Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #51 - A Bittersweet 3 Minutes and 26 Seconds

In this blog, Dean gives an out of this world overview, on an easy method for pocketing profits. This just might be the most valuable three minutes you spend all week!

Watch this blog and you’ll discover how to put cash in your pockets right away. Sadly, Dean wraps up this video with a personal message to one of our DG family. We ask you would please join us in offering up our prayers and condolences.

Thanks Dean!

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For some reason I had a really hard time wrapping my mind around Gregs deals - and you just made it clear in three minutes time! Love it Smiling New studio looks great by the way!

Keep It Super Simple

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Gotta get on it! I have not made a lease option deal yet, but my partner and I are working on a deal right now with a guy who just moved into a townhouse with his fiance and just wants to get out of his payment!

He is talking to his bank on Monday to make sure that there is not a due on sale clause that would be triggered by a lease option.

In addition to laundromats for putting up flyers with pull tabs go to Storage units! people who are trying to sell a house sometimes put all of there extra stuff into a storage space to make the house look more spacious!

Great video

Thanks Dean for sharing this valuable information with us. Greg Murphy sure knows how to rake in those deals. The new studio is truly warm and inviting. God Bless.

Blog #51

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Great information and support system. Good looking new studio also.


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Love it!

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Have been reading all kinds of info on Lease options. This is the way I want to go forth on my RE path. Just reread Greg Murphy's story in PFRERN. Wasn't planning on doing sandwich leases, but maybe I will!


Wonderful Blog

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I love how easy Greg Murphy makes his money. Lease options are working out very well it seems. Dean, thank you for your kind words. I am trying to get back into the swing of things and come back in full force soon. My mom has come to me, I am going to make her proud. Some people said her passing while I was away, was her way of telling me move on. God bless all of the dg family. Love


Great info

Valuable info and tips .. Greg you are the LEASE King and Dean you are always an inspiration ..
Many thanks to both ..

Randy S
Elkton , MD

P.S. Jeremy -- God bless ya man !! Be strong .. Your Mom is proud of you for sure ..


Greg is awesome!

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I love how he has made sandwich Lease/Options a piece of cake!
Dean, thank you for giving us an easy-to-follow summary of this great strategy!!
And the new studio is beautiful. Smiling


love to you, Jeremy. Good to see you back..

Thank you Dean and Greg!!

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I never thought of sandwich lease options for foreclosures...I still have some questions, but now want to LOOK INTO THIS! Thank you Dean for making us aware of this and explaining it so well!

Go Greg!!!

God Bless you, Jeremy


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Thanks for taking the time to share another weekly video blog with all of us. Greg is an amazing investor and a great all around person. I had the pleasure of meeting Greg in Utah and I must have asked him more than 100 questions during a lunch. He was so gracious to answer each and every question that I had. He is an inspiration to all of us and proves that you can make money in real estate without money and without credit! Way to go Greg, keep up the good work. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Due on Sale Clause

If the loan has a due on sale clause, what options are there to work around that? If current owners are walking away, I would think you wouldn't want to send them payments in hopes of them forwarding it to the mortgage holder for you. Would it be better to use a third party to forward those payments in and what type of entity would be best to use when lease options happen?

Lease Options

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I like the new studio. It seems everyone has the blue windows behind with the wood borders. I think being different is better.

I like the lease option deals. I am sure Greg is enjoying his success too. I intend to try this soon too. I need to close on this first deal to have the monetary power to move ahead on lease deals. Maybe I am being too conservative. It seems that Greg is able to do this without money from his own pocket. I guess I need to look at this option a little closer.

Congratulations Greg on this method for achieving your dream.


wkly blog. Lease/option

Here in Napa the majority of people are upside down on there houses. They owe $460k or more and there house is worth $3ook with a monthly payment of $3,000. How do you make it work when its upside down? You want to come in and do a lease option for $265 but what about the $195k differance they owe the bank? The bank is not letting that go and the home owner is not taking it. The home owner is saying they would rather let the house go than sell for less than they owe.

Jeremy, sorry to hear about your mom. Ive been told everything happens for a reason even if I dont like the reason. Every thing in life will make you stronger or weaker depending on how you handle each situation.



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You have to find properties with equity to make this work.

Thanks for clarifying.....

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Thanks for clarifying that up. I'm on my way to get that done Friday hopefully. Have to go meet with the seller about it....


Greg is the Man

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Wish that we had more time to spend with him last week, I wanted to pick his brain, but while we were out eating Greg was doing a deal in his hotel room. That's why he is successful.
Thanks for the shout out to Jeremy, I know he appreciates it very much....Jan

Great Blog!

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Dean -

Thanks for sharing and being an inspiration. I am still reading the book and these blogs keep me going. I can't wait to get my first deal lined up.

Jeremy, keep up the good work. Your mum will certainly be proud


VBlob 51

This stuff is dynamite! Hopefully the full Greg Murphy interview will be shown in an upcoming Empowering Conversations video.

BTW I loved the first video in this series (Joe and Stacey). It was full of detailed information on how they did their deals.

Thanks Dean and Greg!

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Another great blog! I've been really interested in the way Greg has put his deals together and I would like to do the same. I'm starting to get my flyers and my COA messages ready to go and hopefully by the beginning of next year, I'll be sharing my success story as well.
Thank you for all you do. Good luck to everyone!

Rick Merritt
Trident Realty, LLC

Yay !! Love it !!!!

When I heard Greg's conference call with Dean last March I said --- "That was my FAVORITE conference call". Although I must admit I have not heard all of them. I also must admit that there are a lot of GREAT calls Dean did with a lot of great people.
Greg has really figured out how to do this! And that is totally awesome!
I have the utmost highest respect for Dean & Greg and MANY others here at this site.

And yes, as Rina said (above), Dean, thanks for going over this sandwich lease option material which Greg has mastered. I want to go over it and review it over and over again until I finally get it.


Michael Barnes

Way to go Dean

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You have made it so easy for us and to hear how greg is doing is fantastic, I have always been interested in lease options, on my website i even wrote an article about it but I can not find a way to do lease options on a foreclosure or REO, Lousia if you find a way please let me know.

And Jeremy words can not describe your loss, so all I can say is hurry back and make more deals.

With Great Admiration,

Bob Ross


I lost my mom in 2003.
My sincere condolences to you.

Michael Barnes


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My Condolences to Jeremy.

I lost my mom last year. Always remember the good times and how much you loved each other. My prayer for you is that each passing day gives you renewed strength.

Setting price on Lease/Option

I love the Greg Murphy Lease/Option stories, but Dean said something that confused me a bit. He gave an example that had a tenant buyer giving a $3K downpayment to get into the home, then said that 2 or 3 years down the road you set a price for the home and pocket the profit. Why would anyone give you $3K without knowing the end price? Wouldn't a buyer want/need to agree on an end price before signing an agreement? I would think so but would love to hear some thoughts on this.

Dean, Your Timing is Perfect!

I was feeling a little discouraged about lease options today so your video blog could not have come at a better time. Of all your students, Greg is the one I relate to the most. I was just thinking about him today as I was driving around my city looking for properties. We have about 30,000 people here and I was thinking how successful Greg is with just 8,000 people. If Greg can do it, then so can I! I found 3 FSBOs today and plan to call them tomorrow. Thank you, Dean, for all that you do. Congratulations on your beautiful new studio.

To Jeremy

I lost my mom on June 2 of this year. I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Lease Option vs. Subject to...

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In a lease option you don't take title to the property. My concern with a lease option is that since the homeowner is having financial trouble to start with then there is a risk of judgments being put on the title.

I would much rather do a deal subject to the existing mortgage where I take title. This protects the title from any judgments the homeowner may acquire due to their financial instability. You can still lease option the property but you have the title. This makes it much less risky when the lease purchase is up and you sell the property.

Just my opinion...

Heres my 2 cents

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you talked about borrowing money then paying it back, well I need 1200.00 earnest money to fund a deal, the rest of it I am doing hard money, the 1200.00 will be paid back within 30 to 45 days or as soon as they refund my earnest money.

Thank you,
Bob Ross or in the academy known as Robert Ross

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