Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #137 - Road To Success

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog
In this week's blog Dean shares some wisdom relating to failing as a part of the road to success. Part of this is a helpful exercise to help identify what is working for you and what isn't. Once you've finished this exercise you will have a better appreciation for the things you did that didn't work and how to focus on the things that are working.

Also, Dean hints at some big things in the works that he will be revealing in the near future. Be sure to watch for all the emails coming your way and check back at the site often so you don't miss a thing.

Thanks Dean

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Thanks for another great blog Dean. I know we have not completed as many deals as some other students here on this site. I feel that he have done so much more and what you said in your blog is why we feel so much more successful. All of the things that did not go right have helped us to the success that we do have in REI.

Thanks Dean for all that you do for us. We are looking forward to what you have coming for us here in the next few weeks.

Steve and Veronica.

Thanks Dean for another great blog

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More words of wisdom to live by & motivate me up the REI road to success.GOD Bless you & your family,Dean.

Corpus Christi,Texas

Thanks Dean

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That's a great way to see where, like you said, things maybe didn't work the first time, or the first 3 times... but eventually it did. Or maybe realizing that your approach was not the best one, and you didn't succeed, but by observing that and adjusting things - you succeed!!



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Success is self-defined.

If I base my success only on results, then the joys of succeeding will be a never ending process of my chasing "bigger" and "better" goals.

If I reframe my definition of success, however, as a PROCESS of growth and improvement as well as reaching goals and performance milestones, then I am succeeding ALL THE TIME.

If I play, I win.


Steps to Success

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Great video and great for all of us to remember, that failures are part of learning. I just finished reading the book called "Failing Forward" by John C. Maxwell. It was recommended reading from a seminar that I took and great reading on the exact same subject. Behind every success story there are failures. We may have failed at doing something, but WE are NOT FAILURES. We are just moving forward.


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Thanks for another forward thinking advice.We do not learn until we fail at you said many times....we r MADE by how well we BOUNCE back from a failure.....after all a failure is just an opportunity to bounce back, learn then SUCCEED!! ..... we NEED to take this advice ....AND USE IT! !!

Good points...

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.... but I would like to think that my biggest successes are "built upon the backs of other people's failures." Sure, I've also made some bonehead decisions over 30 years which I learned something from, but I also learn from other people's mistakes as well. Looking forward to your new ideas.

We Face This Every Day

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I used to have a friend that would be discouraged and thought it was just his luck when something didn't go his way. Needless to say this guy was never happy.

I believe this is the one thing that can make you successful or make you a failure, because it doesn't matter whether you fail on an REI deal, fail at a test, or fail at cooking your eggs right in the morning. If you can't take a mistake and learn from it, then you will never succeed at anything.

I have been in and out of martial arts since I was 14 and I have seen this same mentality in the fighters I trained with. The champions ALWAYS came back from that devastating knock-out.

Thanks Dean, I always look forward to your blogs, Ben

I'm gonna be SO successful!

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Because I keep failing OVER and OVER and OVER again! Sticking out tongue 12 no s... 1 step closer to a yes! Thanks for the pep talk! Smiling

I love no's

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I love No's because i know i am getting close to a yes and all over again Smiling

No's Are Actually Yes's

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I have been learning that if you fail enough, you will learn the road to success. This week's blog is so apropos to the task at hand. It has real "meat" in it and thereby the encouragement to keep on keeping on in spite of the failures or no's. I really relate to this weeks blog; I surely hope it speaks to others the way it did to me.

Another great Blog

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Dean, This really makes a lot of since to me. When I first started out I got a lot of nos. But the difference is, I choice not to let nos stand in my way. I looked at it as I am one step closer to a yeas.



Another very inspiring blog. Thanks. Yo do keep the family inspired. Please keep doing what yo do for the family. Cannot wait for what's in store. God bless. Keep it coming. Felipe New York

Pushing on for Success

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Things have been getting tight but I continue on to strive for what I set out to do from the beginning. I told myself I will not be in the same situation I am in right now next year. I think maybe I am setting the bar to high but that is what keeps me pushing on for success. I know that first deal will come,maybe not today or tomorrow but as long as I keep striving for success it will come.

Thanks Dean


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Thanks for doing another weekly video blog for all of us. Each day can be an adventure and what will learn will better prepare us for tomorrow or that next deal. Often we do not understand why we go through what we do until later in life. That is how we get experience. learn valuable lessons for what we do and through time become better at what we do. We wish you continued success in all you do! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

regards Blog

This Blog is oh so true,failures and winners,Dean that was excellent how you explained to us,It seems when you make list on paper,look at options, I think you really see true picture. Thanks Dean Carol in Texas

regards Blog

This Blog is oh so true,failures and winners,Dean that was excellent how you explained to us,It seems when you make list on paper,look at options, I think you really see true picture. Thanks Dean Carol in Texas


Excellent ideas Dean.



today's Blog..

It's the old law of trial and error.. GOOD POINT

ergards blog

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Thank you! Dean, I seem to have done almost all of the above here in California where we have so many forclosers and banks that just are difficult to work with. I am encouraged each time i see your blogs. I am refreshed! Auh!

Paul in So Cal.

Thanks Dean

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Always good to see someone with an encouraging message out there --
thanks for all you do --
Linda Lee Sharpe

just like riding the bike...

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thank you for doing these blogs and giving us something to think about every week...

there would be no success if there were no failures!

just like learning to ride a bike, you have to fall a few times to get the hang of it... there will be some who will not want to get back on it, but there are others who will not give up, until they can accomplish it.

Learning and progressing every day,



We Learn,We Change, And If We Dont Give Up We Win.


Blog 137

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Great blog Dean. I know I have heard a lot of no's and waiting for the yes.



Hi Dean:
Speaking of failures, what have you learned about the Private Money rollout?

Thanks dean

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That's something that we should all think about believe me i do every day i think about what i did wrong,or what i said wrong so the next time i know what not to do and what not to say and yes i have run into alot of failures while doing this,but i don't let that hold me back or down i keep pushing forward and striving to do more and working at it and i know alot of us have the same goals in life to do more and yes it's a real challenge and that's what life is. Thank you again!


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You are an awesome, compassionate person-Thanks so much Dean.......

Words of Wisdom

Hi Dean,

You definitely have a way with words even though we've heard this before your message resonated this time. Thank you for taking the time to motivate us.

Have you ever read the book "Go For No" by Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz? It's an awesome book! They also have a blog "Fail Your Way to Success".

Thanks again!

Forks in the road which one to take ?

Hey Dean, Thanks for blog was thought
provoking and it made me see that I have found myself at forks in the road too !
The key is always to move forward and never's a phrase I use; well a quote...
"When sucess is the only outcome your willing to accept, then you can never FAIL!"
Until later Dean take care, Phil Lully

Good patch

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I do not know how much $$ that i put into it, how many time, how many things that i try? and how long that is take me? don't know yet!!!

This is the good patch me up to the level of success, keep me going

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