Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #113 - The FaceBook for Investors???

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog
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This week Dean announces some BIG goals for this website. All of which are designed to help you be more effective as an investor.

We have no designs on toppling Facebook, but we do plan to be the best social site for investors anywhere!

Dean asks for your suggestions too, and has a special message about the upcoming EDGE 2011, so watch and let us know your thoughts below...

Great video this week Dean.

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Looking forward to DG 3.0....I know the improvements will be worth the wait.

amazing !!

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there you go again ,making this event and so much more a reality for a PILE of deserving people !! this site is so much more than just a real estate site,it is an exact mission that you stated at last yrs event .PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE and i cant wait to see what is in store for the next level !!!!thank you again dean for all you do and GIVE !!! we are blessed to be a part of your world .
me, my wife karen,justin my son and his girlfriend tiffany will be there at the event and it is like christmas just waiting for it to be here !!!


Can not wait to see what is in store for the website. As usual I am guessing that it will be the best that is available.


This goes to show

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that you REALLY do listen and CARE (not that we ever doubted you)!! Just know the update will be awesome and well worth the wait.

Thanks again for the opportunities/tools that you give us.


Thank You Dean

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For another great blog. Still looking foreword to meeting you at the Edge event this year.

Thank you for the realy good deal on the edge price with the set for life offer. Like everything else with REI you have to take action and we did with the set for life price for the Edge event you offered.

Dean I would like to see spell check offered in the new And I would also like to see that there would be only one user name per person maybe even per family.

Thanks for all you have done for us so far, I know what ever you come up with on the new it will be good.

Steve and Veronica.


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Dean, I cannot even imagine this site being better than it is already. Thank you for continuing to make it even more user friendly and personal.

Matt Behrens

After All

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This time of being here on this site and the power it holds especially the people and information I've found one word......SPEECHLESS. No more no less especially at this moment.

Thank you yet again Dean!! You never cease to surprise!

Btw I don't know if anyone's ever thought of this but I personally think it's kinda cool but do you know your just like the Energizer bunny? You just keep going and going and at the same time just keep giving and giving! There's no stopping greatness I can say that for sure!

So again thank you for all that you do, the impact you bring on all of our lives is indescribable least to say!



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Thanks for the update about the new and improved 3.0 website that will be getting released. It will be exciting to see the new site as it helps us to grow our real estate knowledge and networking.

Thanks again for always thinking of new and creative ways to help your students. We wish you continued success in al you do. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Thanks Dean and staff

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For being so rocking awesome. I love realestate and I owe all of that to Dean and his highly dedicated staff. Plus Anita and Rina they are my beautiful mentors always encouraging, always honest.
Thanks again for all u do!!!


Would love to see you again,

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It was such a thrill meeting you at the Buying Summit in Las Vegas in December. I have a picture of us together in my office, along with Matt Larson and my huband and me from the out of this world mentoring weekend we had together. I am continuing to grow, attending PMI classes on Fast Cash and Cash Flow. The mentors are phenominal. I'm doing a new rehab and beginning to look at commercial properties. My bandit signs are out and producing fast results! I wish I could come to the Edge; but my budget on education has been spent, so I'm going to move full speed ahead into more and more deals! Say, when are we going to vote on the "Send me Away Dean" videos? Watch mine - it was so fun to make! I had the great privelege to also meet and talk with Randy Vaughn - what a great example! You rock and you roll us along with you!

Hi Dean! Can't wait for the new and improved site!

Zion Properties's picture

I too am with Steve and Veronica about allowing only 1 user id per person. Maybe there is a way to validate each user when they register that it only allows them ONE userid, hopefully verifying identities. It would also be nice if location was identified for each user id directly from the IP address onto the user's profile. We don't want any incidences of foul play of multiple 'personalities' to ruin such a great site!

Another great thing to have would be a notification when someone posts to our profile page. I, for one, am guilty of not scrolling down my page to see new posts, so if we were notified somehow, like we are for private messages, that there is a new post on our homepage/profile, that would be a great addition as well.

And, last, but not least, maybe a required pop up after being on the site for 30-60 days or more that 'it is now time to fill out your user profile' and only allow limited access until a full profile is added, with a minimum of text required in some fields (like the 'about me' field (that also doesn't allow posts like SKDJFl; slkjsalsdl sdjfalfdj; adfkladja to be posted.)

Can't wait to see the new! Can some of us have access to a beta version to test it out? Laughing out loud

Sounds great!

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I can't wait to see the new improvements to Sounds like you have a lot in store for all of us students.
Best wishes to all.


One more thing

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I think adding a link to our profile pages that will take us straight to our personal journals would be great. Sometimes I don't update mine as often as I should and when I do it takes a while to find it. Just a thought.


DG 3.0 will be great.

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I think it would be great to base it off of Facebook is a great place to network and I am friends with many members over there. However, when I am on and Facebook at the same time I am having to switch back and forth between the two pages. I think having instant messaging on would be a great thing. That way we can be looking around and reading posts and forums on and chatting live with other people we are "FRIENDS" with on instead of sending private messages to communicate. Now we all don't want everyone trying to talk to us at the same time, there are just too many members of to possibly talk to them all. So there would have to be a setup like Facebook where we would have to request to be friends with someone before we were allowed to instant message them. That way you can pick and choose who we want to chat with. This in turn goes back to the point of having the requirement of fully filling out ones profile page and biography. If someone wants to add me as a friend and all I see is their name on their page. I am not going to add them. I want to know and see the face of who I am talking to.

One other idea I have is...what about taking the SKYPE video chat idea and creating some kind of DG video chat for those who have webcams. This would help with networking even more I think. If we can get as close as we can to networking with each other face to face I think it would do nothing but help us push each other that much farther!

I want to see this site grow and I will throw every idea I have out there and let you and dgadmin decide what you want to do.

Thank you for everything Dean! See you at the top!

Can't wait

xTomcaTx's picture

I think I've learned more in the last four weeks from the stuff on this site than the last year (partly because of my being lazy Eye-wink ) The books, The awsome people, The support, ect ect... How could this site get better? Puzzled Thank you Dean for all that you've hooked us up with Smiling


smurfy's picture

EDGE sales have opened back up! Laughing out loud I am going to try my darnedest to come up with the money for this!!! Laughing out loud All these things sound good, Dean. Thanks for listening to us! Smiling

I am still impressed !!!

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I just wanted to take the time to thank you again for staying true to your heart and helping as many people as you can to overcome their circumstances. We all get caught up in circumstances and think we are the only one with problems. I still don't know why I have not done a deal, I know how to do it, and I know your system works, I am just afraid to take that first step and take a chance. I am afraid of getting in over my head and not being able to pay my bills on time. I cannot build a buyers list, and I know it is just a mental block. I am still working on it, thanks to your constant encouragement. Someday I hope to look back on this and say, "Why did I wait?"

working on first deal-contract time

Up at 4:30 this morning,could not sleep until this deal is done. Like the improvements as I learn I know I will benefit. Glad I have the success academy to help me get the neccessary forms together and coach me through this first deal. Everything is coming together.


steve guy's picture

I cant wait to see what you have in store for D3.0. Im so tech challenged that I dont have any real suggestions, but you have many good ones made on this blog. Tammy had some really cool ones. The old saying "If it ain't broke......" does not apply here, and why not surpassing Facebook? Lol

Thanks for all you and your staff does to make our REI experience easier and MUCH more fun!!


Thank You

This site is unbelievable already and you plan on making it better. Thank you and I can't wait to see the improvements that are added.


Hi Dean...

SuperBee's picture

I can't think of too much that I'd like to change about I like what Tammy said about preventing multiple personalities... Creepy.

It might be nice if there were special sections (hubs, I guess) where DGers that are interested in certain types of investing (like mobile homes, REOs, wholesaling, commercial, lease options, rehabbing, etc.) could go to connect and bounce ideas off of each other.

Also, I suggested to Megan a while back that it might be nice to add a special support section for people to post their issues and get official support from a staff member. I think that would prevent people from airing their grievances in the public forum, keep virtual "fights" from breaking out, and it would keep the site positive. Smiling

Well, those are my two cents. Hope they're worth something. Thanks to you, Dean, and your staff for always looking for ways to help the rest of us out.


Thank You!

Thank you for extending the early bird special. I am going to do whatever it takes to get there. As far as the website, I can't wait to see what's coming next. Thank you for everything you do for us.

"Dean,new update and improvements to your site."

Mathedragon's picture

Hi dean just wanted to say i can't wait to see what DG 3.0 has instore for us.It would be great to have access to an easy set up that lets you find what your looking for or even a help section for that matter i haven't been threw the whole site yet,but i'm on here everyday reading the blog's and looking at what the other students have to say and i tell you this they have alot of great ideas! Keep up the good work that you are doing and bringing together more people to help and to make that change in their lives that they need. thanks again dean for the wonderful things you do.


Right on target!

ermatingerj's picture

Thanks for listening and responding to the needs of your students. I have been seeking out training and tools for internet (social media) marketing as we take our business to the next level, and it's cool to know that you're already "on it". A great first step would be an instant messaging capability for those who have questions needing quick answers, especially for those who don't have time to log in daily or several times a day to see if anyone has answered their questions.

Can't wait to meet you and so many other like-minded investors at Edge 11!


vonb's picture

Thats exactly what God want us to do.
Your 8 steps ahead my brotha just keep moving.
I would love to see DG 3.0 it makes things easier.
And i do believe that should be easy to connect like facebook..which is the power-fullest communication across the planet. I think you should analyze what makes that site so successful.

Great blog no disrespect but you always remind me of joel osteen but your you, and you have your own great ways its just your wise, humble and have that desire to teach what make yall seem like brothers...

God Bless and hop to see you in the got something great in-stored for you.

Your youngest student.

Javon Lowery

Hey Dean cant believe how

MsEvans's picture

Hey Dean cant believe how big this site gotten....its awesome! i was just wondering though, what does EDGE stand for? Smiling

site improvement

i watched last wks blog and this weeks and at this time dont know what to tell a man like you about bettering your website havent seen all of this one but from what i have seen pretty powerful stuff so what i say is keep on doing what your doing im still learning the computer and investing all a big change for me but i love your passion to help people thank you dean for being you.

Can't wait to be part of the family

Hey Dean,
I can't wait to be part of the family. I've read one of your books already and I am in the process of reading another one now. I love you site and what I've read already has been so helpful. Your weekly video blogs have been great too. I've already been talking with someone from your office and can't wait to get started. I've already been in contact with a Realtor, Broker and Real Extate Attorney and as soon as I receive a copy of my contract and have it reviewed by my attorney I know I'll be off and running. It's great to finally find the real thing.

Take Care,


fnyzep4749's picture

Great blog. It seems that all my fellow DGers have come up with my wishes. I guess we have all already had the same questions and concerns in using this site. I agree with all the posts and I can't think of any additional wants/improvements to the DG site than those already expressed. Of course, I'm not as computer savy as most. There could be additional improvements needed that have not already been posted. In any case, this is the best site I've been on that is put on by any of the "help gurus". Most all the rest want $$ for anything they offer. So Kudo's to you, Dean, your are, without a doubt, the most generous, author, teacher, etc., around.

Thank you, we appreciate what you do.



SKY Real Estate Services Inc.'s picture is getting a makeover!!! Wooo Hoooo! I cant wait until they update this site and breath some fresh air in here. Now we all have 3 months of anticipation haha

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