Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdon #169 - A 3 Step Method to Fixing Problems

If everything in your life is working perfectly, if you’re doing deal after deal, have great health, awesome relationships and all the money you need...feel free to ignore this Week's blog.

However, if you have anything in your life that isn't working...if you are unhappy, have less satisfaction or money than you want and need, then spend 7 exciting minutes as Dean takes to the whiteboard and walks you through a simple exercise you can duplicate…on a single sheet of notebook paper.

You’ll see how to identify what is working and what isn't, find solutions –AND - EVEN make what works well, even better.
Big promise? You bet it is and Dean delivers. Grab something to write with and get ready to rock.

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Thank you Dean

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thanks once again Dean for another great blog. I do believe this will help a lot.

I wanted to share something our pastor said today. A dark room is where negatives are developed. So stay in the light and positive areas.

Take care Dean and God bless you and the DG family.


Hey Dean Real good

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Hey Dean
Real good video , I really like the multiplier . I actually have started something like that. I have advertised for RE,Investor trainee on Craigslist and so far have 2 trainee's.I am having them post buyer ads on CL and these people go to my squeeze page, and I have gotten real good buyers from this. I get about 6-7 leads a day from this.I dont pay them, they get paid when I close a deal.This is working really well for me.Thanks for the video and all the wisdom you give us every week.

Take care

Curtis Fillers
(Charlotte, NC)

PS- I am also putting in 2 offers a day !!

Hi Dean

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Another great message Dean. I totally identify with this message. Sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night, thinking about things i need to do the next day or soon, and i write it down so i will not forget. Thanks again and have a great week!

Hi,Dean a truly inspiration!!!

Dean: You are a great leader and wonerful communicator. This was a great Blog. I sat down this mourning after reading and finished Think and Grow Rich by Napleon Hill and sat at the computer and started to write. This blog hit the spot for figuring out whats wrong. I also read the news letter from 2/2/12 and printed a copy of what exites me about R.E. Also it is hard to stay on top of things when I have to go to the doctor Twice a week but I can and will suceed with persistance and desire to become and R.E.I. Stage 4 Colo/Rectal cancer hit hard but it did not stop me.Sucess Academy is wonderful. I recomend this to everybody. "Thanks Dean"

Thanks Dean

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I usually write a 'to do list'; but what you showed us today puts everything in perspective-I never thought about writing down what is working and what is not, just things that I still had to do; so now I'm changing my list to include your suggestions which will help me stay motivated to make things work better!

Thank you for sharing what you learn to help us be better investors too!

Learning and progressing every day,

Love the multiplier!

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Hello Dean - a great message as always. I appreciate the reminder about writing things down - it does always reduce the stress when you see it in black & white. I need to use more multipliers. Though I have a great team, I've been resistent (fearful?) to add interns and other helpers. I'm going to step forward in this pursuit. My very best to you as you present to the masses tomorrow. Looking so forward to seeing you at the Edge!

Love the multiplier!

steinway024's picture

Hello Dean - a great message as always. I appreciate the reminder about writing things down - it does always reduce the stress when you see it in black & white. I need to use more multipliers. Though I have a great team, I've been resistent (fearful?) to add interns and other helpers. I'm going to step forward in this pursuit. My very best to you as you present to the masses tomorrow. Looking so forward to seeing you at the Edge!

Appreciate you covering the Multiplier...

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Hi Dean,

I've often viewed the Multiplier mindset in much of the same manner as I view Automation. I definitely have a focus on placing systems in place to better automate my business.

I want to use my business to be a blessing in the lives of others. But, if all I'm doing is trading hours for dollars, then I am limiting myself to how beneficial I can be to others.

However, if I focus on adding Multipliers to my business (i.e. Automating) then I raise my ability exponentially as to what I'm able to do for others.

Thank you again for reminding us all about the importance of adding Multipliers into our business and into our lives.


that is the main deal!

thanks Dean, you have no idea what problem solver message it is. Thanks again. keep-up.

Another great strategy for success!

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This is a great strategy that I myself have to put into action! I am one of those who keep saying I am going to improve a technique or tweek a strategy and I keep it im my mind and never get to it. I am going to start writing them down and working on them as they come to mind.

Thanks Dean!

Great message Dean

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I for some reason didn't realize that Matt started with co wholesaling, the same thing I'm doing. And, now that you laid this all out, what's not working with that is that 90% of the other wholesaler's deals aren't deals at all, or they inflate the comps/values, and lower the repairs, so I've been having to spend so much of my time analyzing them. Time to get my trainees working on that for me! (I have 2 of them Smiling)

Great message! Thanks Dean!

I am proud to say

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That I am part of Matt Larsons ARMY of WHOLESALERS! I am a multiplier for Matt and I will be fine tuning my skills and adding multipliers of my own soon!

this weeks blog

Just getting stsrted here. But this certainly makes good sense and helps me to see how I can reach even much greater success in the future. All of the advice is always good. I am still absorbing as much information as I can get my hands on. I was somewhat skeptical at first, but the more I have researched the clearer the picture has become. So thanks again Dean. I can't afford the weekend in Arizona but I bet you by next yearI will be one of the first to make my reservations----Motivated I am. Donnie

Hey Dean

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Awesome Idea .... I'm going to start on that right now.

This weeks Video Blogtacular showing!

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Hey Dean, simply "OUTSTANDING!"

Thank you for all you do and I appreciate the lesson and how you broke it down in SIMPLE terms for all to UNDERSTAND and get a "clue"...

Peak performance doesn't take "rocket science" to understand...just focused thought, with solution orientated determination.

I thank you...

Herschel..."The One"

Here is my question Dean

Hi Dean

Thanks for this video, it is inspiring and a good tool.

At the end you said that questions are welcome, so here is my question:

How do you plan your day/week/month? If I would like to become a real estate broker, how much time should I allocate to find good deal, and how much time should I spend on other area like family and mastermind group (like the 25k group by Joe Polish).

Can you please tell us your schedule so that we can model that in some ways to achieve similar success as yours?

Thank you.

Thank you. It is important

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Thank you. It is important to write these things down so, we can visually see what we need to do. It's something to focus on to get things working.

Duplicate and Multiply

A great idea, we always here Duplicate, but never multiply what you duplicate, once it is working mmmmmmmmm... Opportunity.
Thanks Dean, another blessing
Nathan and Sandy
God bless

Wisdon...??? Wisdom # 169

Dean, i woke up this morning and pulled out a piece of paper....i started to outline my strategy.... because i knew i was not seeing it clearly...then i looked at my email...and there you were...telling me exactly...what i need to hear...thank you a million....di

whats not working

Dean, if something is not working don't you think it may be the wrong thing to do all around, and really won't be fixable at all? Please share the things that are working for successful investors?

Great informtion

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Hi Dean
Great as always. If I could have found what works and what does not and how to multiply what is working I would have had been making deals from this chair. Today I get my first cast off and my dad is having sugary,when I get back from the hospitable today I will work on this.

This will help in other areas of life as well.

Thank you for your time and words of wisdom every week

At first I thought

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this is too simple, but when you got to the multipliers and talking about Matt Larson, it clicked for me and I thought there are some things I can expand on and or do different. Thanks so much Dean!!

Wow Dean

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....amazing how simplicity is key. I remember from my English Lit. teacher in high school (long time ago) used to love the saying, KISS wich means Keep it Simple Stupid! Ha, oh so true, It really hit me with your weekly wisdom this week. If it's not working but it should be then how do you improve upon it? Thanks for the step it up technique and pushing me off my @#%@@
to do it, I know exactly what it is!!!

My moments of revelation come from your weekly words of wisdom, Dean THANK YOU!


Made my T-chart with you and it is an eye opener this morning. I will be taking steps to change the Nots into the IS and then finding my multipliers -

Great Reminder !!!!!


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Makes total sense to me. I see a lot around me of people multiplying what does NOT work for them. This little exercise you just talked about applies to anything in life. Thanks for sharing.



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thanks Dean
makes total sense,when we wright down what dosent work we know what needs to be fixed so we can move to what works & then multiply what does.
Love all the support from you Dean & all DGers.
See you in Tulsa on the 28th.

Matt B

Circle of Influence

Last week I was on a webinar about your "CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE" These two real estate investors have really created an enormous influence on thousands of real estate investors. When they have a live event, thousands of people are there. When you have a live event, there are only about two hundred people attending. I think that you have lost your "circle of influence" with us real estate investors.

what's not working

Katie Taplin's picture

I was hard to deal with 'what is not working' but your generosity and wisdom have made it possible to move items over to the 'what's working' column. I'm so grateful to have been a part of your programs.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks for sharing the concept of the multiplier

Hi Dean,

I'm looking to become mortgage and debt free and have decided to take action with your programmes. Instead of being afraid of action, I'm now more afraid of inaction. I've read half of your book and was stimulated by the examples of real-estate deals. I'm dedicating part of my lunches to your blogs.


Nigel G.

Thanks for sharing

Hi Dean,
Thanks for sharing your blog on making a list of what is working and what is not working-this makes good sense. When I listen to your blogs I get super charged on going forward with your concepts-but I don't have any available funds to work with real estate or anything else other than my financial state. Right now, I'm just fighting to keep my house and keep my family going.
Any suggestions that could head me in the right direction---

Tricia D.

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