Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #121 - The Joy Of the Express Lane

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog

Dean just returned from a week of travel and he's on fire in this blog.

He talks about the difference between struggling for years to achieve your goals and jumping in the express lane.

He covers so many important points in this video blog, that listing them all would be futile. So I'll just ask you to be prepared to listen fast and absorb another great message.

A heart of gold.

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That's what makes me your student. You have a heart of gold. Furthermore, you see that heart mirrored in us. You believe in our better part; therefore you help us bring them to the forefront. If is all about helping and loving each other. (Oh yeah, you do teach some great RE techniques too.) Lead on brother!

Hey Dean!

Seeing you give yourself goosebumps, and getting a little choked up about helping people changing their lives was very touching. Anyone could watch that video and see you have a good heart. I Hope you have a awesome week man!

Dreams about to become a reality

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Thank you Dean for another great blog! Great example you gave of oxygen mask. So very true that applies to our lives. So many that will be directly impacted, that are waiting and counting on us to be successful! We owe it to ourselves and to others around us to get it done! You have equipped us with what we hold in our hands: the tools, the vehicle, the direction, that when applied will impact and change our lives and everyone around us life forever! The ripple effect of what us getting over ourselves and doing whatever it takes. That is huge if we would just stop a second let that sink in.

May get knocked down, busted up, get a little bloody, but never, ever going to tap out!

When the dream is big enough the facts DON'T count!

No longer just a 'Goal' but to a "Dreams about to become a reality!"- DG Smiling

Amazing stuff! Hope you have an incredible day!

Jen Gray

Lead on...

I was watching this blog and it was wonderful as they always are and I thought what an amazing leader we have in Dean. He not not gives us the tools but the motivation and direction to go after our dreams. Thank you!!!!

Thank You Dean

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For another great blog. I know for Veronica and I we want to help our parents out more and take care of our daughter untill she makes it on her own. Real estate investing is the path that will help us help others. Thanks for showing us this path.

Steve and Veronica.

Thanks Dean

Well I have have done what I could for my parents, sons and extended family. Now it is my turn to do something for me. Here I go.


Thanks again Dean

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That was one of the most heart warming blogs you have done. I am so thankful be on this site. It only gets better and better. It's words like this that keep me wanting to get more inclined to get into gear.May God keep blessing you. Silverhound

Love it

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Dean! love your videos inspirational as always =) showtime!!

Family Nominations

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I would nominate my daughter and her family for help, except I'm trying to get her into a house myself right now. She calls herself "the little old woman who lived in a shoe...She had so many children she didn't know what to do," with a laugh. She's only thirty years old, but she does need help to get out of the yo-yo moving/renting phase and to keep her family together. I'm praying your strategies work for me to help her.
Thanks, Dean for the goosebumps.

I get it.

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It seems like you're a mind reader, that's precisely the reason why I got into real estate. I wanted to first get out of debt, and then I wanted to buy a car for my mom that she's wanted for years. I also really want to help out my church and my kids school that is now in real financial trouble, this economy has given us low enrollment. But I do get it and as usual you're on point, our reasons can usually be counted as communal reasons, I truly believe that most of the people on D.G .com are completely unselfish because we all help out one another without expecting anything financially in return. We owe it to you, Blessings to you and yours Dean, you deserve every good thing.
Never say die!

Spot On Dean !!

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I love your blogs Dean! Every week I look forward to the heart felt and motivating blogs from you! They truely are inspiring. But, this weeks blog is what its about for me. All I want to do is help myself first so Im able to help others in need of something more in their lives to make them smile. Theres no better feeling!! Keep it up....

Thanks Dean!

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Your blog helped me to remember my why commitment. I wanted to get into real estate to get out of debt, become secure and then help mine and my wife's families live a better life as well.
We grew up struggling financially and I don't want to see the next generation of our families grow up the same way.
Although we didn't have much, we did have a mother who sacrificed everything she could to make sure her kids understood the values of being honest and hard-working.
I know that all the work I have done and all that I will do soon, will begin to pay off. It's through your teachings and encouragement that I know I will succeed.
Thank you for all that you do for all of us.


You're great once again

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Yet again Dean you prove why I chose you as my teacher, becuase you have a heart and good intentions and aren't here just to make a buck. Luv Ya!

You're Right!

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I've started to take action due to your seven levels. Joined a REI group and Have found another one locally on Craigslist. Will be contacting them tomorrow. Just what the Dr. ordered.
Thank you for your help Dean.


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Once again, your message is very inspiring. It sounds like many of us are here for the same reason. We want to get ourselves in a better place, so that we can help our families - our parents, our children - so that they can enjoy their lives more. I am taking little baby steps, but at least I am moving forward. You and this website are very encouraging to those of us that feel uncertain and need encouragement. Thank you!!!

Like the little ripples you see

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when you throw a pebble into the water. They start out small but grow wider and wider from the ONE spot the pebble landed. You are that pebble (or boulder) and you witness to us how committed you are to making a difference. The goose bumps, and story about helping with gas mask are all REAL, and thats why we trust you and are proud to members of the DG family (or POSSE as I call it b/c we all got each others back). God Bless you Dean for all you do.

Encouraging Us Again

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Thank you Dean for the encouragement to keep working toward our own success. You always encourage us to keep our eye on the goal. I would like you to know how much we appreciate your many efforts to keep yourself current and on the cutting edge with what is happening out there even today. We must ask ourselves 7 levels deep why we are doing this business. Dean, you are always looking for ways to share your success and your wealth. Thank you for being you!

Awesome blog!

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Thanks Dean for helping us to look at the 7 levels as to why we want to be successful in real estate. Looking forward to next week looking to help a family. I know a family that lost their home to a short sale, the mom/wife has cancer and they have 3 kids and they are a wonderful family. They are now renting and the mom is working as a kindergarden teacher in a private school (and has cancer)and the dad is working as well driving a truck and hauling for rehabbers.
See you next week on the blog! Thanks Brenda

Thanks For Your Leading!

We all have so many reasons why we do what we do everyday in real estate. Amazingly, you named most if not all the reasons. Mine is to be out of debt of many business failures over the years, and be free to do humanitarian work in Africa. To build schools and help the helpless and voiceless in the society they live in.
May God bless and guide your thoughts in doing what you have mentioned to do to one deserved family. What a way to live!
I admire you and your team!

Care Blog #121

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Hi Dean,

A great way to start the week, thinking about helping someone in need. Looking forward to finding out how we could help.

We had the opportunity to help our daughter the past several years. She is now back on her feet again. It was worth every effort.

Seven levels are on the frig, and still have the same why. I would like our next purchase to be the live event, but will have to see what next month brings. That was a great 24 hr deal. Many blessings to you. Have a super week.

Spiritual Precision

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I've done this exercise twice now and I've gotten amazing results and insight about myself. Very powerful thing to do. As human beings we are all basically good, even though we tend to not act like it- as life beats us down- and we become cynical of help from others or of us helping others..but, I have to say that the people on this site are beautiful people, and many have helped me sooo much in my new adventure and business. I know you said you're not.. but don't stop Dean. Your intentions are real, what you communicate is real and you always manage to stay in tune with the people who are just beginning; to the people who have been in the game, and are now doing real estate professionally. I'm working my butt off to make that first deal. I'll use that money for May's event. Cheers to my first deal and I'll see you there brotha!


thanks dean for another helpful blog.i hope everyone out there do wht he say and not just talk about but take action and u will get results thanks again dean and keep up the good work and hi to the DG family as well.


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Thanks for doing another weekly video blog for all of us. I know several people that were attending the Las Vegas Event and they were very excited over the event. Sometimes its like the old saying of what you don't know will cost you money. Thank you for continuing to share your knowledge, information, tips and techniques with so many others. It is always great to see successful investors such as yourself sharing with others what you have learned so new people can prosper as well and have a better plan as they move forward in their own adventure. We wish you continued success in all you do. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Thank you for yet another insightful blog.It is amazing to go back and listen to each and every blog you do and to be able to use all these as an inspiration TO HELP OTHERS in every way possible ...AND MAKE $$$$$$$$ while doing it !! you are an awesome person Smiling Smiling



Hi Dean:

Thanks for the inspiration on this week's blog. Did anyone watch Secret Millionaire last night on ABC? James Malinchak was last night's Millionaire on the show. James went to Gary, Indiana and volunteered at three different charities. He also wrote those agencies a check at the end of the show. Talk about an emotional show. Anyway, James will be on a Webinar this Wednesday with Jeff Adams and I am really excited about listening to him. James is a motivational speaker and a very successful author. (just like you Dean) You had to record the blog today, because we are expecting rain today here in the Valley of the Sun.

Thanks Dean for another great blog...

I am just finishing up your "Totally Fulfilled " book that another DG member was sharing about. What a quick read, very entertaining, full of powerful messages and truth. Why is it so easy to order a book when someone recommends it, especially when it is 19.95 as opposed to coming to a 3 day event with a few zero's attached to it? Is it time, money or fear? Just a thought to put out there.


Thank you for sharing your encouragment and inspiration to succeed and help others.

Another great blog

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Thinks for the effort you put into this. Just wanted to let you know Julie and i have got a house for her daughter. We are moving them back here from MO at the end of April. We never could have done this without all the knowledge from you the coaches and success acamandy.


this weeks blog

Hi Dean another great blog you always seem to know what to say to touch a persons heart yes i know why i want to do this business and yes my seventh level is to one day build a shelter for the homeless but i havent been working hard as i should for too reasons facing devorce and i have a big surgery coming up in three weeks thats going to lay me up for eight weeks then have to deal with my devorce and get reorganized with my life.


Hi Dean, Great idea to helpa family in need I'm sure you are not going to have any problem for sugestions there are lots of people in need with this economy. I hope that on your next Blog. we will hear more about Privet Lending I may not be one of the people that send in a coment about every one of your Blogs. but I am a loyal listener and hope you are testing Privet Lending in North Carolina ??. EDGAR

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