Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #99 - Dean's Diet Update...?

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog

This week, Dean talks about how even when we have everything we need to succeed, sitting right in front of us, sometimes we still get stuck.

The previous two weeks he offered an exercise to overcome this typical occurrence. If you took part in it, good for you. This week, Dean has a totally different type of challenge. This one is really going to take commitment. Watch and see if you're "in."


hi my name is shay
i got the profit from real estate right now book
i want to get started ivesting and make money from it

but i need some help to get started cuz i dont know from where

i got call from a guy named cal to help me whit the the traning acadmy but thay never calld me back

i really want and really need to get started
let me know what i need to do


Blog #99

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Although I wasn't perfect with your challenge; I noticed a great change in the attitude of others around me. As you suggest, I will carry these practices forward in my life. The old saying that "if you keep doing the same old things you've always done; you'll keep getting the same old things you've always gotten", could not ring more true for me right now. It is time for a change!

I will gladly document my daily "journal" this week, anxiously waiting for next week's blog.

Thanks again.


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Thank you for taking the time to do another weekly video blog for all of us. Each week it is great to learn a new lesson that may bring us closer to our goals. Next week will be a milestone of #100 video blogs! Congratulations and thanks for sharing your insight, tips techniques and strategies.

It is so true we all have 24 hours in a day. It may not matter how much time we have available but how we utilize the time we do have. When ever I look at my free time I often wonder is what i'm doing helping me to get where I want to be? If not, I should utlize and maximize my time in a better manner. In life you can often get farther ahead by leveraging your time. The right Power Team Members are a great way to leverage time. Good luck and continued success in all you do! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe




I did have two Wonderful Weeks. You know these weeks help me to really refocus and to rejuvenate and be face to face with me again. I have regain momentum again. And as Earl Nightingale said you become what you think about or T Harv Ecker whatever you think about expand. Focusing entirely on real estate these two weeks has allowed me weed out anything that distracted me (secondary businesses here and there). I am now back on track. I have gotten a 800 number, I found a place where I can buy some corrugated signs for dirt cheap, I have one lady who is talking to me about some properties she has. ALL of these are forward move that I really value. I feel empowered again and I am refusing to believe or even to think that there are any circumstances particularly strong to hinder me in the accomplishment of my purpose and goals.
Thanks Dean for the thought.

Hi Dean

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Great Blog once again! We've been on the news diet since you talked about it. And it works! We only watched the other day when the miners were being rescued. That was actually good news for a change. Just like all your successful students, those miners never gave up hope.

We are so grateful for all your blogs and the DG family. We just closed our first deal. It took us 9 months, but we're on our way. Since focusing on only positive people and things we were able to find the most positive, investor friendly agent we could have ever hoped for.

Thanks for all you do!

Jim and Nancy

"Your future contains far greater joy than all the sorrows of yesterday."

Thank you Dean!

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I wasn't the greatest at this challenge either, but the great thing about it is....this challenge has made me think even more positive! (if that's possible) I used to think "Aw man I can't afford this!" now with your program I think "I know how to obtain this now!" I'm working on several leads right now. My outlook on life has totally changed since reading your book. So I thank you again.

Here we go again

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Hi Dean

Another great blog, as always.I can already tell you what I did next week.Spending to much time on this site, and openroad site. I check them both when I get up and when I get home.Each time I start reading some of the post,I get involved and start sending back suggestions.But I enjoy it, being able to help someone else.

Thank You
Your friend and student
Jim Kendrick

Daily Journal...Check!!

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Hello Dean and DG Fam,

I have been able to keep negative influences out of my life for a while now and last week was no exception. Honestly, the only one that stops me is me. Whenever I start to feel down about something, no matter what it is, it has a powerful negative effect. It's hard to let it go most of the time. I have always been like that; but I’m working on that, too!!

I love this week’s challenge because I started my own journal on this site just last week! Your challenge will be an extension of that. Writing my accomplishments thus far (those that I could remember at the time I was writing) in the journal gave me a lot of hope; they and some peoples' comments about those accomplishments (i.e., some positivity) encourage me to continue on. I am not moving as fast as I want, but I do feel a confidence I did not have in the beginning. I know I am pushing forward.

I feel good about where I’m at partly because of the very blogs that have been so popular the last three weeks. The messages are outstanding! I plan to find some of my wasted time this week and turn it into more productive time! I’m looking forward to the application of this week’s challenge!

Kevin A Goldman

This is Like Food and Spending Journals!

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Hey Dean!

Well, your next blog has finally come! YAY!!

I still have a chest cold and stinkbugs flying all around me as I type and I'm trying to FIND A WAY to think POSITIVE about this! HA!!! Smiling

I guess I HAVE because I am LAUGHING about this as I type it!
Laughter does "GOOD as a CURER". (Proverbs 17:22)

So, does that mean STINK BUGS could be a
CURER? hahahaha!! Smiling WHO'D HAVE THOUGHT!!

I had mentioned in a previous comment, since I have an anxiety disorder and depression, MY problem is NOT too much TV, but I like to SLEEP too much. Sad

So, just like when a person goes to Weight Watchers, they tell you to WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING you put into your mouth!

That way, you become CONSCIOUS of WHAT YOU are eating!

This is ALREADY MOTIVATING me Dean, because, I don't want to have to write down that "I took a nap again"! Smiling

Kind of like too, when you are on on the
"Debt Diet", they tell you to WRITE DOWN EVERY SINGLE

You already know in your head that fast food and eating out are going to be a huge chunk of that list!

I think I AM going to take you up on this challenge!

By the way, I also wanted to mention another BIG SIDE BENEFIT to everyone of STAYING AWAY from Unnecessary BAD TV!

One of the BIGGEST reasons I HATE TV in general, is
I am SOOO sick of just seeing EVEN the COMMERCIALS for all the VIOLENT and SEXUAL shows and movies coming out soon!!

You know what I say to myself when I see a "PREVIEW" of these HORRIBLE movies and shows?

"Thanks for the WARNING!--NOT TO GO SEE IT!!"

It's funny.
We decided to cancel our Satellite TV.
A family member bought us a high-tech antenna
(I didn't even think antennas still existed!) HA!! Smiling

My husband installed it on the roof and now we are getting a lot of channels. Sad

Happy for him, DEPRESSING to me.

Since I have the problem with sleeping too much, I DON'T NEED another thing that WASTES and DRAINS MORE TIME in my day!!

Plus, as I've said before, WHY do I want to spend SO MUCH TIME watching OTHER people live THEIR lives, when I WANT to LIVE MINE??!

What's interesting is on one of the channels we get, they have like "Retro TV" or something and someone said when a OLD show named "Quincy" came on, they noticed they didn't even SHOW the BODY of corpses back then!!

How about Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez in separate beds in "I Love Lucy"?
Have you seen any RECENT shows like THAT LATELY?

It just goes to show you that the WORLD tries to DESENSITIZE us!! Sad

So, after you haven't seen TV in a while and you EVEN BRIEFLY take a look at the CURRENT shows TODAY....they show you the Corpses, the blood and ALL the GORY DETAILS, ALL the VIOLENT crimes, DEGRADING LANGUAGE.... you REALIZE what we are being fed from these shows and it helps you to HATE it EVEN MORE--"NO thanks."

So, I am on a "NO VIOLENT or IMMORAL TV Diet"

I CHOOSE to keep up with SERIOUS and major local and world events as these are ALL fulfillment of things that were fortold would happen in these "critical times hard to deal with". (2 Timothy 3:1-5)

And it helps us to KEEP ON THE WATCH of what was fortold THAT is STILL YET TO BE FULFILLED VERY SOON!!

It was a HAPPY, HISTORIC and EXCITING event to watch the Chilean miners be rescued!

I will CONTINUE to work on ONLY POSITIVE self talk with myself and others.

And now, I'm excited to find a SPECIAL notebook for
my "New Daily Journal"!

Thanks again Dean! You know me by now. You'll hear from me again a few more times on this blog this week!

HOW you use your time EACH MINUTE, HOUR and DAY!

Ok, EACH SECOND counts too when you get down to the nitty gritty!

Why am I SOOO detailed? Smiling


Thank You Dean

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Thanks for another great blog. I call it our Dean fix for the week. Every time I watch your weekly blog I feel it gets us back on track for the week ahead.

Thank you Dean for taking the time to do the weekly blogs.

We hope to meet you at the 2011 Edge Event and shake your hand.

Steve and Veronica.

Dean, Your Great

kimanismith's picture

Thank you for yet a great blog. I love the way you break things down so we can easily manage it. I wanted to let you know that this is one of the biggest thing that will happen to us your student which is great success.

You have a plan and we are following. Thanks again and keep on sending those inspirational videos.

Thanks again'

negative diet

I have been doing this for a while now. I watch very little tv and stick to the real estate section in the paper. I like where Dean is going with this weeks blog. We all have time to improve our lives if we want to. We create habits with our time, just like with other things. The biggest challenge for most comes down to desire. We all have to create our own diciplines and actions. Without developing these 2 things, all the wishing in the world won't change our lives. I think we are all driven to make change by our level of discomfort. I create a list of the action I want to take and then beside it the outcome in my life if I don't. It's a way to speed up the process for me by looking at the pain that will be created in my life if I don't change. We have the success road map with Dean's teachings. Don't look at the big picture you are trying to create, take it one step at a time, one day at a time and the momentum will grow from the little accomplishments. Read one chapter a day or do one lesson on the web site. And one last thing, when I say "I can't", immediately replace it with "I must". Have a great week every one.

Great advice Dean & trip to Arizona

Hello Dean,
I can attest to this as it is something I have been trying to follow for some time now. I am not always perfect in following it but thanks for the reminder to continue.

Hello DG students - I just want to say how incredible the 5 days we spent in Arizona with my family on the trip Dean gave away. We were all so inspired to have Dinner with Dean and his wife.
They are both genuine down to earth people and made us feel right at home.Keep following his advice and you will become what you want. I am proof as I am on my way after buying Dean's book which inspired me to start my Real Estate Investing career.
We have pictures and video and will be sending copy's to Dean soon.
See you at the Top!


I am going a little further Dean

lilbrubru's picture

I am going on the negative diet and news diet but I am also going on a TV diet. The TV can take up so much of our time without us really noticing it and really all we are watching is someone else's ideas or dream while we actually pay less attention to our own dreams and goals. I fell behind last week due to changes in my work schedule and family illnesses but now I am refocusing on my goal due to my really wanting to be a RE Investor. I have watched the edge event, I have the set for life program and I am study and apply this like I use to study in grad school which was unplugging the TV and turn it to the wall. The only time I would permit myself to watch a little TV was when I would get an A on that weeks exam and since I am not the smartest student around, sometimes that TV was off a month or more lol. We have to sacrifice some fun stuff and trade off time from one thing to another so we can get what we really want and not just watch others get what they want. Yes, I am going on a TV diet as well as news diet and negativity diet. I have a goal and TV shows will re air but my goals are time sensitive and I want those goals now. I think writing down everything I do through out the day like you said will really benefit me in terms prioritizing what is holding me back and what is really important and that will really help me accomplishing my goals in a timely manner.

Wow that's scary/awesome!!!

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Hi Dean,
I was watching the VIP mastermind sessions this weekend and taking notes to try to implement some of the things I may have been missing. One of the activities you suggested was this logging your life for a week. So as I'm watching this blog I already have a list in front of me of what I did from the time I got up this morning. It's like Graziosi ESP!!! lol On a side note I would like to say your PMI team has been great, I have gotten Eric a few times and he is always helpful when I need to know what to do next. Just thought you should know, thanks!

Thanks Dean

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I really do appreciate your motivation to help keep us on track. I couldn't do it without you and Joel Osteen beginning my weeks on a positive note.
Thanks and God Bless,

GreatTool, To See What You Really Do

Captain777's picture

I believe this will be a real eye opener for all of us. This is a wonderful tool to see on paper what we really are doing as opposed to what we may think we are doing. I will try to document all my activities this week. Maybe you have another thought up your sleeve. I am anxiously awaiting your reveal next week. Thank Dean for your inspiration. Please keep it coming.



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Hi Dean,
As I said last week, where I lived there was no cable, couldn't even get DSL for the internet, had to get an air card. Moved in with a friend recently for a few months, as the horses are gone and my dog passed away. I sold all my furniture even my truck. Though losing the animals which were my life, they all passed on from their age and health. But it has given me the time I need now for me. I haven't done any deals, but did some small bird dogging twice. But I must admit, still with old rabbit ears and converter box, and not getting much picked up, I do watch the news. I really spend time in prayer for our country and I don't believe all the negative. Because if we as people in the United States don't like what is happening, we must change it. And with elections I watch the debates.
But everyone needs to put on priorities for the amount of time they watch it and what they watch.
I did have one program each week I enjoyed and did give that up. After reading the posts, asking some questions and getting answers, there is so much good info and advice from everyone, that when I go back to the PMI and re-watch the Edge 2010, it all falls into place.
After 2years of just checking into real estate and signing up with a guru off the internet, I hit the jackpot with you and your training.
Thank you for finding such excellent ways to help us! I even started hitting auctions, just to watch and meet people and learn from them.
Michael on this blog, has given me good advice about the auctions.
So thank you Dean for giving us hope and a direction, and thanks for all of those who care enough to answer on the posts!


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I've done excellently this past two weeks with the news diet, and I pretty much keep negative people out of my life. I only watched the news ONE time and that was the replay of the miners rescue. Awesome! That was some miracle, boy.

Like Kevin said, I, too, am my own worse enemy! As keepmylifesimple said, I, too, suffer from depression and would love to sleep my life away (well, not anymore Eye-wink) BUT: I'm very excited about my future now and I don't think I can ever remember saying that before Shocked

Anyway, this post writing is the first thing that's going in my activity journal for the week Smiling


P.S. Any chance that the SFL system will become available again anytime soon? I wish I would've known about it when I signed up on this site.


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I appreciate the blogs....some thing so simple like a fews encouraging words on certain days do so much for I think most people. So thanks Dean for taking time out of your busy day.

Great Post!

You are right on the mark with time robbers. I recently have become unemployed (due to economic downsizing). The path I have taken is to be positive. But I am amazed how others around me don't put value on time. I never noticed it as much as when I had the ability to adjust a full day on my scheduling.

Thanks for being so positive!
Todd Fetters


cedarcreekent's picture


You are always inspiring to me, even before getting training from you success academy while watching your infomerrcials, lol.

There was something different about you than most. Now I know why!

Thank you very much coming back week after week leading the troops to great health and wealth!

Until next time, take care.

John and Connie
Cedar Creek Enterprises

blog #99

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I have staying positive pretty well ingrained. I learned many years ago that negativity is harmful. A negative thought can actually kill. There was a man who after getting a chest ex ray was told he had a black spot on his lung that indicated cancer.He died within three weeks. Later as his medical records were looked at more closely another ex ray was found that was 20 years old. It showed the same black spot. However only after he knew it was there did it effect him. Steer clear the negative thoughts. You can just as easily decide that you get better and better every day.
Writing a journal of your daily activities is a great way to keep yourself accountable. Keep yourself moving forward every day. It's like keeping track of your calories. You much less likely to cheat if you have to log it.Good idea.

real estate

Hi Dean I have been to your seminars their great
But I can tell you training is expensive in this field I would like for you or one of your staff to get back to me regarding what you can do for me concerning coaching program I live in Boston the market here is very different. People aren't stupid they want FMV for there properties its insane I would really like to speak with you or your staff regarding this.

Thanks Darren

The next challenge

M.Butler's picture

Well Dean,looking forward to the new challenge of week.I have to say the out come of this may be very interesting.I say that because my son is in boy scouts an his home work is to form a journal for three weeks. This pot of gumbo is going to be delicious Dean,i just now it. Until next week.

Been Quiet-Thank you

mwoode's picture

Good Morning to all DG family and guests

Dean thank you again for inspiring and helping us.

Yes its been real quiet here these last two weeks since going on a news starvation diet and probably some of the best advice yet.

I have been busy getting caught up on things and spending less time with the negative influences in my immediate family. will begin my daily log today. Cant wait to tune in next Monday morning to see what next weeks challenge is.


Best of luck to all:)

No News

Hi Dean, Well for another week i stayed away from Most of the news.Right now i am trying to get starter with R.E. and not worry about other things,so I think that it was not that important that I watch the news. I am having trouble finding investors to help me out so I am spending most my time doing that. I am getting some people (hopefuly) together to add to my power team and I don;t want them to not be gung ho about RE so they don't try to pull me down. I am finding houses but right now i am having trouble selling one so i can get back on the road agin doing things your way (the rignt way. I have a great house at a not to good price but am going to need some money help so i can get out from it. I am going to the bank to try and get a loan today.
Hope all goes well for me I called hud and Freedy mac to get a house and to try to sell my house. I WILL get this done and get into R E at a good clip

Thanks Crossover

Thank you Dean!

donna47's picture

I want to say that I have been on your site for 2 years and you are keeping me accountable. Even in Feb 2010, both my hands were burnt in a fire in my home and I had to go and get RE docs. notarized at my bank for closings with my hands in bandages, I was in rehab for 3 months because of 3rd degree burns but I still continued to move my mountains quoted from Joel Olsten's sermon yesterday. I am truly dedicated to real estate, which I do full time. I know my WHYS to continue on.
Challenge accepted.



Hi Dean,
Thanks for the leadership.
I have no problem not watching the news, at all!
One of the most fulfilling 30 minutes in my week is watching Joel Olstine.
And you know, Dean, lesioning to your encorageing words also makes a HUGE difference in my world.
I will be logging my activities this week.
Hard for me to do, however I do know it is a valuable exercise.
Thank You,

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