agent to work with, and a great market in my area to work in. There were definately dreams of quick success in the baginning, but with all the success I read about on this site it's only a matter of time. If you keep swinging the bat you'll eventually hit the ball. So that's what I'm doing now, swinging the bat. Dean, you're a blessing and an inspiration to us all, keep it up. You say your goal is to help people achieve, I'd say you're a huge success. I've achieved something already. Blessings on you and everyone who reads.

Fear Not,

Small Steps

I have been getting a little overwhelmed with the complexity of putting deals together with no money down or OPM so your blog came at the right moment. Since purchasing your program( 2 books and The Edge Homestudy course) I am in the process of putting together a purchase on a short sale in a great location with upside to the equity. I am using my own money for downpayment/closing costs as an investor and I was feeling a little discouraged that I don't have a buyer already in the wind, etc. After listening to the blog, I realize that at least I have SOMETHING going and have been out there, got a realtor involved on my side with the bank negotiations, and a mortgage broker who got pre-approval with follow-up finance applications flying within a small amount of time. Your books and courses have given me the confidence to get into the real world and make something happen! My small steps are actually BIG steps (for me) and hopefully I will get the confidence to put together multiple deals in some other way with the financing figured in. I am a college graduate who spent THOUSANDS years ago for a teaching degree. Your website is an excellent tool provided for free, your books inspirational as well as fact ridden for what is happening in Real Estate in the year 2009. I bought "The Edge Home Study Course", as well as the PMI Course with advisory hotline/Prop Trend Software/Biz legal docs. All of these fall into the category of learning a new career and work like taking internet college courses. Every bit of this information is valuable and worth its weight in gold for the practical application in this present market. Thank you for your good wishes on my behalf and for making your knowledge available to anyone who wants to help themselves obtain a better life.

Best Wishes to You and Yours,

Hi Dean I am just looking

Hi Dean
I am just looking back at how much I have accomplished in the last couple of months or so that I have had your book. Just ordering the book and actually reading it all the way through to the end is a major victory for me. I love the inspiration you share with us all for one thing.

When I did finally get out of my comfort zone and I started talking to people around me about what I was doing and I was amazed. Not only did I NOT look like a total fool, as I thought I would, but I was spreading the seed of excitement that you had planted in me. Other people wanted to know more about what I was doing and how they could get evolved too. Sure there are some nay sayers everyday, but they quickly leave my mind when I get involved with my successful power team and we keep looking for that killer deal or when we try to find new creative financing options or even when we are searching for an amazing sellers or buyers. Just every day is full of new eye-opening experiences and I feel as if my first deal is going to happen very soon for me. I can't wait but I am being patient.
Well its back to the joyful grind for me and I'm off to make that deal happen and hopefully so are you.

PS I want to be receiving these emails you were talking about in your blog in my inbox and for some reason I am not.
PM me so I can send you my email address PLEASE

Thanks Dean
Keep being Awesome


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Thanks so much for the weekly videos. They help me to keep my head in the game and feel like I can do it too.

My plateau is pushing myself to the next daily action when I have not seen results yet.

Thanks for the quotes Indiana Joe.


Taking a step forward

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Thanks Dean for your blog. Your right in saying you do not have to defend yourself. You give sooo much of your time for all of us for FREE! A success academy qualifier called me today and I really want to join. I know I can do this. I have your books and the edge kit. I will continue to "take action" forward a step at a time. Thank you for the encouragement.


Small wins

Thanks Dean. I am brand new to Success Academy and to this site. I just finished reading your two books and have learned quite a lot in a few days! I can't wait to get started! But I know that something new is always going to take some effort and a little time. I know I can do this and with your help, I will!!

I like to call each step a "small win"! I celebrated having read the two books this weekend by buying myself a nice little book where I will keep all my real estate notes! If we celebrate the small wins, one day we will celebrate the BIG ONES!!

Thanks for all you do!


Wow, That was a awsome BLOG

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Good afternoon everybody:

Dean you help me as a person belive in myself again and I thank you for that.

My first plateau was reading your books and understanding my true potential.

My second plateau was calling realtors,lawyers, brokers to ask if they want to be apart of someting big (my team), that will make them money NOW rather than later.

My third plateau was posting my questions on and geting them anwser by people thats willing to listen.

By having this site free of charge it helps a lot of people that cant afford it and not just that but puts you in a position where many "HATERS" love to hate on your success. You are not trying to get rich on what book you sell or tape you promo but on how you can help that one person that fells that the only way to LIVE life is to work FOR SOMEONE ELSE. But to LIVE LIFE your OWN WAY.

By working hard everyday and keeping my eye on the prize it will come, I just have to take more small steps to my GOAL. Im only 24yrs old and I want to retired at the age of 35 Im so eager to get there.

So one told me something I would never forget "The best way to see the FUTURE is to create IT" and thats what Im doing.

Thanks Dean for an EYE OPENER
Jason Smith

my Plateau

i was out one day after i read the book . and and i started riding around looking at [fsbo]
property and taking no#. and i had my camera
with me and took pic of the house and came home
and look them up on zillow to see what fmv would be.i also look at my town to see what some house are going for .i know this is kind of slow but due to a illness I'm doing my research on the market.and Ive got a little depress about were to start because my stroke has mess with my voice
but I'm still trying


Yay me!

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I've been involved with REI for five years now. This is my second academy that I've taken to be coached and I have learned the most with Dean and his team than I did with the other "guru". I have yet to complete my first deal, but I can feel myself getting closer and closer with each and every phone call that I make. In fact, I'm still in the process of getting over the fear of cold-calling individuals; especially Investors that have been in this game for over a decade. It's very intimidating calling strangers for the means of networking. But, again, I do it because I KNOW that I'm close to that intial step that will boost my company into mass production and massive results. It's EXACTLY what Dean teaches all of us: "Knowledge + Action = Results". And the best part is, his results don't vary. They are what he says they are. Thank you to Dean and the staff that he offers, but, most of all, thank you to everyone else on this site for supporting him and our peers. We all know that he would not be doing this if it wasn't for us, and I know that I would'nt still be trying, after five years of retaining knowledge and generating no profits, to accomplish my idea of success in Real Estate.


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Hi everyone. First I want to thank Dean for the weekly blogs. I think todays information will help a lot of students.

My wife and I have stepped up a few plateaus. First buying the book BARM and making an offer on our primary home. It was a REO. After reading Deans book I was not afrade to make an offer that was a full price offer up front. With the full price offer I asked for the bank to pay 4% closing cost. Back up here the home was last sold for 650k in 2005. The full price offer was 365k. The bank paid 15k in closing cost and my loan was a VA so I had no money out of my pocket. The bank also agreed to pay 1k for minor repairs. The home was built in 2003 so it was only 5 yrs old and 4062 sq ft. Thats only $89.00 per sq ft. In California thats a good deal for a primary home. Plus I walked out of closing with $1800.00

Next plateau we bught the book Profit from real estate right now.

Next: We joined the success academy and we are working on making are first deal.

Thanks DG family

Steve and Veronica


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It's because of you that I have accomplished being a homeowner. Four years ago I was on the waiting list of section 8, thinking I'd NEVER own a home let alone that I could make money from real estate! But I bought your book because I could afford it with my income then, then TALD, then I found and everything that's happened because of each plateau I overcame. Everything I did to get there has been life changing! I bought and sold two homes and made unbelievable money (for me) and now I own a home I only dreamed of. My next plateau is owning a home as beautiful as yours. But now I know it's possible because with each plateau crossed comes a confidence like none other. I know that I can do it and every time I doubt myself I come here, and you or someone on here inspires me to overcome any obstacles and keep moving forward. Only because of you Dean could I have accomplished any of this, these things you do so willingly have changed mine and thousands of others lives. No other guru out there does this, YOU go over and above all of them by far! They can't touch you and never will in my opinion. A million thanks to you Dean and to all of my dear DG family from the bottom of my heart.
God bless you all,
Elena M

Dean, Are you reading my journals???

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I know you're way too busy for that but talk about hittin the nail on the head with that one! Im comin along and soon I will be on top with all the thanks to you!

I feel like my back is about to fall out from under my neck but I still find the strength to get on this website and strive towards my goals that you help me set up. I am off of work until further notice because of my back but everything happens for a reason right?

Right!!! So, my reason for this is that I need to dedicate hard time to REI. To this site. To finally get going!!

I have taken so many tiny (big Eye-wink) steps.. soooo many... now its finally time to straighten them out and step right up to my fisrt deal. If you'd like to follow my steps and redirect me if i seem to be veering of track then do read my journals. I post every tiny step everyday.

your blogs can never be too long! I cant wait for the next one!


What a great blog this week and inspiring comments as always! I stepped out of my comfort zone these last couple of weeks by networking and calling people to be on my team. It's really hard for me to do that initial call but I feel good after I do. I bought the books in May/joined the website and the academy. Haven't made a deal yet but I know I can do this. One step at a time. Thank you Dean for all your time and wisdom. You are the BEST!


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What a great blog! My plateaus are:

1. Ordering Dean'sook fron infomercial
2. Calling real estate agents
3. Telling friends and family what I'm doing
4. Really thinking of myself as a real eatate investor
5. Talking with a seller about his property
6. ?

More plateaus to come!
Thank you Dean, for being so straight forward and honest. There always seems to be something on this site that encourages me when I start to think maybe this isn't for me. I have a new determination to do something every day to move in the direction of my goal, supporting my family comfortably with profits from REI.

Thanks again Dean for all you do to give us the tools to realize our dreams.

my steps

my steps thus far:

1. ordering the books
2. reading the books on a daily basis
3. getting involved with the success academy
4. keeping an eye out for FSBO signs, I buy houses signs, and other RE details that i didn't pay attention to before.

i've yet to complete a deal, but i'm making real estate a constant focus in my life. everyday when i get on the computer, just like i check e-mail and facebook, i'm on looking at forums and watching the blogs.

i used to live about 30 minutes away from Kitty Hawk North Carolina (where the wright brothers flew the first engine powered airplane in 1903). this blog has helped me realize that despite hecklers and nay-sayers, success is attainable. these two brothers endured constant scrutiny for their efforts. their prototypes failed over and over again. even though the first flight was only 12 seconds, and only covered 120 feet, it was the first step. they didn't know it yet, but they changed the world forever. it created a snowball that never stopped.

so, don't let anyone cut down even your smallest step towards success. remember that the first small successful step for the airplane, was only 12 seconds of flight.

Endless success for me

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Thanks to you "Dean" I got involved in REI. IT's been a long but awesome journey of cosistently learning and better yet, I see how to become successful now, which is just having the vision, belief and action until. I have no doubts in my mind anymore because I positioned myself around successful people and its an awesome feeling.
Watch out, Tag Team Properties,LLC is on its way.
Jason & Kimmyj

All you Guys Have to do is try

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I been in deans program for about a yeah i have not made money yet but i did not give up last week i put my first house under contact for 30k i am selling it for 40k i have 5 buyers that are interested and i will make my first deal buy the end of this month it took a long time but i just but now i know what i am doing thanks Deal for real

My first post/baby steps

pastor joe's picture

1)got deans audio bookand other stuff ($200)
2)pulled money out of my personal home
3)bought forclosed home
4)had brother fix up house
5)sold house in 105days
6)20,000 profit
7)bought 2nd house
8)had same brother(who was unemployed)fix it
9)rented house
10)barrowed against house
11)put 30,000 in pocket
12)rent pays all bills and loan
13)bank calls wants me to take forclosed two family they have/they will finace 100% of house. after loan tax ins, + cashflow 400
now waiting to close deal.
14)Get time to listen to audio book (its great)
15)bye house 3
16)have same brother fix house
17)list house
18)sells in 11 days
19)make websight(to show houses)
20)10,000 profit
21)my frist post/baby steps
22)looking for spell check?
23)one year after ordering deans book I see
(some day i will be able quit my day job)

small steps

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Thanks Dean once again for your sincere generosity. Not only for your great books and awesome offers(Buy one get the other free); but for many other things like the free analysis tool and much more.

I have had small successes through out my journey in REI:
- I recently attended and became a member of a REI Culub in the area.
- I added a Private Money Lender and a Closing Attorney to my Power Team
- I went to my first RE auction at the county courthouse
- I added a new Handyman / contractor to my Power team.
- I have been building step by step my BUYERS list: I have 3 potential investors so far.
- I enrolled the Success Academy
- I have used some of the tips from the EDGE material
- I have interacted more often on the
- I have talked to friends and family about your books and site.
- I have read your two books and I have referred back to them.

When you keep your end in mind, these small steps will really add up to great success.

Thanks again for all you do.

May God continue to bless you abundantly.

Be well,

My first Plateau of success

I got your book at the beginning of the year, so it's been about 9 months, but today I made my first baby step to my new beginning. I called the people out of my local newspaper tat has places for rent and found 6 buyers in my area, and got a meeting with a realtor later this week. I may be a little slow with starting but now on my way. thanks for everything

Thank you Dean !

In great part thanks to Dean's Book (Be a Real Estate Millionare) Me and my family own the house where we currently live (a pre-foreclosure)that I purchased at a discount back in mid-2008 after learning all the basics and some strategies from his book.

After purchasing and going through"Gain The Edge" program (a blast for any Real Estate Entrepeneur, by the way) I'm "so ready for liftoff"

I'm currently going through some obstacles while getting started, like coming up with the 20% down payment for my first investment property, but something tells me to keep it going,that this is just temporary, that this is my first investment property,and It is just the beginning..

Amazing comparison with the Wright brothers!!

Thanks again to you , Dean, and best to all of you out there!!!


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