Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #151 - Why My Weaknesses Are An Asset

In this issue of Weekly Wisdom you'll get to hear Dean's secret to boundless enthusiasm, gaining confidence and a three sentence technique to add dozens of buyers to your buyers list. And, Dean reveals why "being intelligent" has very little to do with being smart - or getting rich...

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Wonderful Admonition

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I believe that Dean's recommendation to keep your energy level up as well as your confidence in yourself is parmount. I think we are too used to seeing Dean's enthusiasm that we may take it for granted. I appreciate your continued admonition to keep up the effort and enthusiasm as much as possible. Thank you for the reminder.

No one can preach it like you Dean

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Honestly, this is such a great lesson. Life is about attitude. Without enthusiasm, we may as well shut up cuz no one is listening! You don't have to know everything, not even a lot, to be genuinely enthusiastic about the opportunities we have today. Man - get out there and shake some hands, be eager to meet their needs, be a breath of fresh air. When you realize you are missing a piece of knowledge - that is progress - now you know what to go find out. Come here - it's all family!
Dean, you cracked me up with the opening - you can't even fake boring.
Love what you do for us -
My facebook update for today is "He who beats the drum knows not how far it goes." Got that from a missionary at church today. But realize - we are all beating some drum or another. Be sure your's is doing some good - the beat travels round the universe.

What an inspiring message

What an inspiring message from Dean!! I'm sure we can all relate, especially the new investors (like me)..I've been in sales for many years..and it does take "enthusiasm" to "stand out".. I look forward to using this tool in my real estate business as well. Thank you Dean, for another inspiring message.. Everyone..have a blessed week!!

Thank you Dean

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For more of the wisdom you share. Before we went to the inner circle brainstorming meeting we did not have one buyer on are list. Now we have 3 strong buyers on are list just buy having the confidence to talk to the big money players in our area. Thanks Dean.

Steve and Veronica. scared me!

bamagirl6730's picture scared me Dean! When you started....I was like "OMG what happened!?!" lol GREAT/POWERFUL example though! Yeah, you are right, if that was the 'norm' on the weekly post, I'd have to cut you off too! I don't do negative! LOL

So no worries, you're still in! haha!

Oh and BTW: going to an auction scheduled for the 28th. whoohoo! Going to network, BUT when I checked some schedules of up-comings I did see a property that peeked my interest, so will check it out and may look to pick it up on PRE-auction bid as a personal hold (I want bid against them live, seems kind of counter productive huh - LOL)
so yeah buyer/s and a property = double the fun!

Stay's getten good! Smiling

God bless,
Jen Gray

LOL! Dean you got me for a

No Boundaries's picture

LOL! Dean you got me for a moment i was like somthing as got to be wrong, because that is not the dean have come to that was a good one>

HA HA HA!!!! : )

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The first 8 seconds of this video is one of the funniest things I've ever seen! It look agonizing for Dean to try not to be enthusiastic; that is so not him. Great message though.
Thanks Dean.


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I thought something bad happened with you too Dean.
And the second thought was you were sitting in front of a green screen I was waiting for a movie to pop up behind you.

Whoa, that was one of your most informational messages because now I will find a few buyers.

Thank you as always for taking your precious time to share.

My heart went PLUNK! into my shoes!

You startled me with the gloom.
Phew! Glad it was an act.

One thing about being enthused. People don't have the heart to disappoint you so they try not to be discouraging. Some even get involved, want to help, even find it all exciting and interesting too. I can't wait till I have a deal
to show them. Turn the enthusiasm up a notch.
I cannot wait!!

You got me too

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My connection only lets me see the first 6 or so seconds of your blogs before it switches to buffering the next part. I was saying to myself during this waiting period " Dean sure must be tired" LOL. I'm not had easily but YOU got me. Eye-wink

Sales is all about attitude. If you have the right one, you make a lot of sales.

Great lesson Dean.

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS

Thanks for being transparent!

usproperty's picture

Hey, Dean!
I'm a newbie and I just love your blogs! I LOVE that you are transparent and real with us and that you don't feel the need to appear perfect. That's why we all relate so well with you because you are a REAL person... JUST like us, only much better!!! I am SO appreciative of your time and concern. Things are really tough in the world right now and it is so refreshing to see a ray of sunshine! Thank you for being that for me! God bless!!!

Thank you!

Hey Dean,

The starting had a gloomy feel about it,and I really thought something was wrong(very wrong).But I am so glad it was just an act.

Another Priceless piece of Wisdom from you!Your Weekly Wisdom makes me look forward to Mondays.

Thank You Dean For all that you do.


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Hahaha! I was waiting for you to tell us there was a death in the family or something LOL that cracked me up so much! hehehe

Awesome green backdrop!

Oh, and AWESOME vlog this week, Dean! You are so very inspirational, it just rubs off all over the place lol. Smiling

Finding Buyers

Hi Dean, Great video and very timely for me because I am currently having the hardest time finding buyers. I have cold called rental adds, used bandit signs, networked with other investor wholesalers (but they won't give up their contacts), gone to auctions, and placed ghost adds in the paper and on-line....nothing! I have found four: two are Real Estate companies who are not interested in MLS REOs (they can do that themselves) - and they claim to be short on money; one only wants extremely cheap properties "but not in this-or-that area"; and the other is only interested in businesses - slim pickins'. I have Earnest Money, a great Real Estate Agent, two good Title Companies, a great Handyman for advice, access to Transactional Funding, and plenty of Properties; but, I just can't find good Buyers! Despite all that, I will soldier-on and try to make it work here in Northern Alabama.

Energetic Wisdom!!

Wening C.'s picture

A good Wisdom was share this week. It is how we perceived and think of what we are going to do with our future. The truth of mind setting, Action, Attitude,Positive energy and goals.
Will take us a long way.

Thank you,
Wening (Fort Lee, NJ)

" The mind is everything. What you think you become"
“I do not believe in a fate that falls on men however they act; but I do believe in a fate that falls on them unless they act.”
- Buddha


Every thing in life is all about enthusiasm, no matter how you view it, its a must have. a engine to drive and motivate you, thanks for the advice I am moving forward!

Thanks Dean for keeping me on tasks!

Great Blog!

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Thanks Dean. I just so happen to have a possible buyer to contact today. He called my 800# and left a message Friday. I'll be sure to let my enthusiasm show through the phone with the tone of my voice.
Great advice at the right time!
Best Wishes.


Made offers on two houses

menendezc's picture

I have followed Dean'advice and made two offers at 85% of what they listed it for. My real estate agent wants $1000 if it gets accepted. Also, who is a good hard money lender? Anyone with advice, please advise me. Thank You. Charley


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I had an experience this past week that speaks to you weekly blog. I walked into a mortgage brokers office to just drop off a package and a man who was just standing there said, "You seem so happy!" I said, "I am." He said, "What are you so happy about?" I said, "I love what I am doing...I am helping people!" We struck up a conversation and he implied that he and his wife want to buy property to start a business. BINGO!!! A new prospective investor!!! And all I did was be myself, be happy about what I am doing with real estate and look at the result! Thank you Dean for confirming to me what just works!!! Dont' worry...BE HAPPY!

Wow. I had to restart the video.

Dana Leigh's picture

point taken, sir. peace,

Thank You Dean!

Valuni's picture

for giving us another great weekly blog, and reminding us about the importance about our attitude, and especially the positive enthusiasm we transmit to other people.
I'll be huffin' and puffin' all the way to the top!

Learning and progressing every day,

The not so Dean video:

I got really concerned, thought that you had lost a family member, the point was well taken, Thanks

Great Dean, what i need to hear

choccake's picture

Exactly what i needed to hear. I get intimidated by others because i get afraid that i may mess up while i'm speaking due to lack of knowledge about real estate investing. I'm going to practice and be more enthusiastic and set a date for myself to accomplish my goals. Thank you Dean.

Thanks Dean

Great words of encouragement

********That make's sense Dean********

When you came on the weekly wisdom I said to my self what wrong Dean you looked so sad but I keept watching because I got to know you some through the blogs. so I get it, if I did'nt know you I would not want to hear what you had to say.I starting to think maybe that what I'm missing sometime.I going to start talking to people with more enery. Thank Dean your the Best have a great week!!!

Nice try Dean,

SouthsideJohnny's picture

But I have to agree with Gena and others; KNEW that wasn't really you! How could it be??

Why would we NOT believe the message you're delivering. After all, that's what has brought us all here to this site...your enthusiasm!!!

Absolutely awesome message and I know I have to make it a priority to visit an auction SOON.... and WILL!! Gotta build the network and you've got me excited to do just that!

All the best,


theprofessional's picture

I was confused at first and had thought something terrible happened to you.

"Fake it until you make it" that's super advice.

Dean your enthusiasm is very contagious!

I was gonna say!!

browleyteam's picture

That was too funny how you started out Smiling That is SOOOO not you!! Good one Dean.

This is very true - I think that I have the confidence (even without really knowing exactly what I'm doing) - but to know exactly how to answer any question is just going to have to come w/ experience and repetition.

I agree, that if you can fake it until you make it, you're on the right track. Finding fluffy answers to not give away your LACK of knowledge is going to be key. I think I might keep a list of questions I get, and prepare short fluffy answers to sound like I know what i'm doing.

Thanks Dean!


Dean that was too funny. You so didn't sound like yourself. But we all know that was not the real Dean. You are so energetic and its contagious. Please don't lose that.


I immediately thought when I watched this blog that Dean was losing it, something was really really wrong until he snapped out of it, whats funny though is my demeanor immediately snapped out of that depressing felling when Deans tone changed, attiudes do reflect on others.

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