Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #59 - You'll Change a Life With One Click

This week, Dean has a tremendous task for you. Now don't get all stressed out...

You don't even have to budge from your chair to do it.

One click and you can help someone's life change forever. Just help Dean choose who he's going to send on a vacation.

Why would Dean pay for someone else's vacation?

Watch the video and find out...(who knows, maybe it'll be you!).

Click here to cast your vote now! Voting is closed... The contest results are in!
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PS: If you are curious how many of our successful students have benefited from our Success Academy, the answer is many! If you would like to see if the Success Academy is a good fit for you, be sure to call 1-877-219-1473 ext 315

After you vote, you can check out all of the amazing entries at

You can also learn more about the contest and see how you can enter in the contest for 2010 on the Send Me Away Dean contest website.


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Thanks for taking the time to post another weekly video blog. It's been a great weekend for us and this is a terrific way to cap it off. We really appreciate the opportunity to participate in the "Send Me Away Dean, 2009 Contest." We were thrilled when we saw that we made it as a finalist! Thank You!

We really appreciate you making 2009 a banner year for us with your books, programs and the Live Gain the EDGE Event! It has truly been a year to remember for us! Thank you and continued success in all you do! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe and Stacey

P.S. We hope everyone enjoys our finalist video from our "Grand Adventure" in 2009! Thank you for your support to continue the Chronicles of our Epic Adventures! ~ Indiana-Joe

Great stories!!

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Wow, so cool to see the videos and the lives changed in 2009! Congrats everyone for making your dream a reality! (Boy, was it hard to choose who to vote for!!)
Congratulations Dean, on another year of making a difference! You are awesome!!!!!!!!!!


It's like a dream coming true!

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I can't believe how your books and programs have changed our lives during the past 10 months. We had found "HOPE" again as we decided to pursue the American Dream! I never could have imagined this. Your books and the Gain the EDGE event literally changed our lives forever! We have been so happy to share what we have learned with others along the way. We look forward to a brighter future and want to say thank you!

We were so thrilled when we saw that we made it as a finalist for the "Send Me Away Dean, 2009 Contest." Thank you for all you do, you are an inspiration to countless people! Carpe Diem! (Seize the day!) :0) - Stacey

P.S. We hope everyone enjoys our finalist video from our "Grand Adventure" in 2009! Please check out our finalist video. Thank you for your support to continue the "Chronicles of our Epic Adventures"!

- Stacey and Joe (Indiana-Joe)

There were so many great entries...

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It was REALLY, REALLY hard to narrow it down to five. We appreciate everyone taking the time to submit their videos. Everyone should check them all out once they vote.

There are two pages worth of videos on the media site to look at all of the submission after you vote:

Here's to everyone having a bunch of success in 2010 and sending in your entry!

2009 was amazing and I can only imagine 2010 should be even better! There is just as much opportunity in RE now, if not more than before.

The window for us average folk to get in the game is staying open, which is awesome, so stay on point and keep moving towards the prize!

Be sure to vote! I know there are tons of people who lurk here all the time but don't have an account. To make sure the voting is fair you have to be a registered user here. It is free and takes about 20 seconds to do, so be sure to register and vote!


Great Experience

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Even though Jeremy and I didn't make it to the finals, the experience and the wealth of knowledge we have gained is priceless. We have made new friends with the great people on this site and that is something well worth the time and effort. The trip to Phoenix and talking with Dean was truly awesome. Meeting with superstars like Rina, Elana, Laura and Greg Murphy, well let me say it was a dream come true.



Inspiring and Empowering!!!

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I really enjoyed all of the finalists videos. It is the proof that you do soooo much to help all of your students succeed. I can tell that you really do care. I pray that my choice will be the catalyst that brings them a soul satisfying level. I also pray for all those that didn't make it this year but will soon.


dean thanks

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Dean thanks a lot for everything you do for everyone.2010 is starting good a new fresh start to make all the dreams to be possible lets all not waste time and go for it. Good luck to all entrys and thanks a million times dean and staff for all.

Great Videos -

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They keep getting better every year.

But I know who I voted for - their story made me laugh but made me think

this years videos

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It was such a hard decision to pick...especially since 2 of the videos entered as finalists were my personal students...the suspense is killing me!!!

dear dean thank you for

dear dean thank you for everything you done for us god bless you and family

Hi Dean

Thank you for your weekly video blogs. They are a demonstration of your encouragement and enthusiasm which is contagious. You are truly an inspiration to me as well as the entire DG family. Congratulations to all the finalists and the other folks that took the time to submit videos for the contest. You are all winners!

Happy New Year 2010!
Kathy in California


JGREER's picture

Dean and Matt,

I am stoked on the video and how it was edited. Thank you both very much for your books and training.

200 hours of sweat equity for $500 of Cashflow now, or 28,000 hours (14 years) to get $500 of cashflow when I retire at age 62, unless the work kills me (37 years form now). I love Real Estate Investing!!!

Everyone else who has had great success in Real Estate I want to say thank you for your positive posts on this website and the truly helpful information that is always positive and reinforcing.

James "Jake" Greer

great videos

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Wow, i really liked them all, so it was a hard task to pick one. But you have to do it.
Great contest, I'm going to be in the next one for sure. Good luck, everybody.

Send me away contest

Hi Everyone!
I think that the send me away contest is a great idea. I have only been a member for a few months but I want to start checking into the DG website more often.
I always view every video that gets sent to my email and these are what keep me going and motivated. I have been calling realtors on properties that are foreclosures or a good deal that would give me some cash flow. This is giving me alot of information about real estate investing and its free. Iam also being referred to loan officers who can get me a preapproval letter.
I still don't feel that comfortable with doing assignments because you have to convince another person to get in on the action. So by thinking along the lines of purchasing the properties myself it at least gets me out there talking to people and getting started.


Hi Everyone,
I have been trying to decide what area of R.E. investing I want to focus on. In California it seems that foreclosures are a good way to go because the shortsales take longer. I still would not rule them out because the price is really slashed on many of the ones that I have found.
I am looking at a commercial property on Main St. in town at the coast and can rent out the rooms to attorneys or other businesses. The property is in foreclosure and very low priced.

Good Luck To All!

Thanks to all the video entries. What a wonderful idea to share in the New Year. I enjoyed watching them all! I give you guys a lot of credit for putting yourselves out there. Keep up the good work and good luck to the lucky winner! Happy Investing


Congrats to all the finalists!

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I just want to congratulate all the finalists and wish the winner much fun on their vacation! I hope to enter this year's contest, but most importantly I plan to be another Dean success story!
Good luck to all and much success!!
Thank you Dean for being you!

Rick Merritt
Trident Realty, LLC


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Congratulation to all the finalists! Way to go - I have to say, Joe and Stacey really did make me LOL at least twice!
Next year I'll be in there - I've got two successful deals so far.
Thanks for the endless inspiration.

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