Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #98 - The 2nd Part of the Challenge from Last Week

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog

So, did you take Dean up on his "news" diet
challenge from last week? If so, how'd you do?

Was it tough for you or no big deal?

We want to hear from you, so post your experiences
below. But before you do, watch this week's video
to see what causes Dean to get all "goosebumpy"
after he reveals part two of the challenge.

I think you're gonna like it.


keepmylifesimple's picture

Hey Dean,

Cool. I think I must have just gone to the site right after you posted the blog!

Anyway, love how you speak from your heart and I TOTALLY agree with you about eliminating negative conversations from our lives!!

What a REFRESHMENT to be around POSITIVE people!!

Also, I think it helps us get into the habit of
talking positive to OURSELVES with the dialogue we carry on in our own heads 24/7.

In the psychology field I believe it's called
Cognitive Therapy.

We can't get away from ourselves, so we need to catch ourselves when we start the: "I'll NEVER be good at ANYTHING." or "I'm ALWAYS late."

Is that TRUE that we will NEVER be good at ANYTHING?
NO! Faulty thinking. Instead, "I AM GOOD at some things and WILLING to LEARN new things." or
"I HAVE been ON TIME lately."

Thanks for the reminders of the many ways we can reduce negative thinking from our lives.

Deep Thanks,
Patty Smiling

Part 2 Challenge

SouthsideJohnny's picture


Another great challenge which I will meet head on.

I work in a "neighborhood" restaurant with a customer base full of wealthy people such as attorneys, doctors, business owners, retired people. By the way; this is an AWESOME source for buyers, etc. which, I have just recently gotten the nerve to begin tapping into. There is ALWAYS some type of political or economical conversation going on as I visit tables during the day. It would be so easy to get caught up in them, but I pat myself on the back for so far, remaining "neutral" as I conduct my daily duties.

I also, find that being around negative people just naturally makes me positive as I see them as just being plain miserable!! As tough as it's been in my life; I've always thought of myself as a "glass half full" type of person.

I'll have to be honest and give myself a "B" for last week as I did watch two newscasts. It's a hard habit to break; I must admit. Also, being a huge SEC football fan; I watched a LOT of football yesterday (my team won!). I'll work to improve on that this week.

Thanks for all you do.


James L. Kendrick's picture

Hello Dean

Another great blog, I have been looking for it all day. Its 8:20 pm here in N.Y. and it just posted awhile ago.Speaking of positive thoughs I just got done reading 8 pages of post and replys
by Martin Laird giving everyone info about HML& Private Lenders in every state.Know matter what site,group,or topic DG members are all willing to help one another. That is a direct reflection on you,from your constant encouragement to all you speak to.

Thank You
Your friend and student
Jim Kendrick


Hello Dean and my DG family. It's been awhile since i've posted on here but i'm lurking ALL the time. Yeah i'm still struggling for that first deal and buyers list, so -(DEAN YOU SAY THAT YOU READ THESE POST ALL THE TIME I NEED A LIFE LINE BROTHER) .Okay back to the challenge avoiding negative people at my work is really going to be hard, but I think I can do it.One last thing, as we go through our daily lives trying to keep our bills paid and keep our heads above water we do forget from time to time about the precious things in life. THANK YOU DEAN ,STEVE.

The news diet was a breeze,

Zion Properties's picture

The news diet was a breeze, except when a certain someone insisted it be on in the car.

I've tried to turn the tables on the negativity brought to me, but seem to always get trapped when someone starts being negative or critical. I'm going to try the method you suggest and ask that a major violator in my house notices 3 positive things before saying anything negative. (Which I have already tried, but I’ll keep at it!) Its amazing how I can have a great day and then the negative person enters and changes the whole mood and attitude.

Its so great to hear you talk about your children. Bringing a child into the world is TRULY one of the most amazing feelings and greatest blessings in the world, and really such a positive thing to focus on. I've got 4 of those incredibly positive experiences to focus on at the very least when the negativity starts going! And so many other things as well.

Thanks for sharing once again Dean and reiterating one of the most important things for setting the mindset to succeed!

It was a great week!

It felt weird at first to break my toxic habit of listening to the NPR everyday at 7AM. But this time I listened to bible tapes, thought about my life. I truly realized how blessed I am. I have a lot good things going for me. I have a wonderful wife who is full of health. Beautiful children who are responsible. A beautiful home. A job where I mold young minds who view me as a role model. Real estate is the area I have not achieved YET. All I need now is to crank up my real estate machine. Before the news diet I felt, because I have not made a deal YET I was not far from being a failure. But Dean video about congratulating myself for my accomplishment helped me to realize that I am an achiever in many other areas of my life. I just need to apply the same strategies and self-discipline here too to be a money maker.

Thank you again Dean.



No news Is a Good Thing

I really try to stay away from negative things;
be it the everyday news and people who
are negative - Because it causes me to feel
Thanks so much,Dean for your advice on being
positive and telling me to always hang in there-
Thanks for your blogs; great message for sure!

Thanks Dean

steve and veronica's picture

For another great blog.

No news no problem.

3 great things did hapen this last week. We closed on a deal in Indiana (we are in Ca.).

My brother in-law called me and asked if we wanted a free range for the house we bought. His Mom and Dad wanted to get rid of a working range they had in thier storage area. I said OK thanks.

My sister was in lowes and she found a vanity that would fit in the bathroom of this house we bought. The vanity was on sale for $20.00 and normaly sold for $70.00. Don't you just love family.

Thanks Dean and DG Family

Steve and Veronica.

Awesome Positive People

Jaguar.Investments's picture

I have no time to write this but I will do it anyway. Honestly, the news diet is a big challenge for me.... I need another week just to keep working on that one. I did not realize how thoroughly I am inundated with news everywhere! I really love this weeks challenge. Get rid of the negative influences and the negative people and replace with positive. Another great challenge. Wish you all success this week!

Roger Schafer


Indiana-Joe's picture

Thanks for taking the time to do another weekly video blog for all of us. It is so true how we become what we surround ourselves by. If we work on removing the negatives not only will we be positive but we will also attract postive. Sometimes people become so busy they lose sight of what is improtant and what to be grateful for. I really like the Thanksgiving holiday because it is a time to reflect what we are grateful for. The question becomes we should reflect each week or even each day what we were gratefuyl for. It is so true that focusing on the positives rather than the negatives each day can put you on that new path we all so desire. Good luck and continued success in all you do! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe and Stacey

Challenge Part 2

Kevin A Goldman's picture

Hi Dean and DG Fam,

So I admit, too, that I did manage to stay mostly away from news. Mostly because I was staying in a hotel and when I went to the in-house restaurant my only available seat faced the television. However, I did mostly ignore it while chowing down and reading Be A Real Estate Millionaire!

One awesome thing last week: met the uncle of the Chicago Bears' second-string quarterback (I'm from Chicago, so a little thrill for me)! The best part, he gave me a line on where a university will be building in the next couple years and he knows some investors and offered to introduce me around!

I will stay away from the news entirely this week and the negative influences/people in my life. One of your comments made me realize that I shouldn't even just make a list of good things that happened in the last few days, but over time I want to build a list of things that have happened in my entire life that were good; things I have long since nearly forgotten.

Lastly, I know you have said this in some form, but one of my favorite quotes is, "Your focus determines your reality." Stay with the positive and it will bring more positives into your life and you will be a positive person. Courtesy of MJ, "I'm starting with the Man in the mirror."

A GREAT week to everyone!

Tammy (Zion),

Kevin A Goldman's picture

Zion Properties wrote:
... Its amazing how I can have a great day and then the negative person enters and changes the whole mood and attitude...

Oooooh SOOOO TRUE!! Glad it is possible to avoid it most of the time!

Talk to the Hand

darylmau's picture

Cause the Face aint listening. I've been on a anti-negativity diet most of my life. Yeah! I've had my ups and downs but who hasn't. Basically, it's what you want it to be. I've been accused of being a get rich quick thinker but it isn't riches I'm after. I already have three great children. And what's wrong with being rich if your heart is in the right place. Being a former entertainer, I have always given the best of myself. Like Dean, put your self in the spot lite and let your love lite shine. Warmest Regards to everyone. "HERE, THERE, and EVERYWHERE". John Lennon and Paul McCartney.
Yes Dean, as you can see, here is the comment I left earlier this week. I am now editing this comment so that your tech people won't tell you that I am ignoring you. I guess when you said no news diet they included this as well LOL. Well at least I have documentation. So very necessary these days, it seems. It's a good thing I have a positive attitude as I take things in stride. Just wanted to set the record straight. And here's the proof. By the way I closed my first deal today and will be signing the paper work tomorrow when I pay my Down.

So far so good

GBU Ventures HQ's picture

It feels really good to stay on the positive side of life.
I could go another teem months with out tv

So far so good

GBU Ventures HQ's picture

It feels really good to stay on the positive side of life.
I could go another teem months with out tv

Good Challenge!

ggilding's picture

Hey Dean,This will be a good challenge for everybody. If we all could stay in a positive mind set, just think how better off the world would be. Kudo's for you to come up with this challenge. Will let all know how it is working in a few days. Good luck to all.

No ne-ews, no cry!

Hey Dean,

I never watch or read news unless something awesome is going on like Obama's election.

I dont like to waste any time. That means no Facebook, no lengthy phone conversations and as little tv as possible.

There are 3 things that I want to use my time for: 1)My daughter and husband 2)Creating massive wealth 3)Smelling the roses by doing things that I enjoy like fitness and being outdoors

I wished I could stay informed without hearing depressing news.

As of this month I can' t pay my bills and foreclosure is a possibility.

I know that I will be rich soon, so if I lose this house, I'll just buy an even nicer one.

Thanks, Dean! You rock!


Quit Doing This A Long Time Ago

Hi Dean,

I quit watching the news many years ago because it was sooooo depressing! Every channel was bad news, tragedy, gloom. I just got in the habit of doing this. Then at work sometimes the guys would be talking about some breaking news, and I had no clue what they were talking about. I felt stupid, but really didn't care. It's nice to know that I'm not alone in not caring about BAD NEWS! I was recently on travel in my hotel room and there were limited channels, so I was watching the news and started realizing how horrible things were in the world today. Then I started to FOCUS on that! It's like looking at a car can't look, but you can't turn away. It can become addictive.

Now the 2nd part of your challenge will be a real challange for me! I gravitate to negativity sometimes. You know, it makes you feel better about yourself temporarily to bad mouth others! And I am surrounded by these kinds of people at work! My prayer daily is "God, help me not to judge and criticize, lest I be judged and criticized."

Thanks for putting the challenges out there for us Dean!



pdqservicesinc's picture

love the idea and i've been doing it for years. when you have a son in the military, you sure don't want to listen to the news. he told me most of it isn't true and i don't need to be worrying the entire time he is deployed. in fact, we're getting ready to do it again and i sure won't be listening to the news. thanks for all you do!

Hi, Dean

SuperBee's picture

News diet & avoiding negative conversations. No biggie for me.

I'm a minister who's studied the Bible my whole life. I'm a happy positive person. The news doesn't make me fearful or scared the way it affects some people. (Rev. 21:3-5) I haven't watched it on a daily basis in a long time anyway. (Why watch the news when I have Hulu and Windows Media Center? Smiling )

There's a big difference between dealing with negative things that arise and being negative. It saddens me when I discover that someone I care about hasn't figured out the difference. I try to find solutions to problems, and accept things I can't change on my own. When someone is being negative, I try my hardest to get away from them. When a solution-oriented person needs a listening ear, I try to be supportive and help them remember what's right with their life. I appreciate it when anyone does the same for me.

Dean, thanks for being different. For helping people to find positive solutions to their financial issues. May we all successfully support those that need it, and avoid negative talk! Smiling

Dean Awesome Blog

lmartin's picture

I am on this path with my church. My bishop gave us this same challenge to do along with not eating, and I felt so greatand Powerful in the moment.. Along with the challenge we read a book by Carol Leaf who switched off my brain. This book is life changing. Please go pick up this book it will change your life. If possible every morning wake up and read some positive information or say some affrimations they will also assist you in staying on path.. I have some prayers if you would like a favor prayer please send me an email I will be happy to send it..Being around positive people will change your life.. Try it Today! DEAN I love what you stand for AWESOME!


Good Morning Dean,
Please would you consider having Different TOPICS
during the week for the Phone Seminars, and the
Webinars. I am not suggesting to remove the ones posted, but to add different ones for those members of the family that attended them every week. Many of us are so motivated and hungry to learn, I know that you want to Help us Achieve Success, I see it in your eyes, and I hear it in your voice!
I use to take training where one day they had
an hour where if you had a question, you could
ask the coach, he would answer, and of course, everyone listening would benefit by it.
They would also share their successes, which was
so Great! Another day they would have role play,
where you practiced with the Coach what you would say to a Buyer or Seller!
Another day they would post ads that different
members ran, and they would discuss how successful these ads were.

I too, am having a very hard time financially!
For many of us, you are our last hope!
I no longer have my own home, and am now living
with my daughter. My dream is to be able to pay my bills, and to once again, own my own home.
I want to get my selfesteem back!

Back to tadays topic, I am my own worse ememy, because I feel this negativity, and I am talking to others about my failures.
I must concefentrate on all the wonderful things I have, such as my 4 wonderful children.



Great idea, Dean.

Magarahan's picture

You always come up with such great ideas. It makes me look forward to your blog each week.

Yes, I went on a no news diet last week and concentrated on the things that I want to accomplish. Unfortunately, Mary did not. Her home page at work is Fox News and some of it crept into my life second hand.

This week I will continue the NND (no news diet) and add your new diet suggestion, the NCD(negative conversation diet). This is very much needed today. There's a lot of people talking about a lot of negative things. I love your idea of immediately thinking of 3 positive things that have happened in the last couple of days. As a matter of fact I think I'll queue up a couple ahead of time so that I have them ready to use, like the fact that yesterday I found another real estate agent who is an investor himself and anxious to work with us.

Thanks again for your wisdom and guidance. It is very much appreciated.

Mike & Mary


Captain777's picture

I have a very hard time omitting the news. I have been listening Fox to get the best chance of the true news, but that is usually negative too. I just realized that if I do listen to the news, I cannot do anything about it except to vote on November 2nd and I don’t need the news to do that.
I am truly going to try the challenge this week. I usually don’t have a problem about negative people, but I need to be more aware of my own self talk and verbalizing them to my daughter.
I do know what it is like to bring a child into this world. I have 8 children and my 8th is surely a wonderful blessing. I am so proud of her. I am partly building this business for her.
Thank you for a wonderful blog and the encouragement and exhortation to be and live more positive.
Another thought ---- I read the back of the Book and WE WIN!!!

Yes it Works

I stopped watching the news about 1 Year ago, and i can tell you i feel so great. why fill you brain with negative?!

But i still need to work on stopping negative conversations and thoughts, and I’m taking on this challenge.
Thanks Dean

avoiding negatives

I've been implementing this since I read your book where you suggested it. I can truthfully say that it's been a while now, and the change is exciting. I think we all know that we get more of what we focus on. This exercise will help confirm it. It's interesting how, as we develop this new mindset, how aware you become of all the negativity around us. There is so much to be greatful for if we just take the time to focus on it. I am grateful for you Dean and all the energy and passion you put into what you do, while at the same time humbling yourself to your own weakness's. You are a great example of what we are all capable of, given a little shift in thinking. Thank you and God bless you and your beautiful family. Mary-Ellen

No News Challenge

jokitty92's picture

I think this has been great for me! I have a fresher more positive outlook when I get to work by listening to music instead of the news in the car! It seems like the news is everywhere and it is very hard to get away from it but I am trying.

Thanks Dean. I will continue with the challenge and look for to positive conversations rather than negative all the time.


Meeting challenge #2

shinton's picture

Thanks for another great challenge. As I was reading all the responses, I can so relate to SteveADK. Hang in there, Steve. We will make it. Just the fact that we're on this sight proves it. It was tough this week, because my husband LOVES the news, but I just found something else to do. It made me so aware of how much negativity I listen to. I also know I'm on the right track, because this past week I got bombarded with negative people - right in my own family! This will be an interesting week. It's amazing how aware we become of what we think and do when we do deliberate thinking - like thinking of three positives. Thanks, Dean, for caring about us enough to keep us challenged and motivated.

news challenge

jcwp's picture

Dean, I have been doing this for some time. We need to think positive. Would it be great if there was a news program that only had stories of all of the good & positive things happening in their communities & around the world. If people watched a news program like this it would create more positive & happy thoughts. Maybe you could start one???

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