My Aha moment!

Hey guys,

The E.D.G.E of Excitement


Or better yet, Greetings from the E.D.G.E. I am in Phoenix, AZ at Dean's very FIRST Conference. I don't know how today will go but last night at the Meet & Greet was AWESOME!

I met so many people from the site and I got to see Rina, Laura Johnson, Elena, Lloydsap, Vaugh and many, many more.

I can't wait to post on Day 1 of the conference. The excitement, the education, the enthusiasm and well I guess the "MAN". Dean is to open the conference this morning at 9am and "teach".

We Could All Learn From Susan Boyle!

If you haven't heard about this woman by now you must be living in a cave... LOL!

Dean's Live Event!

Well, we're down to the wire now folks. This coming weekend is Dean's Live Event! I for one, am SO excited to finally be able to meet all the great people I've met online @ face to face... WOW! That's SO cool!! I'm taking a couple of days off work to attend but I know it's worth it. Luckily I have a great job with personal days accumulated so I can do that with pay. Of course once I supplement my income with more deals I won't have to worry about that any more... LOL!

What's Your "Why" for Investing?

In my video I say why I started my rei journey. I don't remember if it was edited out or not. So I'm going to share it with you. I apologize if I'm repeating it. The reason or my "why" is because of my three lovely daughters. I struggled a lot when they were young and we couldn't afford to have many of the material things their friends had. So I had to work AND play many times to save up and buy them. When I did my first deal I was able to splurge a little on them. I bought my oldest her first car for graduation. I bought myself a van so I could have reliable transportation for once.

What Keeps You Motivated?

Everyday I deal with teenagers at my day job. Many of them struggle with staying motivated at school. I often encourage them to read "the Secret", which luckily we have in our library. Teens now a days are so anxious to grow up and many of them are already facing parenthood. But they seem to lack direction and motivation. They think school is a joke. Which honestly, to a degree is. Our school system has come down so far it amazes me. I actually am witnessing the dumbing down of America first hand, but that's another blog!!! LOL!

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