Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #45 - AND The Winner Is...

In this weeks blog Dean announces the winning cover you chose from two weeks ago.

Thanks one and all for your support and help!

Dean also talks about something he learned as a result of taking a whirlwind flight around the nation last week. I think it will surprise you!

So take a minute to watch and listen now.

Dean is the man

As always, the blog seem to leave us unsatisfied. By the time Dean begins to speak the time seems to just fly. It is like you could never get enough. Dean, we are so thankful to you for giving us this site so that our dreams could be realized. Your continued support to our success is unbelievable. Words cannot express our gratitude. October is our month to make deals happen. Dean we also look forward to hearing from your friend Jeremy. Thanks as always, and God Bless.



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Thank you for another weekly blog. I had my alarm clock set to get up early tomorrow morning just for the weekly blog and it was a pleasant surprise to see it this evening.

We are all waiting on the edge of our seat for the "Success Fest" to kick-off! I am sure it is going to be some tremendous information. Thank you for taking the time and effort to provide the DG Members with the latest and the greatest information and techniques for us to learn and utilize in real estate investing.

Halloween is October 31st but its sounds like we will be receiving plenty of treats during the entire month of October! We wish you continued success in all you do. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Nice blue shirt

BLOG#45 All i could do is think about how important...Wanting something will always over-ride Needing something!
My wife and son are looking to improve they re in-take of food and (Not pointing any fingers)i am sure many can relate.In my life...if i do not want it to happen;It really never happens?
My point is:YOU WANT/BREATH/LIVE it thru your passion!!!Now the question is:What is your passion.
Dean ,Good BLOG for me,I am REI and I want it!

Great blog

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Once again, awesome blog. I can't wait for all of the success stories, and would love to see this interview on building credit, and all the other interviews that will specalize on all the important targets.


There is no place like home!

There is no place like home... There is no place like home... The more that i participate in the family, either by the website, conference calls, or simply reflecting on bits and pieces that have been spoken by Dean, or maybe just re-reading one of Dean's books, I find my self if getting discoraged or frustrated with work or the speed bumps in life, more and more frequently going home to DG.COM. Thanks Dean for providing the yellow brick road!

Bring It On!

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Dean, I'm so ready to go to higher levels with real estate and cant wait to soak up all the new info you're going to share. The amount of deals the students you mention are making is mind boggling! Cant wait till thats me!


Thanks so much for making us feel like part of your family, I have read both books and I am really inspired by your up beat words of encouragement. I am really looking forward to hearing from your friend Jeremy about raising your credit score. After reading your book I have been working on getting my credit score up
may God keep blessing you and everyone on this blog.

I cant wait for all this Success!!!

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Your blogs are amazing Dean. I can be having the worst day and be feeling so down, then I sign on your site and watch your video blogs. With that and the support of the members you have on this site, I feel like there is nothing in my way. Like I can just get out there and start making deals and free myself from my current situation.

I cant wait to benefit from your "Successfest" This is the month that is going to make or break me. I cant live in a fifth wheel trailer again. I just cant do it.

So, Lets all prepare for the Successfest and get some knowledge cookin!

Thank you Dean, Thank you for the hope you have given me.

Blue Book The Winner

Thanks again Dean for a Great Blog. I'm so glad to hear of all your connecting flights. I felt as if I were with you, meeting every student, and benefiting from their experiences in real estate. I'm glad to see that you had a safe return, and a wonderful trip. Thank you so much for sharing your venture with us.

God Bless the students that have done such a fantastic job with their REI.
I too, hope to be where they are real soon!!

I can't wait for all of the success stories in the new BLUE Book. I'm so glad it was the WINNER. I also, can't wait to see this interview with your friend Jeremy on building up our personal credit. I would love to have a score of 800+.

Again, thank you Dean - God Bless your efforts and all of the DG members.


*"The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today." Franklin Roosevelt

Thanks Dean!

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You're the man as always! Look forward to all the treats you have through out this month & most importantly improving our credit score which I'm sure we all could learn something from that interview you have for us. Have a great week & look forward to the next Blog Smiling

Everyone Can Make A Difference!
John A.

Great Video

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I have to tell you Dean, you wind up my soul, the motivation inspire me to go out to make something happen related to Real Estate investing. I have not done a deal yet but I feel is closer every day. I am looking forward to receiving your emails. God bless you!


Pure awesomeness

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Hey Dean, Welcome back and I am so happy and grateful to see you knowing that you had traveled all over, man! I can feel the excitement in you giving us hope in October which is awesome, but you need to get some rest. I can't wait for all the information that you have for us
God bless


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Thanks for another great blog. I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us. It was great to hear you had an awesome time visiting your students.

Happy October everyone.
Carpe Diem Stacey


trick-or-treat. i know we're getting lots of treats from you this month. i'm going out today to get a bigger bag to hold it all. thanks again for the great blog. looking forward to the emails. rick


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I so much enjoy your blogs. Jeremy is someone I will be glad to hear from. I can see my little steps turning into bigger strides as I read, listen, and take action in my new endevers of life. Keep up the good work Dean and I will see you on top of Success Mountian.

Ed B.

Oct. Treats

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I always enjoy listening to your video blogs. They are short and sweet (though I like your longer ones too!) and give me a boost for the week! I couldn't make it on last week's conference call but listened to the replay last evening and the vlog this morning. I am very much looking forward to all that you will be sharing with us this month and want to thank you in advance for all of the October treats! My treat to you in the future will be the successes I achieve from your teachings.


Thanks dean

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Always the good way to start the week off whit a dean video,priceless.I'm really looking forward for all the surprises that are on the way.Thanks again dean.

New to the DG Family

Hi Dean,

I'm new to the DG Family and I read both of your books. I'm getting ready to read your 1st book titled, "Totally Fulfilled". I've tried real estate investing the last couple of years, but failed miserably. I've tried just about every "system" and haven't been successful. However, I refuse to give up. Like others, I get really motivated when I hear you speak either on the video blogs or the teleconference calls. I'm really excited and look forward to the "October Success Fest".


Looking forward to reading the new book

Thanks Dean,
The telephone conference this past Thursday was great. It was my first one and looking forward to more.

I can't wait for your new book to come out.

Thanks to all the DG family for sharing all your wisdom and knowledge.


It will be great anticipating your success-fest (success-FAST)videos/blogs coming up! Thanks so much!

And blue is a great color! Can't wait to read your new book too!

Thanks Dean for all you do!


October Success Fest

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Looking forward to a great month. Wow how nice it will be to learn how to fix our credit. Thanks so much for all your information and your Success Academy. It works as long as you work it!!!



As usual a really great blog. I can't wait to see what the month of October brings. October has always been my favorite month of the year, and now I feel like a child waiting for Santa's arrival on Christmas Eve.

I've been working hard at trying to make some deals, but so far I haven't been able to get any of my offers accepted. But that's okay, because it's all a learning experience and I know with you and your team at my back, success is just around the corner.

Have a wonderful day!

Believe In God, He Believes In You!

Wow, how fortunate are we?!

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I am thrilled and I realized how fortunate I am. Thank you Dean for making our lives a little more hopeful.

You are a blessing and an answer to many of our prayers.

We believe that you will try to bring in the best for all of us.

Take care!

Thank You Dean

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We are ready to kick it up to the next level. Give us all you can to help us get to that next level. I do want to thank You and the DG family for all the support so far.

God Bless.
Steve and Veronica

It Work's Everywhere!!!

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I am combining these wonderful lessons, strategies and tactics with my years of high-end executive coaching. With my mindset technology and a long focus on reverse engineering in studying how wealth is created. I have learn so clearly that "It" is not as important as "you & I"! Things don't work, people do. Ideas don't work, people do! You and I need to work for "it" to work!

It's really our old established habits that will kill our dreams much more than the "nay sayers". Taming our gremlins is one of the first actions to focus on. Commit to your success knowing that the "How" is already here. Dean has given us that. Yet, unless we have a big enough "why", our old habits and beliefs will dominate our thoughts, and our thoughts will dominate our actions, and our actions will of course dominate our income and our ultimate results to be happy or not! To be fulfilled or not!

This is an "inside game" at this stage. Commit to your success now, and tame your gremlins when they show up. You know they will, so let's have a solid plan to kick their ass, and use every trick in the book to do it.

The greatest mentors and coaches on the planet always tell us to take full responsibility for our out come.

So I make it a Must Have, and I keep reading and re-reading what I need help with. I keep asking questions, going to local investor group meetings, calling the coaches and watching the blogs, and taking action after action. Did I mention "taking action"? So our part then is "taking action"!

Dean makes that very clear!

So, I list out the actions that need to happen, and since I am committed to my success and using my mind and my powerful intention with the end game in mind and already won in my thinking as I do. This is key for the inside game.

Then, I write out things like this very post you are reading to re-inforce my beliefs and to consciously "imprint" good positive things and action steps into my mindset, and just after a few weeks of doing this I have already found twenty three vacant homes. lists of N.O.D.'s (Notice of Defualt), and more short sales, and foreclosures in the MLS than I know what to do with. I am overwhelmed with opportunities. I also know this is still not enough...

Now, I must get back to taming my gremlins. Taming my fear to move forward, knowing that my old established habits are very powerful and will seek a way to keep me just as I am...close to broke, but in my comfort zone.

Knowing this, I start looking for ways to stretch my comfort zone, and I'm still finding myself crawling back to my old habits of starting many things and looking for even more things to start instead of finshing what I have right in front of me. Ever do that? Why would I find twenty three vancant homes? Perhaps I should be working hard to present an offer on the first one. On the first three or five. Can anyone say old habit, old patterns? HELLO?

I am getting an adrenalin rush finding vancant homes, but I am not going afterthe title companies to get the contacts and data to move forward on controlling them to set up an assign or something. Do you do this? I do!

Well, I use too!

We all have very powerful behavior patterns that keep us stuck right where we are! It sucks, but we can break out. The answer is in our "Why"! We need a bigger reason to break out of our old patterns.

I have the training, I have the opportunities, I have the knowldge, I have the tactics, and I also have the old habits and patterns reminding me that this is a powerful "inside game"! I will never have more until I am more!

"Be the change you want in the world" - Ghandi (Sp?)

This is a game I will lose unless I find the will, the powerful intention to improve life for my family (The Why), and I may need the support of like minds to plow through the changes required to be, do and have more.

All my years of having coaches remind me that the mindset is key is coming my rescue. The inside game means that I must remind myself that it all works best for most humans when we get it that success often requires the reverse of what we were taught. our parents loved us, our teachers cared deeply, but what if they just wrong about our early lessons? What we have habits and beliefs that just keep us stuck?

The mind blower for me is this... success is not really in the order we think or thought... Common sense has us believing that it's "Do, Be, Have".

Most believe that First we need to "Do", then we suddenly start to "Be", and then we get to "Have" whatever the goal or object is.

My very happy and rich mentors have convinced me that this is bull... it really is an inside game. We need to get things in the right order.

Start to believe that you already "Have" the stuff, the success, the things, the feelings, all of it right now - even if you know that you really don't just yet. It will feel odd, but it's worth it!

It turns out that we need to "already have" the beliefs, (so just act as though for now)

FACT: Our non conscious mind has all of the real power, and it will not, and can not determin the difference betwen truth and false information. It can not tell the truth from a lie, so our job then is to create the life we want.

We actually get to "make it up, make it fun, and make it happen" until it's done!
It starts by getting very clear on what you want, and then acting as though until it's so! (Yes, we need to take massive action, but taking action both inside and out is so much more effective as you will see if you test these concepts.)

The non conscious mind is where our power centers are. It simply acts on what you decide is true. Tell yourself that you already are what you want to be.

Remember, this is about "mindset" at this point. TIP: You must feel it. So allow your emotions to engage.

Take this as a test if you want to try something different and very powerful. Focus on the end game being completed in your thinking, and in your knowing!

The inside game has it this way: "Have, Be, Do".
This is a very big point, so re-read that if you need to. Or for some it's "Be, Have, Do". Yet most of us have been taught to "Do, Be, and then Have".

If you think this is a small point, you may be in for a rough ride.

It is much more realistic to Have what you want when you are thinking that you already have it. Again, this is about mindset. This may be the difference between struggling, and blissfully having and being!

Thoughts are truely powerful.

Know that you can, think and "act as if" you already have it all. (There is no try.)

Know that you do! Feel how that feels!

Use the awsome power of your mind to feel the change you need to do the things you need to do, and approach it all "as if"you already are what you want and need to "Be" to make it so with much less struggle.

The chatter box in our mind will be screaming "BULL****" for a few days, and if you persist you will surely begin to "Be" more than enough!
In fact, you already are!!!

It's our thinking that is often our jailer!

The old cliche "Act as though until it's so" is a good one!

Test it for a month or two, science tells as that it takes 30 - 60 days to create a new habit, and if you can find the disapline to do this, I know you will "Be", and "Have" the life of your dreams.

Our results become effective the very second that "we" do!

They begin taking shape right before your eyes. It's certainly happening for me. And it has many times on other things I went for and accomplished.

Thanks Deans for some of the best ideas, startegies and tactics on the planet for creating true wealth in these uncertain times! We now some outstanding things we can be certain of.

Again, this is just stuff I like to write down daily for myself to literally "Imprint" these powerful thoughts and beliefs for my own benefit.

I decided to take it public for the first time right here and now!

It's part of the massive action I am doing along with vison boards and staying around positive "Can Do" people like all of you who support each other. This is part of my contribution to that end.

It's about getting the right things in the right order. Understanding that life is largely an inside game.

Our timing in doing this now in these economic times is just brilliant for creating wealth with real estate while helping people save their credit at the same time.

This morning I thought it might help a few people to make my imprinting journal public. I hope someone finds it helpful as well.

Above all, Stay Creative!

weekly blog video

Dean, I am having trouble with the video today. It only play for about 2 mins and stops. I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this or not. I will try something different to solve the problem. But I am hooked! And hungry, waiting for the next email, conference call,blog whatever. You inspire me and I look forward to meeting you. Thank you for your support and passion.

October...has always been my favorite month!! I AM SO EXCITED!

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i am all fired up! thanks Dean for placing the spark in my ass once a week or so! Can't wait for the weeklies!

Thanks for giving us HOPE!

Thanks Dean for giving us Hope and a positive
attitude in all your blogs! After a stress filled
week or day, I feel fired up when I listen and
watch your new blogs.
You helped me get our 1st REO investment home.
IT took months and we almost gave up a few times
but we had the faith it would work out. IT DID!
Thanks for helping us make our Dreams come TRUE!

Thanks for all you do!

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Thanks for keeping all of us going Dean. I'm closing in on my first deal and I love getting a weekly shot of encouragement with the blog.
Good luck to everybody!


not working for me

I'm reading all these post and like wow, i'm not feeling the same way. I have big hope's and dreams but this seems to me that all this is a bit unreal, this is not working for me.

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