Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #239 - 88 Keys

Dean has mentioned it before, but the number of his successful female students just keeps increasing. This is especially encouraging for the other ladies out there and perhaps even a bit of a challenge to the guys to step up their game!

So in this blog, along with some great advice and tips from Dean, you’re going to get a peek into the live and story of one of these successful ladies.
This will surely be music to your ears... pun intended.

Amazing woman!

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Thanks Dean for spotlighting this amazing woman! She is one my most favorite people in the world! Gena is such an incredible example and exudes class! Not only is she extremely generous, down to earth, an incredibly gifted teacher, she portrays an amazing example as a mother, a wife and truly a godly woman, who is absolutely killing it in RE. Smiling

Gena - you are destined for greatness! God IS and WILL use you in mighty ways. Thank you for being You! Love you hun!!


Thank you

That was interesting listening to the video it is really motivating. I am just finishing reading 30 days to cash for the second time. And went back and read Anita success story and I have been nervous about making an offer but hearing this today and re reading Anita story I am going to make my second offer Tuesday. This will be my second by and hold thanks to you Dean. Thank you for this site and the help to get over our fears and just do it.

Oh geez...

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Thanks Dean for sharing my video! You are my hero! Everyone can do this. You just have to keep on putting one foot in front of the other and if any brick walls show up, walk right through them. Set your goals and speak them out loud. When I was just starting your education, I was talking with my husband Nick. We were saying that I was going to be the success story of the older couple who weren't broke, but needed a boost - Ha! Here it is. All things are created twice, first in our minds then in reality. I love being your token baby boomer:)
Hey, stop by some time and I'll play you more piano. We'll do a duet...

OMG!!! Such a beautiful blog!

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Gena is and has been such an inspiration for me since I first met her here on DG! It has been such an honor to know her, and to try to follow in her footsteps! As everyone who attended the Edge this year and were able to witness her presentation firsthand, they will agree with me on what an amazing woman Gena is! Simply superb in every way: ... as a mom, as a teacher, as an investor, as a pianist, as a DG family member! (Love you too Gena!!! Congrats on 35yrs!! xx)

I feel so blessed to be part of the group of successful DG women investors; there is no way I would have been able to accomplish any of my rei deals without the DG education! It's been hard work, but I knew in my heart that I could do it if I had the right guidance, and I have gotten that and more through everything and everyone that you have placed in my path, and especially through your continuous motivation.

I still have a long way to go, but my GOAL is always in front of me, and I'm getting closer every day! Today I am in a totally different place than I was a couple of years ago before I joined the DG family...leaps ahead!!!
Thank you from my heart!

Gena, Gena Gena

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You are so inspirational. Love listening to what you have to say. Thanks Dean for showing that to us.

Thanks Dean & Gena!

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You're a great motivator!! Smiling I'm a baby boomer's never too late to make your dreams come true and I'm working on it!

Wow that inspiration!


Thank you for highlighting Gena's story. A true inspiration, someone I have seen on your live webcasts, such a strong presence. I would really love to learn from this wonderful personality. She makes you want to do it and learn how.

How did she do it, how does she do it? I know there is a power and a reason that brought us all here. Stories like Gina's makes that glow and you want to learn more.

Gena, share with us more as you have done already, just chomping at the bit to hear and learn more, help us grow Smiling

Thank you

I served for 30 years in the Navy and I would like to say thank you for your thoughts. I would like to thank you for all veterans who gave their all for this country. I miss some of them very much. I tip my hat to you Dean.

She IS a big deal ;)

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I was blessed to meet Gena ( our IE Mom) and some of the other amazing women killing it in RE at this year's EDGE event. They are definitely a force to be recognized. When I grow up, I want to be just like them ( success wise Eye-wink )

It's long been thought that RE is a man's game but having a realtor Mom ( now retired), I know that woman run more of the RE world than we think. Thank you Dean for recognizing this.

Maybe now I can trade deals for Piano lessons? What do you say Gena? lol Laughing out loud

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC and IE member

BIG DEAL absolutely!!

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We had the honor of meeting Gena at the Edge Event, and her story has really inspired me. I love her "IT IS A BIG DEAL" shirt because it meant more than a shirt, she had a goal and she made it. Thank you for the inspiration and your story, it has inspired me and my husband.

Tina Scott

Girls, Girls, Girls Yuck!

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That from my 10 year old son. The best thing I did was to have a girl join the team over here at Jaguar Investment Group in 2012. My sister Monica can't lift a hammer to save her life, and she is still sore from pulling out some staples from a floor about 6 weeks ago, but her people skills are over the top. We just had an open house today at one of our rehab homes and we had all the neighbors over to preview it, complete with barbecue and then the showing after that. Most of the leads we are getting for our next projects are just coming from people she knows in her extensive network of personal contacts. She gave me credit today with the visitors that came to the house letting them know that I made the rehab happen so I think it only fair to get her name out there and give her credit for her gift of gab!


We've Come Along Way Baby !

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Hi Dean

Thank you for another inspirational weekely wisdom....

Yes......We Women Are Strong.......There Is Nothing We Can't Achieve.....With Positive Mind Set

" We've Come Along Way Baby " Smiling


Great Inspiration

Enjoyed the video, but it just cut at the end, would have been great for a wrap-up and ending after her little chat! Thanks, keep them coming...

I Am Woman......Hear Me Roar

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In Numbers To Big To Ignore.....

A Helen Reddy Song....Everyone Knows It....

Dean, I Just Had to Post Once More this week.

Thank You For All You Do....Have A Great Week.


Thank you!

Gena, you are truly great to work with. I have been sitting on the sidelines for several years, and you got me involved in a nice deal that went very smoothly. Hope to do many more.

Thank you for sharing Gena's

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Thank you for sharing Gena's video. She is amazing and an inspiration!

So Inspiring!

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Thanks Gena and Dean for sharing this. REI is the WAY we have chosen to build our lives and WE are so thankful for every nugget you offer to make us and our business better.

Love to hear success stories

I love to hear success stories like these. I have been fighting to get this started for so long. But it just doesn't seem to be clicking. I have the motivation and drive. I have the burning desire. I just need the path. Can someone please tell me HOW? I have invested in so many "gurus" that there isn't any money left. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Such an encouraging story

I love to hear stories like this because it reminds me of what's possible through real estate. My parents are recently retired and they have a decent income in retirement but it's fixed. But they would never consider real estate so I figure I will do real estate and let them see by example what an opportunity it is. Nothing encourages others to get involved like success! But hey if my parents and siblings don't get into real estate, they'll still get blessed and benefit from it through me.


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Of an AMAZING WOMAN !! Gena you ARE such a giver.It is astonishing what a short period of time learning deans path and plan can do for someone !! You are a shining example of what knowledge + action = results means. Congratulations on a happy family and reaching all your hard earned goals. Many more riches are wished upon you girl !!!! Thank you for all you share Smiling and thank you Dean Graziosi for teaching and inspiring us all !!!

Fantastic Gena, just incredible!

I could not be happier for you and your success. Congratulations to you and GOOD JOB. You are an extremely talented woman and you have accomplished mountains more than I ever will. I truly am happy for you. You must believe me.

Anyhow, you just keep on doing what you are doing. I think it is great and wonderful all the experiences you are having and able to share with your family. You are so blessed. It is almost unbelievable. Hugs and love come your way.

Congrats to her and what a

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Congrats to her and what a great testimony. And the thing is she is just an average everyday person just like all of us. I think just simply hearing the stories of others is sometimes all the encouragement we need. I wish her and everyone here continued success!!


Hi Dean,

I look forward to watching your weekly wisdom videos because I come away feeling encouraged. And today's video did just that!

Gena and I have something in common and that is that we are both married to great men and didn't/don't want our husbands to work themselves to death.

So, I'm inspired, moved, motivated to make a difference in our financial future, as well as, our children's and grandchilren's well being.


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Love You Gena and I cannot wait to see you tomorrow night! You're Amazing and I'm happy to call you my friend!


Gena Horiatis

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I've heard Gena's story before and have watched her videos, but I never tire of her inspiring energy. One thing that runs through the stories of all of Dean's successful students is that you must believe in yourself and DO THE WORK if you want to be successful. As Dean often says, it's not real estate that holds you back - it's life's distractions. Gena clearly has not let those distractions get in her way.


Incredible, she makes it sound easy in a way but I guess it's like anything else, you learn the lingo and the sky is the limit. Teaching is something that I love to do and to effect people in a way that it could change their life, now that is inspiring. Thanks Gena and Dean

Strong Women Move us

Since my grandmother lived so close to us I have always been amazed by strong women. She held the family close and together. She always had a vegetable and flower garden. She was the first business owner I knew by owning a grocery store and filling station in rural GA. Thanks Gena for sharing and inspiring us to take action.

Thank You for Sharing Gena's Success

Gena's video is very inspiring. Glad to hear so many women are now finding success in the DG family.

I've been re-reading your books and I am taking action this week by being involved on and contacting buyers and sellers.

Thanks, Dean, for all your advice and inspiration.

Just love Gena! She truly

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Just love Gena! She truly rocks and is such a motivator! I will be moving closer to where she is and hope to get more nuggets of wisdom from her.


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