Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #234 - Peek Inside the EDGE 2013

We just completed the 5th annual Gain the EDGE event and it was such an amazing weekend, Dean want's to give everyone a peek inside. In this episode of the Weekly Wisdom. Dean raves about the speakers, attendees and all the truly inspiring things that occurred and includes two clips of some of the most powerful tips revealed at the event. If this leaves you hungry for more, stay tuned...Dean has a surprise in store for you next week!

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Thank you for putting together another great event for all the DG Members with the EDGE 2013. The EDGE continues to get better and better every year. I met several people across the country from the Boots on the Ground Events that wanted to get EDGE tickets but it was already sold out! This is a great way for them to be part of the buzz and to continue building their real estate knowledge. There was so much education, information and inspiration, it was awesome.

Stacey and I made so many new friends as we continue to learn and grow on our real estate journey. I look forward to reading about everyone progress and future deals on I am sure the EDGE will create ideas for new members to get that first deal done as well as other ideas to help people ramp up even more deals. Dean, we wish you continued success in all you do! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe and Stacey

Thank you Dean

Thank you for this again, I was not able to attend this year but I would love to be there next year. Jen really hits it home it goes to show if we want it we can achieve it. I for one need to stop listening to family and friends that just continue to be negative about me doing this when I have no money. I know by reading and listening to you Dean I can do it and I will.

Wow, Awesome, Incredible

EDGE 13 put me on a high from beginning to end. It was like flying to the moon and back and there was a full moon. I loved every minute of it and on the way home I was wishing that I could have had each speaker on a cd so I could play it over again and again. One nugget to the next - there was so much to take in. It was next to impossible to take notes when Jen spoke. She said it that she talks fast so we have to listen fast. I like to ponder each nugget. Lots to grasp. Maybe you could put each speaker on cd and let us buy them individually. Keep them available in the shopping cart area and then direct newbies to that area. Just an idea -maybe $10.00 each.

Thank you Dean!

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Thank you Dean for giving me the opportunity to share at this years Edge. It was absolutely an incredible feeling and experience to see and feel first hand that through sharing our own experiences having someone come up to you and tell you that you gave them hope, that something you shared awakened their warrior within, that they could do it too! Just like you said in the weekly blog......'it makes it ALL worth it!'

Success in my mind is not determined by the number of transactions you have completed, the dollar amount in your bank account........but measured by the number of people you have impacted, the number of people that are better off because you lived! ALWAYS leaving it better than you found it! I for one, have a completely renewed and deepened, burning desire to change the world! To reach and bring as many people as possible to the realization of their own greatness! That were you are ISN'T where you have to remain!

It's funny, we never know how God will use us, who we will impact and what specific person we will resonate with. Each speaker spoke direct to someone in that room. We can all be used. We can all lift another up. We each have to have the courage, strength and belief that if we want to 'walk on water' (accomplish the incredible, thought to be impossible tasks) me must first get out of the boat!

I want to thank you Dean. Thank you for telling me you are proud of me. It's silly said "Jen made everyone cry in the room" lol well you just made me cry! How simple the words are "I'm proud of you", "I believe in you", "You can do it"! I know I'm not alone in saying -- there are alot out there that are starving to hear those words. That I think we should ALL use them more frequently and genuinely.

I appreciate you Dean!

God bless,

Thanks Dean

Thank you Dean for everything you do for us!! You are awesome!!


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Thanks for posting some of the Edge 2013. I wasn't able to attend but hope to in the future. Looks like it was an incredible event and just hearing some of what Jen and Matt said makes me want to push even harder.

I will definitely listen to the livecast that you do next week.

Thanks again.

Dean you inspire so many of us

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This is my 3rd edge event and they truly do get better every year. Jen, you and I have so much in common and I loved hearing you speak. (I want to be on that stage next year speaking. )

My whole life has undergone an amazing transformation. I give the credit to God working through people like you, Matt, Carol, Gena and Dean and so many others in the dg family here.

I have always looked up to you Jen and you deserve everything you've worked so hard to build.

The Edge networking was incredible. I really loved the game bit too. My team were the underdogs. We had a lot of people not show up and one person who had to leave because be was tired. But watching the newer investors being out in positions where they HAVE to overcome their fears and just DO IT was phenomenal. I did a lot of motivating and back patting. Our team was so small there should have been no way we placed with all those other huge teams. And Success Tigers, if you read this, we lost 2nd place by 2 points!!! TWO!! If that envelope hadn't of been opened we wouldn't have gotten those extremely sexy underwear! I am so PROUD of my team! I'd love to work with any of you in the real real estate business!

Dean, this event is a must see for everyone. I'm so glad you are getting it out to those who couldn't be there as fast as possible. If you need help with anything, I'd be honored to help, even if its just to tell Mike, Tony, and the other camera and video guys how valuable and incredible they are!!!

Thanks Dean.

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Thanks for the weekly wisdom Dean. Even though I was not there in person this year when I here about the Edge I think back to 2011 when I was there. It is such a high to be around so many super stars of REI.

Veronica and I are planing to be at the Edge in person in 2014.

Dean I just want to say that you do a great job of keeping all of your students motivated and I thank you for that. Keep up what you do for us Dean and thank you.

Steve and Veronica.

Edge 2013

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The Edge Event was was so amazing again this year! It takes me days to come down from the "high"

It's so cool that the people who spoke on that stage, inspiring and educating us are your students. they are not professional speakers. All they gave came from their gracious

Thanks to everyone who helped make this year's event even better than the last.

Thanks Dean for creating and cultivating this huge network of investors that feels like a family.


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Thank you Dean for putting this awesome event together! This year was my first EDGE of many to come and I was so impressed that it is filled with real ordinary down to earth people who are doing extraordinary things! So many like-minded people who have positive attitudes with how they approach life and REI on a daily basis.

All the speakers and real estate education was top notch but I'm still amazed at the "good life and give back vibe" that I took away from this event.

I have realized through my life experience of being paralyzed from the waist down in 2001. I was told by doctors that I would never walk again and that I would not be able to have children. Nobody can tell you what you can and can't do! It's what in your heart and your head that matters and nobody else can control that but you!

Today I can walk and have two boys (2 and 7) but it came with hard work and determination. This is the same approach I'm trying to carry into real estate investing. Lean into the pain and don't let anyone else crush my dreams that I have for my boys future!

Thank you again Dean and all of the DG Family for inspiring, motivating, and educating me in so many ways of life and REI!

Much love to everyone!

I already miss everything about eDGe 2013 !!!

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thank you so much for putting together the event again(with your amazing team!!!); no matter how much I try to tell people about the energy we experience there, it is impossible to describe! Every single speaker there was beyond belief! Even a professional speaker could have not come close to any them; the information they shared, the emotions they emitted... I'm telling you, I cannot find words to express the feelings that I felt while at the Event... I was not looking forward to the last day, at all... and now that I'm back home, I already miss everything and everybody, and I cannot wait 'til the Edge 2014!

Jen: I've been at your corner cheering you on all the way! You are an awesome person, and so inspiring! xx


I hate that it had to end....

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This was my first time attending the EDGE and I guarantee it won't be my last. The energy from the room was intoxicating. The speakers couldn't have been better. The information was priceless. The networking was invigorating. The bonding with the other DG and IE members was inspiring. The IE party was not only fun but a learning experience as well. The end of the event was....well, almost depressing Eye-wink I just wanted to stay around these people longer. Laughing out loud I know all good things must come to an end HOWEVER, the good thing is that THIS good thing gets repeated in a year. ( and I have my reservation already, woo hoo!) That's enough time for me to get my things done, do more deals and hopefully, like you, inspire more people to the top.
Thank you so much for putting on this event and showing us the way. (Matt is not too shabby a person to have as a leader, for sure. Laughing out loud) Thank you for your time and for sharing your cute kids with us. Most of all, Thank you for being the genuine person that you are.

My only question now is, With your busy schedule and all the people you meet, will you remember who I am if I change my profile pic from Me and the big fish to the one with the 2 of us? lol

Till my next post......

Andy Sager (The fish guy)
DG's AndyS
CFIC and IE member


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This was my first EDGE event - and WOW! What an amazing experience!! It was such an open & inviting group. Everyone from first-timers like me to 5 year alums were willing to share with each other and network - it was so encouraging to part of. I can easily sum it up with this sentence: The EDGE LIT A FIRE UNDER MY A**.

I am more committed and more determined now than before. I've been a part of your programs since July 2012. We did our first deal in December and we've done 5 since. Jeff Jensen thought that was coolest thing and really gave me some great pointers and confidence boosters to know that I can KNOCK THIS THING OUT OF THE PARK!!! And I'm going to do that by taking things one base at a time.

I've been diligently logging my daily activity on to keep myself ACCOUNTABLE. I am inspired. Motivated. and TAKING ACTION!

Thank You!!!

The eDGe 2013 LiveCast

Hi Dean!

I attended The EDGE 2013 LiveCast on-line and enjoyed it to the MAX!!! The DG Team and Family are just an AWESOME group of inspirational and good people. Love them all and Jenn's story caught my heart in an interview with you pre-EDGE 2013. My partner and I joined your advanced education a year ago and the only thing we did was educate ourselves. Three weeks ago you responded to a posting I placed on the web-site and not only you responded but you helped me get back on track!!! Thank you for your kindness and generosity. There were so many great experiences that weekend for me while watching the EDGE but there is one thing I did that I want to share and it might redirect others to get them back on track.

While watching I thought to go back to the "The 60-Day Action Plan" and I wanted to see how far away I was from completing this plan, I thought maybe 6 weeks versus the 8 required. To my SURPRISE I had done enough and learned enough to do our business. So with that said I know I have what it takes to SUCCEED! Almost everyone's final advice was... Just Do It!

I am focused on our business and I am having FUN!

Thanks for all of the support and encouragement Dean and Team! What a GREAT event! God Bless all...

Peek Inside the Edge 2013

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Hi Dean.

Thank you for sharing some of The Edge 2013.

I hope to be there next year.

I look forward to a live telecast in a few weeks.

Thank You for all you do.......Smiling



Edge 2013

Hi Dean,

Thank you for all you do for us. I look forward to the live cast. Wish we could have attended. Next year for sure!!

Barry and LisaT

Absolutly life changing!

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Thank you to everyone who took the time to inspire and educate so many to change their life at the Edge. Not only did people walk away from the Edge with knowledge but they walked away with hope of a better life.

A BIG thank you to Dean for once again blowing everyone away with a three day event that truly changes lives.

There is no where else I would have rather been that right there soaking it all in Smiling

Edge 2013

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Another great video for your weekly wisdom. I look forward to anything that is offered to us as it all has great content. Looking forward to attending the Edge next year and meeting like minded people.

Great to see & hear EDGE

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Great to see & hear EDGE gets better every year! Thank you!

2013 eDGe was AMAZING

Dean, this was a life changing event for us. We went with high expectations and even with that, we were pleased to have those expectations exceeded by leaps and bounds!!!!

The speakers were truly inspirational. Joe Jurak was as usual a treat to watch as well as very educational. Jen, Andrea, Ali, Gina, Carol, wow... all of it was something that we hoped for and as usual, you over delivered again.

For anyone who missed it. I can only say, you MUST do what you can to be there next year!!! It will help make your year successful!

Thank you again for all you do.

David and Mary Braun

Great to be at the Edge

Second year for us and even better than expected. Got some great nuggets and tips as well as making new friends and family members. We'll see you again next year at Edge 2014.

BTW, we cannot view the weekly blogs on devices with the newer Android OS. Adobe stopped supporting Flash so hopefully your team has already been working on a replacement so we can continue to get your messages!

Thanks again.

Kay and Larry Leighton

The Edge and Beyond

Again, I must say that even though I was not able to attend personally the Edge was Great!!!
But more than that, the Programs that Dean offers are awesome, and what Jen said in the Edge is so true regarding about "ME" being responsible to be successful. Dean, Staff and Family can provide all of the education/Mentoring in the World, but if I dont take action...then whose fault is that!!! If it wasnt for DG I would be in Reverse with that stickin thinkin.....Thanks again DG/Staff/Family for all of your support....I am Growing constantly..working through the stickin thinking to take action and make things happen

Dean, thank you for all you do!!!

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The Edge is such an AWESOME event. The education, the motivational presentations and the networking with like minded people is HUGE!
I know we are still implementing MULTIPLE new strategies that we learned at the EDGE. Deborah and I have officially started our daily "power hour". Thanks Jen!
It is such a priveledge and honor to be part of the DG family.


Jen Gray & Matt Larson

Both brilliant. I will be there next year. Bottom Line. Thanks to all.

The Edge Was Amazing

The Edge was truly Amazing Dean! It was my first time attending as well as my first time leaving California. I wouldn't have traded it for the world!! I left pumped and ready to make it happen. I can now say I applied one of Ali's techniques and it actually works, How about that! Really, I mean lets make this happen. By the way I want to thank you Dean and your team for allowing me and every single one who did not have the money to attend the edge, get in for free. What an amazing blessing. I thank God for you and your team. Words are just undescribable, this year will be the best year yet! Can't wait to meet you all again next yr at the Edge 2014.


"Its up to you, you are the

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"Its up to you, you are the common denominator" Wow there is so much in that statement. All of it was good, but that really stood out to me because its so true. We are taught to blame and that everything is always someone else's fault, but that's not true. At some point you have to look in the mirror and examine yourself. Once you accept the truth that its up to you and quit blaming circumstances and others, then and only then will you be on your way!

The Edge was Rocking

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Hi DG Fam

The event was totally amazing. Where else can you learn to make cash now!! and network with so many other people that are making it happen in there town. Not only do you learn the techniques that people are using to make the deals happen but you also learn how to over come fear and set your mind to succeed. Can't wait for 2014 Edge!

Weekly Wisdom etc.

Your Weekly Wisdoms always get me pumped and inspires me to get out there and make this work. Also those clips from the Edge were great. Can't wait to see more!


Jen is so right

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It is so good to again hear Jen Gray say: "Success is a decision." She is so right about it. If it is important to you you will find a way, if not you will find an excuse. But it was even better to hear her say it live at the Edge. Man, did she rock the house. I don't think there was a dry eye in the audience. She truly is an inspiration. Folks make sure to be at the Edge in person next year.

Pat Visser

Weekly Wisdom

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Thanks for the pep-talk. I needed it today. Your website is a wealth of resources and information!

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