Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #133 - In Your Honor

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog
Friends, it was an amazing thing you all did last week.

For everyone that watched, clicked or liked the blog last week, Dean agreed to donate up to $7 per person who did all three of those.

Check this out and see how much you raised for the tornado victims of Joplin.

You are going to impact the people of that city in an amazing way. Watch and see - oh and post any suggestions you might have for Dean as he will be cutting the check this week.

Nice to Be Part of Your Team, Dean

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What a humane and compassionate thing for you to do. A great idea, too! I am proud to be part of the DG team of students.

Awesome Response

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It's great to see how many people are interested in supporting the Joplin Cause.

Way to Go Dean!

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and Matt, and Everyone who participated in this great cause.

How sweet it is to be part of it!


Thank you Dean and Matt

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For doing what you have done for the people of Joplin.

Bounce back quick. I know we put in a lot more offers that get rejected than get accepted. That is just how REI works. We just do not let it get us down for long. I am not saying it does not hurt to be told no but thanks to Dean we know there is a yes out there.

Since we have been to the Edge we have put in a lot more offers than we have over the last year. We have so much more confidence in what we are doing with REI than ever before. Again thanks to Dean and the Edge class of 2011.

God Bless the DG Family.

Steve and Veronica.

WOW ! ! ! Fantastic ! ! !

$28,833.00 is a nice chunk of change and I am so glad we are able to help the folks in Joplin. I would think we need to ask and find out where the money is most needed. Is it the loaves and fishes or the food closet or is there somewhere else that could really use it. I do not know how the Red Cross operates and how much of the money actually gets to the people. I am sure you will figure that out.

It is funny the timing of this blog as I am in between a rock and a hard place and working on going forward. I am so in need of that first deal and feel left behind. Yet I will not let it get the best of me. I am trying also to find another job at the same time so as to keep paying mortgage and utilities. No party here but I am extremely grateful for all that I do have. I have everything just shy a $1000.00 a month when there are others who have nothing. I feel blessed even in the midst of my problems.

I made little flyer notecards on yellow paper for my marketing. A moment ago I said it is funny the timing of this blog and here is why. On my yellow paper I put "DO YOU NEED TO SELL - now is the time to act" and on the inside I put "Tough times never last but tough people do. If you need to sell I may be able to help. Credit issues - I help buyers too.
Help when you need it

Life is full of endless opportunities
Even when the future seems hopeless.

Give me a call - xxx-xxx-xxxx"

It is important to eliminate the negative and accentuate the positive. Make that grateful list and count your blessings. Make new plans and to do lists. Get help if you need it but keep on keeping on. I am so blessed to be able to read this blog each week. I hope all will find this post helpful. We just have to pick up the pieces and go on. As long as I have my faith in God and the clothes on my back I can always start over if I have too.

Thank you Dean and Matt for all that you do.

Bounce back....and I am totally on board with that! : )

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Dean, I am just so, SOOOO much at awe and amazed at all our efforts for Jolpin....I cannot believe we raised a combine total of $28, 833.00!! That is just totally AMAZING & AWESOME, and I thank both you Dean and you Matt for doing that, its gonna go a long way for this! Smiling

I'm definitely with ya about bouncing back and how we go forth with it. Not how we get rid of our problems, but how we can pick ourselves up from them and propel ourselves to where we wanna be. And Real Estate Investing is ABSOLUTELY the way to bounce back and propel us to live our lives of victory that God has in store for us. My prayers are still with Joplin and all those that are affected, but I know with this huge donation to the Red Cross in their area, a lot and I mean A LOT of prayers will be answered! I will definitely press forward from here so I can continue to make make my first deal happen, so that I can not only contribute and be a blessing as well, but to help our DG family grow even bigger. I'm totally looking forward to what you have in store in a couple months, I know its gonna be great. Thanks again for another amazing weekly blog, and again I thank both you guys for rewarding all our hard work and giving back so graciously to Joplin. Take care Dean and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Thanks Dean,Matt,and D.G.Family

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I am so honored to be part of the D.G.Family.
What everyone is doing hear is very very Christlike.Again,Thanks to all for the help to the people of Joplin,MO.
Dean,there are many good charities and they all do such a wonderful job.
American Red Cross.
Convoy of Hope(located in MO)
Samaritans Purse(run by Franklin Graham)
and many more.

Thanks again Dean,Matt,D.G.Family,
Corpus Christi,Texas


I'm so proud to be a part of this family.


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How exciting that so much money is going to Joplin from the DG family. You are a wonderful example for us all to follow.

Thans Dean and Matt! I am honored to be part of this.


Leading by example...

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is what you do Dean. You never ask us to do anything you aren't doing. How wonderful that you are teaching us now how to give. I am sure most of the DG Fam are givers anyhow, but to have your leader continue to fan the flame, is motivating. Congratulations to everyone who got involved. (It's fun to spend your money)
I second the recommendation for Convoy of Hope. It's a wonderful, trustworthy organization.

I remember when I was a little girl, Red Ball Keds were advertised to make you jump higher and run faster. My parents almost never bought me the new trendy item, but somewho they got these for me. I can vividly remember running and jumping around my back yard and believing I was faster and higher than ever before. You are our Red Ball Keds!

Great job Dean!!

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That money will certainly help the Joplin tornado victims


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Great job! Smiling That's a nice chunk of change there to help the people in Joplin. I am certainly so happy to be considered one of the DG family! You and Matt are so generous!

Bouncing back is a fundamental part of success. There have been SO many times I could have given up or quit because I had to either bounce back or feel sorry for myself and brood. I chose to bounce back. Smiling Thanks for the inspiration and reminder! Laughing out loud

That's awesome!

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I think that what you and Matt are doing is truly inspiring! I'm glad to see that the spirit of giving lives on. I'm sure the people of Joplin will be grateful for your generous donation.
I would think that the Red Cross is probably the best organization to donate to because of the fact that they are respected, trustworthy and actually on the ground and know what the people need most.
You are a great leader and an even better citizen. I can only hope to be half the man you are one day.
Best wishes.

Wonderful News!

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Dean, I am so amazed at your generosity. I know that you know how much you are blessed by giving back from your success. You have given us all the credit, but it is really you & Matt that have given so much to help the people of Joplin, Missouri. I am sure they will be blessed and you & Matt will be too. Thank you for being there and holding up the spirit of America!

Thanks Dean

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for all that you and your team do to help others.

RE: The Joplin Project

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Nice to wake up to such a positive message!! Great job to all that got involved. TY Dean and Matt for being so generous. Nice example to share with all!!


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I'm so happy to be a part of the DG family and i have a little suggestion on how to spend some of that money.Perhaps you could teach the people of Joplin how to invest in the really down market.That would be awesome.Think about how these people,who have lost everything could benefit from our knowledge.....


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Thanks for doing another weekly blog for all of us. It is great to see people come together and help others in a time of need. Life teaches all of us lessons each day and how we deal with issues and problems helps define who we are. We deals with things today that help us learn and become stronger for tomorrow. The same is so true in real estate. Tomorrow is a new day and new opportunity what we choose to do is up to us to make it happen. Thanks for your words of encouragement. We wish you continued success in all you do. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


YOU,ME,WE DID IT! THANKS DEAN AND DG FAMILY for all the sweat and heart that you all put into it getting it done GREAT JOB TO EVERYONE!!!

Awesome generosity from Mr Dean & Matt!

$28,000 donated to the people of Joplin by Mr Dean & Matt.What an awesome generosity from these two magnificient beings.


Hi Dean, Due to overhead costs of many different charities maybe consider finding those that were affected and give to them.


Great job Dean and Matt and the whole DG family. It's wonderful when people pull together to help when it is so needed.


Hooray! I knew we could beat the $20,000 goal! Nice going family - always great to see people helping people! Just a wonderful thing!

Great idea Dean and thanks for the donation from the family Smiling

Money for Joplin

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Hey Dean - great job as usual. You made us more aware of a need and gave us a wonderful tool to help meet that need. Here's an idea for best use of the money... We don't know the area enough to give direction to which charity to give the money to, but in the spirit of "teach a person to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime", maybe a portion of the money ($5,000??) could be used as a "scholarship" to mentor a couple of families in Joplin to become real estate investors, make way more money than what is being donated and then give back to the scholarship so more and more people could benefit going forward. Just a thought! Lois & John

Dear family,

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(and Dean & Matt of course)



Dean i think that was a tremendous thing you and matt put together and the funds you raised for the people of joplin as you know you cant help everyone although you may want to i think your ideal is best help the familys that you choose then you know where your money is going.

Donation to Joplin

Awesome idea. The real America in action!

Thank you everyone

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It's great to know that everyone did their part to help out the people of joplin and i so greatful for matt and dean they are wonderful peoplle and i'm glad we have people in our world that are willing to help others and that's what makes me a better person knowing that i and others made a difference to help others.That's what its about! God is always there to push and teach we just have to do.You could use that money towards helping them to get new homes that could be a good idea.


This is wonderful. Ideas, how about your students buying some of the homes that might be available in a nearby community, offering to the ones who lost their homes as rentatl with a lease option to own it (no down payment). Also, helping the animals. I'm sure they have been affected as well and those families that had a pet and can't keep it for now, the pet has to go somewhere and food and shelter costs. thanks.

Loved being part of this

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Thanks Dean for your generosity. That is great we all helped to raise so much money for the people in Joplin.I loved being a part of this.I look forward to all of your blogs each week. They keep me motivated even though I still have not done a deal. I missed out on a good one just this past weekend because I didn't take the time. My bad. I learned you can't wait! Kepp me motivated!

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