Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #197 - Lost Forever

Here is a cool exercise on time, activity and money. You'll need a piece of paper and something to write with. You're going to draw three circles, list the things that eat up your time, the activities that you take part in and where you spend your money. In about 5 minutes, you'll discover what to focus more on and what to step away from.

It all boils down to getting the most out of the time and resources you have. Moments in life matter. An hour ago you were doing something, whatever it is, that hour is lost forever now. Use this exercise to make the most of the minutes and resources you have moving forward.

Excited to do First Deal

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Graziosi at the Phoenix Marriott about a week or so ago at his 3 day class and I am excited to get to work on my first deal. I love the positive energy on this site and ready to get started. My close friend Dornubari from the online company Yazamo told me about Dean Graziosi. My friend Gerran Clark and I are college students and very ambitious. Real estate is going to change our lives. Excited for the opportunity to live a Totally Fulfilled life.

cool tool

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This is very clear, easy to do and speaks.( well shows) volumes by way of what is being done vs. what needs to be done more.


Thanx Dean!


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Powerful illustration. Just completed it...found 4 more $10 task I am currently doing that I can delegate/hire out and free up and focus on what drives me revenue.

The $10 task you went through was a huge takeaway from the Edge and have cleared alot of task off my plate, but now completing this activity....found I've slipped back into a few non productive area. Made a note to my calendar to do this every month when I pull sales data to keep myself out of minimum wage territory! lol I called it "Do $10 Task Check-Up!"

Thank you for the wake up!!!!


Thank you Dean

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Thank you for sharing this activity with us and teaching us how to narrow down our activities that we need to be focusing on to get on the ladder!

I will do my homework too!

Learning and progressing every day,


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It's always great to hear that Dean is still learning (& is still paying for that education)! I've spent quite a bit so far-it's been a while too but I am learning, slow but sure. I'll get there. Maybe not as fast as some others but...
Thanks for the inspiration & for being so positive!

Jim & Paula

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Thank you Dean for the continual education you provide right here, and at no cost! If I were going to get my MBA it would cost me tens of thousands and would not contain what I need to succeed like this! I'm on this exercise!

Always learning

Thanks Dean for everything you teach us.


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Thanks Dean,
I did the exercise and found some areas that I need to improve on.I am so grateful to have you as a teacher and mentor.I am constantly learning,thanks to you and all the good people here at D.G.COM.
"IF YOUR NOT CLIMBING;YOUR SLIDING". I Love that-so true.As always thanks for all you do.GOD Bless you & your family.

Corpus Christi,Texas,USA.


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great exercise dean !!!! these blogs are the BEST way to stay engaged and learn new ways for us to stay on the LADDER !!! that treadmilll has ahold of us from time to time but your blogs seem to YANK us back on the rungs !!!! thanks Dean ...appreciate your commitment to see us succeed !!!!

Thank you for sharing, Dean!

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That is a very good illustration Dean. Thank you for sharing. It is very clear how in using this exercise, we can make much better use of our time and energy.


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Thanks for sharing the importing things in your life, this visual is a real eye-opener. Of course, we already know that your priority is on your family. That's what makes you great. This little exercise helped me to get my life in perspective and eliminate some of the unimportant things.

Great exercise

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Another great exercise Keep up the great blogs really helps keep things going in the right direction.


This activity comes on a very good morning for me. It has just shown me that the new activity path I have worked on over the weekend is the right

Great job on assurance!
thank you Dean!


Thank you for this blog!!

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I really appreciate all these great exercises you give us to help keep us on track!! I did this and it really does make things perfectly clear!! Thanks again!


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Thanks for what you do Dean. You've discovered the bridge between leaders and followers. A leader has to lead by example. He choose's and prefer's this method because of his heart for his followers.

Stay strong my friend


(PS)God gave us all a portion of treasure called "Time". How we spend it determines our journey, and dictates our destiny.


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Thanks for this weekly wisdom. It reminds of something I heard a consultant say years ago about not working harder, but working smarter. What is it that I can spend more time doing and get better results? That is something to think about and do for today. -- Randy Wall, Lora Lee Properties


Hello Dean,

Very basic and to the point.Time management and lifes priorities are vital to success.

Johns list

Thanks Dean

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For more weekly wisdom. Well Dean that is the ticket to success. Managing time and effort to achieve your goals. Thank you Dean as always for sharing what you learn with us.

Steve and Veronica

3 Circles focus

Hi Dean,
Like the concept of the 3 circles and helping to focus where to put your effort. An exercise to help fill in those circles may be to simply keep a log of what activities you do each day, the time spent and the $ value associated with each activity. After a few days, take that list of activities and plot them into the circles in the manner you described.

I'm a new student, just attended one of your introduction meetings last week and scheduled for a 3 day at the end of next week.

Hope to meet you in person some day to share success stories.


Lost Forever

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Hi Dean

Another great video......but this one was a wake up call....We are ALL guilty of time wasted....

Another great activity for your DG Family to do.

And learn from this....How much time we waste....just chasing our tail on non productive activities......

Thank You.........

Kindest Regards,

Great help

Thanks, Dean. Did my chart in Word. It's mounted at my desk.

Thanks for the great idea.

Thanks for the great idea. sometimes i loose site of all the different ways to go about real estate and this helps with clearing the clouds away.

Thank you Dean

Right to the point chart, you can't punt when the information on where your time is going is directly in front of you. Thank you for sharing all that you do with us to make our lives better!


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What other Real estate programs teach these kinds of things... This is what we all get for FREE from Dean. Every week he takes the time to deliver awesome information. He gives us the whole package. He actually cares and wants us to succeed .
Thank you Dean!
John W

Busy doesn't equal productive!!

Loved your strategic coaching and creating the "inner circle" of where time management skills can be refined. In our lives of "busy" we all lose sight that busy doesn't mean productive. Good lesson to access "non-income producing" activities. Thank you for sharing!!

I See The Light!

Finally! I see what I've been missing. It's that Treadmill Stuff that I didn't have my arsonal that's been keeping me from finding my path.

I've been lost without that extra info and I somehow knew it was there, but where? That's it! Thanks Dean and may the Lord continue to Bless you and yours. I'm back on track. I'm on it.


Signing out,

good advice

Once again, another useful tool. Thanks Dean.


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Time management is going to increase your freedom of what you really want to be doing in your life. Thats my perception of it:)





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