Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #185 - Non Stop Momentum

First of all, to everybody who left a post last week, you can click below to get your FREE copy of "Totally Fulfilled."

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This week, Dean reinforces his mission for this blog. To arm you with tools to be on the offense, to go out there an conquer the obstacles you face and have the life you desire.

He reviews the lessons of the past weeks in a super fast summary and makes a big promise for what's coming. You are part of something bigger than yourself and we are so grateful to be with you through it. Enjoy!

Changing Lives

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Dean - you are to be commended once again for your deep desire and success in changing lives. And as these changed lives stack up, we have a changed America. It is true. It has been my honor to teach 3 Boots on the Ground now - and I see it in their eyes. Tears well up. Grown men crying openly telling their story, their fears, their hope. Women with glistening eyes believing they can take charge of their destinies. It is a powerful thing. Thank you for what you do. Thank you for what you have done for me. Thank you for allowing me the joy of passing the torch forward.

MOMENTUM $$$$$$$

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I will not sleep until I finish my protocol for my wife's health and real estate is my ticket. I have 4 potential deals and 2 possible with your current students Dean. Posted some ghost ads today which has been a great source to find buyers and all 7 of my last bandit signs where taken down but I got some possible buyers. NEXT... I guess every successful person has been through this point where they have been kicked in the teeth over and over and at that point you get your chance to swing and then you knock out your opponent. Dean you are the man will be an honor to finally connect. I have read alot of books on real estate and know many people in real estate even other gurus out here in Los Angeles and you have no competition at all. Dean your information and what you offer is GOLD never mind all the other benefits and the amazing people you meet here. Keep on ROLLING brother I can attest that you are helping me with your videos. Forward on to success I come :0)


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LOL! Love it!!! Well can only speak for myself, but you guys are stuck with me!! I'm a lifer! Smiling Til death do us part! Smiling

It's true, if you want to be bigger than yourself you must surround yourself with something that is bigger than you are. Something that stretches you! Something that will help dust off the dirt from your knees (or bottom) when you fall down. Be your 'recharge' when your low battery light is blinking! Surrounded with people that even though you may not have met them in person yet, they are your family. People that you grow to love, respect, look out for each other, someone that when you are bloodied and wounded from battle stand back to back with you in the fight. A place to learn and grow. A place you can go for information, suggestions, honest feedback because we know that good, bad or ugly all aspects need to be explored! And you'll get it when you ask. That's DG. DG is home!
So yeah, we're world changers!
Leaving it better off than we found it! Making huge impacts, making differences in the lives of those near and far!

Thanks Dean for all you do and thank you for creating this place for us! Thank you also for addl copy of book. I will re-read it. It's been about 2yrs. I need another dose! Smiling
God bless,
Jen Gray


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Ditto to what Jen said! Smiling

Thanks Dean

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Thank You Dean, we won't give up....


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great message !! i LOVE the dg ARMY !!! the best part is EXACTLY as you say.....if you YELL OUT .....I WILL BE A MILLIONAIRE !!!! .....everyone will be behind you 100 % and celebrating every step you take to make it happen !!! and they also KNOW mean business when you say it !!!!!
thanks for delivering inspiration and CONFIDENCE to us weekly !!!!
with gratitude,

Thanks Dean!

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Thank you again Dean, for that "kick in the butt." that we all need sometimes.

Thanks Dean!

I won't let you down!!!


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You really were excited today. I love your energy and it really is contageous! I have my copy of Totally Fulfilled and have already starting reading it. I do have those people in my life that I want to help so I'm putting the mask on my own face first.



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Thanks Dean. I'm all fired up.


Kill the Villan!!!!

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Man I LOVE IT!!! He'll be D-E-A-D when I get through with him!! You're SO right, Dean! Yes, I MUST do this for those I love (and that love me).

Even though it seems like forever; I know my time will come. I just "refuse to lose" and continue to dream of success DAILY! I know that I will NOT be denied!

There have been times lately when I feel as though I've been by myself in this; like you mentioned. It's been tough staying motivated lately. Again; you're spot on! I MUST take your advice and become more interactive. Take advantage of the AWESOME DG ARMY that is ALWAYS there with open arms (ears, know!). The generosity members show on this site alone, is priceless! It seems that no matter how long your gone from here; you are ALWAYS welcomed back with "open arms". And to top it all off; it's FREE!

Now; I'm ready to change the outside world and be part of something bigger than me!!!! Thanks for the copy of the book Dean. Can't wait to get started on it.

Thanks again Dean.

I'm Fired UP!!!!!!!!!


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Thank you for doing another weekly wisdom blog. Persistence does pay off. I hope everyone keeps moving forward and being persistent to make the deals happen. Keep building those power teams! Continue building those buyer's lists! Can you hear the rumble of the army coming? The army of deals! The army of power team members, members to help you. Make it happen! Have a great week. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

WOW Dean!

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how can you pack up so much great information in an 8 minute long weekly wisdom! just awesome!

Doing the 7 deep levels exercise about a year ago was so powerful and enlightening for me, and I am looking forward to renewing it again next week! It's like a cleansing of my thoughts and helps me re-focus on my long-term goal and gives me the strength I need to overcome the obstacles that get in my way of accomplishing my every day goals.

I hope that you know that your weekly wisdoms have helped me through the thick and thin of becoming a successful investor the DG way!

Learning and progressing every day,

Just in time....

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This message seems to have come just in time for me.
I've hit a wall. I've surrounded myself with blocks that won't let the nastys in but now they won't let the necessities out. Deal #2 used to be just around the corner but now feels like it's a million miles away. I'm at a crossroads that confuses me more than it clarifies things for me. I want this. I need this bad. I'm just running now on an empty tank of time, energy and vigor.
I've spent so much time thinking that "as long as I've paid for the knowledge and experienced what I have experienced, I should share it with my DG family as long as I can't actually do it where I'm at". Although it has been rewarding doing this, I've been giving the mask to others before putting it on myself. I've paid the price for that and my absence from my daily journal is proof. I can't seem to move forward. I'm doing all that I can not to go backwards and at least stay put. It's been rough.

I've spent the past few weeks trying to figure out if moving is the answer, if selling my other business (my only means of support now)and getting a job elsewhere is the answer, if I have what it takes to make this really happen big time anymore. I don't know the answer to any of these questions. And recently, 4 of my 7 levels have vanished so my purpose now has shifted to a lesser rational.
Just yesterday, while working in the sweltering heat, I thought to myself, I need a break. I haven't had one in so long that maybe that's what I need to get re-energized. But that means that I will be late on some payments (something I never am) if I do. It seems like I need to work everyday just to make the month's bills. But I thought, Maybe I need to just do that anyway?
Then, just today, I thought, I need to just clean up my place and change the organized chaos into just organized and that would make me feel better and re-energized. I know it needs to be done but I could still function at this level if it didn't get done. So I'm back to ??????? with no answers.
And now, this book comes. And it's a text book (Just about the only type of book I do read.) It's not a Real Estate manual (Just about the only thing I have been reading.) Most importantly, it's not something I've read yet. Maybe the answer is to just drop back and drop out for a while and just read it? Maybe the answers to my questions are in it's pages? I'm hoping so.
But mark my words, whether they are there or not, you haven't seen the last of DG's AndyS yet!!!!!
So thank you Dean for all that you do. And thank you for this book download.

Until next time.....

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC member

You are incredible Dean, a real pied piper

Thank you so much. I do trust you and believe in you. Have a great week!

Its MY time...ITS ON!!!!

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Dean, haven't been around the DG family in while...been caught up with a lot in my life, especially with the arrival of my first newborn daughter. But just because I haven't on here for awhile does NOT mean I don't care about my DG family, let alone my ambition and drive to finally be successful with Real Estate Investing. I know I usually write quite a bit on the Weekly Wisdom blogs, but I'm gonna keep this short and simply say this: I know I've been in the game for so long and I've been procrastinating a lot, but whats in the past is in the past. And my focus and energy has never been more spot on like it is now on Real Estate Investing. So I KNOW it, I FEEL it, I BELIEVE it, and I RECEIVE it, knowing that my time is here and my time is NOW!!!! Thanks again Dean for another great blog, its what I needed to re-engage myself to get back in the game and to get back on track to working towards my success. Take care and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Thanks again Dean

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This was another great blog. I know that I have a lot of people who are or will soon be, dependent on me and my success as an investor. I have to find a way to succeed.
Thanks again for all of your knowledge and encouragement. Best wishes.



I want tell you thank you for this week's weekly wisdom video because I have more than 5 people telling me all the time that I am crazy for doing this. Now I can show them this video and they can see what it is all about and maybe it will turn them around to be positive and not negative.

Thanks Again,

I may not always post, but I

I may not always post, but I try to catch your weekly wisdom every week. And I'll tell you, it is SO nice to have that place of Like-minded folks, and access to wiser heads than mine!

Currently reading Napoleon Hill's "Think and grow rich" and he speaks of something there, that we are creating here, and that is the Master Mind. Wherein multiple minds, all working towards a common goal, all working on the same or very close wavelengths, create something BIGGER than just the sum of the parts. and That? THAT is priceless.


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as usual a great pep talk. one i really needed this morning because i fell short of my posted goals for last week. i know everyone has setbacks but i don't want to lose my momentum i brought back from the edge and felt as if i'd let myself down this last week. time to shake the dust off. thanks for the encouragement.
keep moving forward, rob

Memorial Day

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Hi Dean,
Thanks for the weekly wisdom it helps to start out the week and listen to words of encouragement. I look forward to buying more houses and becoming financially free.

Thank you Dean

denaro's picture

Thank You, and you are helping me more each week by these weekly videos.


Hi Dean. You are truly my God-send for a financial break-through. Your blogs truly motivate me to continue. I will not give up!

Thank you for genuinely caring.

Memorial day post

You nailed it again. It's all about taking care of others, giving back, paying forward. I've got a daughter that has been an absolute blessing. Just graduated with honors from a 4 year university now she is off to med school. I want the RE biz to pay for that extra $50K a year tab. We relocated last fall closer to the day job (mechanical engineer) in order to free up time to focus on Realtor biz part time. It has paid off. I'm only doing the Realtor gig now but steps are being taken to add another zero to the left of the decimal point as an Investor. I'm committed, focused and my motives are pure. I pray everyday for God's direction on this journey. I WILL SUCCEED!! Thanks again.

Memorial day post

Hi Dean,

Your weekly post have been very insprirational.I have been watching your 30 day fast cash training program and have gotten a lot out of it.At this time i am not able to continue the training because i don't have the money to. I will not give up " I WILL SUCCEED" I will be talking with you later.
Thank You for everything.


Your New Book

Hi Dean,

I live in Australia and the 6 properties in Ohio. I would like to by a copy of your new book but it appears that I can not get a copy since I am in Australia. Is there any way around this? Could I purchase an ebook copy?

Many THanks,

Weekly Wisdom

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I've been receiving your emails for months and months. The videos are a big inspiration and motivating. This is defently needed in today's bombed out economy.
Thanks for all you do!!!

staying in touch!!!

I'm not usually the one to share my life with others in this type of format, but I don't want to go this alone, theres lots of times i need help. especially in the financial world i have chosen to invest in real estate, i know its the right investment strategy for me, I am currently buying a house for me, its my primary residence, but want to start the investing of properties for cash flow or flipping for profit. excited to invest in real estate whether wholesaling or flipping. Thanks Dean for all your tireless support!


Weekly Wisdom

Thanks Dean for all your support. You motivate me. I still am currently trying to finalize my first deal. The seller has agreed to my purchase agreement. I'm looking for many more to come. Dean your knowledge and motivation has pushed me to go to new heights. Thank you and Happy Veterans Day.

Thanks again, Dean!

Another booster shot of inspiration! I hope you know how important your Weekly Blog video's are to those of us who are surrounded by naysayers or who have stumbled on our way to success. There is really no way to tell you how much I look forward to (and NEED) your enthusiasm and 'push' sometimes. Just know you have a LOT of friends out here!

Thank you for the download of TOTALLY FULFILLED! Now I can read it without having to carry the book everywhere I go! It may not be brand new to you, but I found it timeless and very, very valuable!

Hope you and everyone in the DG family has a fantastic and successful week!

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