Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #203 - The Power of Now

Children can be great reminders of what life is supposed to be like. Living in the NOW. Taking in the wonder around us. This week, in addition to a really adorable "guest," Dean has a message about living your best life. You're gonna like this one!

How cute is that?

Little Brody has that Angelic face and is so precious. Thanks for sharing Dean and pointing out that the past was research. I can only live this day that is here and plan for my tomorrows with goals. Have loads of fun today and continue to enjoy your little ones cuz they won't be little for very long.


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Brody and our kids are constant reminders of why we live for today. The past provides us with lesson learned and best techniques. It's up to each of us to live in the now and apply those best techniques.



YOU ARE AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I have no doubt whatsoever my day is coming. because theres you teaching and inspriring us every week. THANKS DEAN !!!!!!!!!!!!

brody and breanna are adorable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks Dean!

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Brody is so cute!! Thanks again for giving me the weekly lift that I need. Smiling


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Thanks Dean,
Children are reminders of what life is really about.Living in the now.Scripture even tells us to live in the moment.The past is history.The present is a gift.Tomorrow is promised to noone.
The chains are off.Thanks for sharing your son,Dean.He is adorable.May GOD continue to Bless you and your beautiful family.

Corpus Christi,Texas,USA.


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What an adorable young man you have there! No doubt you are proud, as you should well be. There's nothing like their innocence and carefree ways to bring us back down to earth, and appreciate the NOW!!

I know that if I dwelt on the past; I would be (or get) nowhere! We must live for today! As dreamitdoit says; tomorrow is promised to noone!

Enjoy them know Dean, as they grow up mighty fast!!!



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you've got a mini you haha.
seriously though it's important to take a moment in the now. i don't think any of us like minded people will be satisfied to stay the same anymore, but it's important to take in our mini accomplishments and be grateful for where we are.
be grateful for what we have and what is yet to come. you can't appreciate fully your accomplishments or progress if you don't see from where you've come and all you already have to be thankful for. thanks dean for all you do.
keep moving forward, rob

To be

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To be like a child, innocent and not know about the limits we put on ourselves as adults. THANKS Dean!

So much to learn from children.

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He (Jesus) called a little child to him, and placed the child among them. 3 And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." Matt 18:2-3

I'm always learning from my children, even now as they reach young adulthood. Leaving NOW is all we really have. It is the trap of the villain to look behind or fear ahead.

Brody is great! Give him a "Deaner" for me!

Live in the "Now"


Brody is so adorable!! How blessed are you!

Thanks for the reminder to stay focused on today and not worry about the past, which can't be changed anyway, and not to get overwhelmed with the cares of the future, especially since the future is not hear yet and can be radically different if I stay focused on today!

Thanks again!

Little Dean....He's a cutie

Thanks for sharing the "Living in the Now"...Great way of explaining it...

you will have to take all your clips you have with your kids so when they grow up they can play them, that would be the greatest gift a parent could give there kids....Precious Memories...



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Thanks for sharing another weekly wisdoom video with us. As they say there is always magic when you can see and experience life through the eyes of our children. So often in life we get caught up with the daily grind as our children grow up. it is so fun to have special days that we spend time with our kids and do what hey want to do.

We often work hard today for their future tomorrow. The day does come when our children understand how hard we worked in order for them and future generations to potentially have a better life. Often the older we get we understand our parents better by being parents ourselves. We hope you had a great weekend and had fun with the kids. Those aren't just days they are memories that last a lifetime. We wish you continued success in all you do. Believe and Achieve! - Joe and Stacey

All I can say Deaner, is....

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Is.... He's SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!

Thanks for the lesson and for sharing your personal family with us (your DG family Smiling )

Life IS so much better through a child's eye Eye-wink

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC member

lol! so precious!

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Daddy/Son day! That is so awesome Dean!

It is very evident that your children are your air! You're such a great dad!

btw: Hope Brody schooled ya bowling! haha!! Smiling

We could all take a lessons from children though. Such joy, such faith, no matter what it is, they CAN do it! From a little boy putting a towel around his neck and 'poof' he's superman and can fly and has superpowers! To a little girl with mommy's heels and lipstick is instantly a fairy princess! Where ever the imagination can take them it's their real!

Sad how each and every person was born a champions then they are unmade. All children are born geniuses; then inadvertently degeniusized by grown-ups. Soon to be replaced with limitations and defeat. It's each of our responsibility to say the 'buck stops here' and NOT pass those traits on to our children!!

Thanks Dean for sharing a piece of your special day with us!

God bless,

Quite the character

Your son Brody is quite the character, very cute, lively and adorable. Thank you for introducing him to us and for the words of wisdom you have for us this week. I look forward to your messages as they help keep me going and staying positive. Today was just one of those days that someone negative from my past tried to step into my present and just hearing your words of letting the past stay there and just catapult us forward has made me see it all differently. Thanks again.

Thank you!

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For teaching us to "live for the moment," and let go of the past. Many times, we can and do feel bad for what we did or didn't do differently. Let us all press forward with faith & continue on this ship of fear into paradise!

Btw, Broady is so cute ~ he reminds me of my son! How old is he? Anyway, Thanks again for your weekly wisdoms!

This is by far the CUTEST video EVER!!

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OMG, Brody is such a mini you! He's going to be taking over the blogs sooner than you think. What a WONDERFUL blog Dean! To have the mind of an almost 4 year old; the wonders and the joys of innocence! Right NOW, I am changing my world! Thanks again Deaner! Sticking out tongue

I laugh at my thoughts and dismiss them! My thoughts are NOT me!

No Restrictions. No Limits. Nobody is going to stop me. Not even me!


Thank you, Dean!

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Your son, Brody is just like my 4-year old son. Making silly faces and saying silly do live in the NOW. Kids are amazing!! My kids always remind me to be a better person.

Thank you so much for sharing the power of NOW.


hey dean, just wanted to say

hey dean, just wanted to say thank you for always giving good advice on your weekly blogs, and always showing all your students to staying on the path to our succsess.your son is so cute, and he looks just like you.when he gets older he will be so proud of his dad , knowing that you helped so many pe0ple in doing what you best and thats re-investing you rock dean. aloha


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You have some real competition for the spotlight there!

Great video, as always! This one had so much added cuteness.

Couldn't help but wonder how long that nicely combed look will last though!

Laughing out loud


The Power of Now, the reality, the challenge

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Thank you Dean for the reminder of the importance of living in the now. So many of us live in the past and sometimes unknowingly allow it to be an anchor that holds us back from exploring and living up to our potential. Personal growth is a journey, not a destination and its messages such as this that help to keep us on track and remind us that there are millions of others that are on the same journey and that we are not alone.

Thanks once again...


Thanks for sharing your cute

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Thanks for sharing your cute son and reminding us to focus on what is important right NOW!


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You need to bottle him, too precious! Great reminder to live today for today, thanks!


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as always it is great to see you with you having fun with your kids. Thanks for remembering what is important in life.

Thanks Dean for sharing with your students all of your wisdom.

Steve and Veronica

The Reason

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Watching Dean have fun with his son at "work" is the reason I do what I do to be successful. Family is number one to me and with the financial freedom that I will be receiving I can dedicate my time to them. It's good to see you enjoy your family Dean it's inspirational to me.


Thanks for the message. Your kids are very lucky. Wish I wasn't so caught up in life when my kids where young.

A Minu U

How cute is that? I see lots of you in him, Dean. Thank you for the Power of Now advice. I really need to read that book. I seem to be petrified of repeating my past mistakes and, being 66 yrs old, I definitely am worried about my future. Put it together and I'm pretty stagnant and unhappy right Now.

Power of now

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Thanks Dean for another amazing blog!!
Brody is such a ham Smiling)) give him a " deaner" from me Smiling)
It's true we get busy and MUST realize the NOW !! When my boy Justin was smaller and I was working 16 he days 7 days a week ... I would listen to the words of " cats in the cradle" and think... That's going to be me .....unless I CHANGE something. I luv the song now and always think of Justin as a young boy as Brody Smiling) with what I have learned from you and your systems and blogs. I will be able to spend UNLIMITED time with family SOON !!!! thanks for changing THOUSANDS of lives.... Incl mine Smiling)))

Today's blog

That little boy is a cute as they get!
He is a carbon copy of his daddy--animated and full of joy! Good for him! Good for his daddy!

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